what character would you be from sith??

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Who would you be if you were a character from revenge of the sith?
Gender doesn't matter just character traits.
I would like to say I am like Obi Wan, he has allot of characteristics i admire, but if i am honest I have to pick Anikin. I am a sucker for a girl and I am the type who has all the potential in the world its just sometimes my choices leave something to be desired laughing

How bout you guys????

That dude in the background at the opera wile Anakin was runing up the stairs. Oh wait, that was me! j/k lol

but I really don't know.

Yoda, of course

Anakin, I love power. And girls. And breaking rules for fun. And I love being superior. Anakin for sure!

Anakin. (doesn't matter that i'm a girl, [email protected]!) i'm a rule breaker...

Rogue Jedi
i would be luke.

Tulak Hord
Sidious. Because he played both sides of the fence, the Sepretists and the Republic his puppets. We both have the brain power to not get caught until it's too late for our opposers. I'd hate to play him in poker...

id be.......................ANIKIN cuz i can j/k cuz i have complete disregaurd for rules and i want total power

Obi-Wan he is the most worthy....he survises and still is sort of a jedi...except for being anakin so i can screw padme!!!!!!

Sidious/Palpatine all the way..all that power and manipulation..

Anakin, I have a ****in temper.

Darth vader cause im pritty damn evil on the inside, plus when the emotional sceen at the end were vader learns that he suposedly killed padme I started roflmfao, when he screamed no everyone else was siolent or sheding tears, but then there was me Laughing. plus i thought the sceen of him martching on to the jedi temple/the jedi temple assult would be me.

ahhh i would probally turn but anakin is a coward...

oh and i aint losing no body parts



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