After death?

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Robin Darkside
What makes the jedi dissapear when they die?
The only jedis that dissapeared are Yoda and Obiwan in the original trilogy. How come the others have to be burned when they die? (Anakin, Quigon) in the prequals.
Is it that they have to have a certain level of the force? They reappear as blue ghosts regardless. Is there some significance in the burning ritual that makes them live on or something? anyone?

ok here it goes 1 second...found it

this is by southtownbluz

Anyways, let's begin:

1) Darth Plageius is rumored to be a Sith Lord who mastered the ability to manipulate midichlorians to create life. Life can be many different things. It can be plants or animals or even energy. It doesn't necessarily mean a person. I think this is why many people are incorrectly assuming that Darth Sidious's explanation indicated that the Sith created Anakin. This is an easy mistake to make, but I think one must look at the context of the subject. It was meant to draw Anakin in by his fears and his lust for power.

" I'll be able to stop a person from dying." - Anakin

2) Midichlorians are microscopic lifeforms in all living things that are directly connected to the "energy field that binds the universe", constantly speaking the will of the Force to any willing to listen, preferable those apt to study its nature. Namely Jedi and Sith.

3) Qui-Gon's studies and interest in the living Force, namely the constant evolving energy field that is interactive with life itself, drew him to possibly seek out the legend of Darth Plageius. Or just in Force life thoery itself. Either way, Qui-Gon discovered that midi-cholorians can indeed bring forth life. It's a study that only he would make. It's why no one else knew of it or even attempted its study. Qui-Gon was the rebel. He constantly defied the Order. He searched out the truth of it all.

This is further emphasized by a statement he made in The Phantom Menace.

"No one can kill a Jedi."
"I wish that were so."

This attitude is not in alignment with the teaching of the Jedi. Yoda stated in Episode III that...."death is natural." One might conclude that the Jedi are taught to not fear death, but embrace it.

However, Qui-Gon didn't seem to be comfortable with the concept of death. Hence his line in TPM and his private studies in an attempt to avert death.

Perhaps if Qui-Gon never died, Anakin might have been his pupil and both would have learned to master the technique, passing along the knowledge to all their students and decendents. It would be a new chapter in the existence of the Jedi. It would have been beautiful.

4) The blue energy field around a Force ghost is a result of manipulated midichlorians after death. This training that Yoda spoke of to Obi-Wan and first achieved by Qui-Gon would have involved being in tune with the living force during life. One would have to constantly be attuned to the here and now.

"....keep your mind on the here and now, where it belongs."
"But Master Yoda said I should be mindful of the future."
"But not at the expense of the moment. Be mindful of the living Force, my Young Padawan."

Here is another open contradiction of the teaching of the Jedi and Yoda in particular. Can you see where this is going guys?

In order to achieve the Force Ghost, a Jedi must be constantly attuned to the living Force. This is achieved through the midichlorians. One must be constantly attuned to their distinctive voices, otherwise, one could not be able to control them after death.

Qui-Gon was inadvertently attempting to teach this to Obi-Wan without telling him exactly what he was doing. It's why Obi is successful at it later. It's also why Yoda wasn't aware of its possibility. It goes against the training of the Jedi, who are constantly trained to contemplate how their actions will affect the future. Their minds are always on the future.

I always wondered the significance of these lines in the prequels. Lucas has given us everything we need to understand the Force Ghost theory.

5) It also explains how Anakin is able to achieve the Force Ghost. This is a little crude, but it's pretty simple. Qui-Gon taught Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan taught Anakin. There was a legacy between them. I propose that Anakin was able to do it without "training" because with so many midichlorians at his disposal, he was constantly attuned to their presence. Also, Anakin's loss plays a part in it as well. Losing Padme broke his attention on the future. The worst had come. In a sense, for Anakin, the future was a bleak darkness. So he no longer "..concentrated on his anxieties, and kept his mind on the here and now."

It was why he was so effective in adulthood as the Dark Lord of the Sith. He finally got his mind off his fears and focused on the here and now, executing the Emperor's orders with precision. He matured into an adult. It's a reflection of how Anakin might have been if he were to have properly adhered to the Jedi teaching. When Anakin died, he had everything he needed to achieve the Force Ghost. He had an incalculable midichloriancount ( the readings are off the chart, over 20,000"wink, and a mind constantly attuned to the living force after Padme's death.

5) Sith cannot become Force Ghosts because of their nature. Unscrupulous plotting and planning, scheming, constantly thinking of the future. There minds not on the here and now.

Yoda even hints at the training in Empire:

"...mind never on where you are, what you are doing."

--So that's it!! I hope this helps, and finally puts a rest on the subject for all you who are interested. It even clears up the debate on Anakin able to be a Force Ghost without having any "official" training.

this should help all science baby wink

Robin Darkside
Ok I read all that, finally. Ok that theory of acheiving a force ghost may be. Although, Anakin and Obiwan acheived the force ghosts but they were burnt when they died. My question was about why Yoda dissapears as soon as he fell asleep, and Obiwan when vaders lightsaber hits him. Why didn'y vader or Quigon. The display a various midiclorian count. I question the dissapearance

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