When where the clones replaced with Strom-troopers

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Okay so we now know that the Old Republic became the Empire minus the Jedi Order , plus the Sith at the helm .

What I can't work out is , at what point did the clones become the strom troopers . From what I can gather the storm-troopers are all different people as are the imperial pilots , so when did they stop using clones and why??? Would it not make more sense to use the expendable yet skillful and servile clones rather than loyal imperialists each with their own mindset ???

And what of the Imperial Gaurd , are they Siths in training or what ??? I read a comic about them once , the best I've ever read , in which they all have to compete to become the elite Gaurd , but I can't work out whether they actually use the force like the Sith or if they're just skillful , powerful warriors....

The Storm Troopers are Clones! The clones become strom troopers over time, notice from, episode 1 2 and 3 the start to look more and more like storm troopers!

The Ones
the clones werent in ep 1!

but you get the point still stick out tongue

Are you sure???

I recall in episode 4 while Obi-Wan is sneaking around the Death Star to deactivate the tractor beam there are two Storm-Troopers on gaurd having a conversation about the latest hover-car model or something . Not exactly the behavior of two identical subserviant clones is it ???

Also they all have different voices (which means they could have started mixing it up a little and using different DNA for their clones rather having a legion of Jangos and Bobbas roaming around , or they are actually different people ).

My theory is that most of them probably are clones but there are some individuals in there with them (perhaps Coruscant locals who show promise as military fighters or something , I mean why waste good skillful , potential soldiers ???) .... The pilots certainly are individuals , has no-one else read the comic (I forget what it's called and what the name of the guy is) about the greatest Imperial Pilot after Darth Vader ?!? And think about it ; clones are programed to fight and all of that , but there would be no outstanding pilots with their own unique skills , they'd all use the same boring styles .

George Lucas says the stormtroopers are clones, so that rather closes the book I am afraid.

Also closing this thread- it is on discussion in the Episode III area.

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