the old games!

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what was your favorite old game?? mine had to be darksun you could do so much on that was so addicting!!!!anyone ever played it?

Super Mario 64

shifty btw if you like the old pc games people you can download them from here.... shifty

Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country Trilogy, Sonic 1-3 & Knuckles, Super Metroid, Mario Kart 64, Super Mario RPG, Super Mario 64, Zelda:Ocarina Of Time, Metal Gear Solid

Too many to name...

The old Id Softwares games and the whole Might and Magic Series

The classic Monkey Island was the best, the graphics wer great, sound was unbelievable, great game-play! The story line was bad tho, the re-make was shocking (as in bad)

caleco vision era : donkey kong

8-bit era (NES) : Kung fu, mario 1 through 3, both zeldas, urban champion, skate or die, trojan, gauntlet, RC pro-am, Rygar, Ice climbers, kid nikki, ninja scroll, (that one wierd game where your spaceship has boxing gloves..forgot it), mike tysons punchout, track n field..(w/ nintendo power pad), Karnov, Solomon's Key, Ducktales, rescue rangers...ugh.. can't remember any more o_o

16-bit era (SNES / Genesis) : the classics like mario / sonic / zelda... streets of rage series.. road rash series.. skitchin' , street fighter 2.. peacekeepers.. cyborg justice.. fatal fury, samurai showdown.. art of fighting.. fzero.. mortal kombat.. power rangers the movie game stick out tongue .. general chaos, double dragon, golden axe, eternal champions, Altered beast.. and probably many more

.. I cant really count 32 bit and up as old.. but Im sure we all remember them enough not to have to mention em

U2K 96
I'm still a old school player, so i enjoy all the old games. Like Heavy Metal fakk2 , quake 1, prison escape, redline and more.

Prince of Persia, Tower, Goblins1&2 and many others. I did have any game console like 8/16 -bits, but i play emulators. I'd like Sonic and BattleTech, DobleDragonII...

U2K 96
Always wanted to play double dragon III on genesis, the old games was fun back in the day tho. I remember playing the hell out of the sega master system version.

the dizzy games for the specturm...they really need to give dizzy a renaissance

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