Kept thinking this during the movie.

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Now, we all knew how RotS was going to wind up right? Well my friends and I, through the entire movie, as we saw Anakin's turmoil on choosing the dark side or not, we kept thinking, "Don't go to the dark side. Don't do it." Especially the scene where Anakin confronts Palpatine about being Darth Sidious, I couldn't help but think "Stay away from the dark side." And when he told Mace about Palpy, I thought, "Maybe he's decided to stay with the light side." I dunno, just a weird thing, anyone else had something similar happen?

The sign of a good movie...becoming emotionally involved....

like I kept thinking, "Yeah Yoda..kick his punk Sith a$$" as if the outcome would be changed....

Yeah I did, no matter how much you knew what was coming you didnt want to see him do it.

that is called suspense and a very good movie my friend...THANK YOU IAN MCDIARMID AND EWAN MCGREGOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ya the entire movie i was like maybe he wont go to the darkside and when he was talkin to lord sidious im like dont do it i wanted to see him to keep being with the jedi and live happily ever after with padme but i knew he had to turn into darth vader sad

Yeah when he was debating going to the dark side I was hoping he'd stay even though I already knew the outcome.

Yeppers, even the second time I saw it I was still thinking to myself "No Ani, don't do it!" Like that was gonna change the outcome...

hey Hayden too!!!!!

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Ya i thought the same thing maybe he'll stay on the light side

LOL I too was sitting there thinking Ani should kick palps A$$ and redeem himself in front of all the Jedi but heh that couldnt be =/ and I knew but still wished.

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This film was exactly the opposite of Titanic.

Episode III was comparred to Titanic, in that we knew what was going to happen, and the movie was based off of that knowledge.

Episode III had me wanting Anakin to NOT become Vader. I kept thinking "Don't do it, don't do it" whereas with Titanic I kept thinking "Whens this damn ship gonna sink and kill all these stupid people?".

It's a sign of a great film when you know the outcome, but still have hope for the characters. You don't want Anakin to become Darth Vader. You can see him getting buried deeper and deeper, and you feel so sorry for him.

yeah i def. felt the same, hoping for a change, obviously wasnt gonna happen, but i was just thinking like mace kill him now dont talk, do it now and everything will be ok, or when anakin finds out hes sith, if wouldve just cut him down then it woulda been allright, but we all know what was gonna happen

Hello everyone... new to board today. Watch Ep III twice and both times thought this same thing. I think it's because we feel attached to Anakin.... we can FEEL his inner turmoil. I found myself doing the same thing.... "don't do it, Anakin... don't turn...." but even after he did, I felt myself almost rooting for him. He was a wounded soul. It definitely WAS emotional for me. I left that theatre both times feeling just.... sad. That's not really the word, but I'm sure you know what I'm saying on this board. I have no idea how people couldn't enjoy this one.

If i had the ability to do so, i would of kept Anakin FAR, FAR away from Palpatine. I loved Palpatine's performance and the character, but i really did generate ALOT of hate for him when he turned Anakin over to the darkside. I felt betrayed!

welcolme ahhhnakin, wow thats kinda a hard name to type correctly, well have fun good to have you!

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"I sense great fear in you Skywalker...
You have hate
You have anger

and yet you dont use them..."

-Dooks to Ani before he goes hand and headless

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