Orlando and Kiera on Good Morning America

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Did anybody see Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightley on Good Morning America this morning?? (May 25) It makes me all excited for the movie to come out or at least to get some more info on it! big grin

Happy Dance Can't wait till next summer!! Happy Dance

Yep I saw they said that ythe second and third movie are alot darker than the first one.Keria said she going to fight with two swords in one of the films.


Originally posted by husker_fan_2006
Did anybody see Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightley on Good Morning America this morning?? (May 25) It makes me all excited for the movie to come out or at least to get some more info on it! big grin

Happy Dance Can't wait till next summer!! Happy Dance Im not american blink

me neither cry

same sad

Well, on Good Morning America, (it's one of those news programs that last three hours in case someone doesn't know) they were interviewing Kiera and Orlando on the new movie. They were saying the second and third movies were being filmed at the same time, and all this other stuff that made me anxious to see the next movies. I can't remember what some of it was, does anyone else remember????

Summer '06 can't come soon enough. big grin rock

ohh, thats too bad, since you watched it, I was hoping that you can share something they've discuss about 2&3 & that other stuff. wink

I watched it! Although I was kinda disappointed that Johnny wasn't there sad Oh well, it still made me excited about the movies.

I remember Orlando saying something about a giant squid. Then he turned to Keira and said something like, "I'm saying too much aren't I?" And keira said "yeah" and quickly shushed him.
And they also said that these next films are gonna be bigger and better.

Keira was in costume dressed as a boy. Wonder what that's all about...
Yeah, that's all I can remember.

oooh interesting shifty

Yep. Very interesting indeed...

Here's a transcript of the interview that I found on johnnydepp-zone.com!

The segment began with an introduction by GOOD MORNING, AMERICA anchor Diane Sawyer:

DS: It's time to lift the veil and reveal the secret of our series, "Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast?" Chris Cuomo, as you know, has been dropping hints all morning: he's on an island . . . with actors . . . but where, and with whom? It's time to solve the mystery. Chris, where are you?

CHRIS: Well, the moment has arrived. I'm on the very hot, very remote, island of Dominica, and I'm on a movie set for the much-anticipated sequel to PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN.

This tiny Caribbean isle, nestled between Martinique and Guadaloupe, is a place of unspoiled beauty--stunning mountain backdrops, lush rain forests, and amazing coral reefs. And that is exactly why the director chose to shoot here. But "unspoiled" also means REMOTE. All of the equipment had to be brought in by container ships, and some of the movie's 1,000 crew members have been here working almost six months, getting everything ready.

On this day, it took hours of perilous drives, and a hot, humid, 45-minute trip upstream into the heart of the rain forest, just to reach our secret location.

CHRIS: And right here--two of the hot young stars currently shooting here, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom! Thank you for joining us for breakfast this morning, it's very nice. Pirates . . . breakfast . . . what would you think? Keira?

KEIRA (after taking a moment to realize this was actually a question): Ummm---oooh! Good question! Ummm--rum! Yeah. A lot of rum.

ORLANDO (interrupting): A quart of rum!

KEIRA: Yeah--and probably not much else.

CHRIS: You two seem to enjoy each other's company very much. How nice is it to have the gang back for these sequels?

ORLANDO (with a big smile at Keira): It's great.

KEIRA (with a big smile back at Orlando): It's lovely.


KEIRA: Isn't it? We have a laugh.

ORLANDO: We had a good time together the first time around, and so we're back together, all of us. We know how we are, different times of the day, and we all get along with it.

KEIRA (nodding): Exactly.

CHRIS (to Keira): Do you all know there are certain rules, if it's been a late, tough day--certain things you'll do vis-a-vis your friend in the other chair?

Keira bursts out laughing and playfully grabs Orlando's forearm.

KEIRA (teasing): Well, I mean, obviously he's the biggest diva EVER--(as Orlando starts laughing)-- so I just don't talk to him very much, you know! But apart from that, he's fine.

ORLANDO (holding his hands out as if to ward off intrusion): Ten yards--ten yards--(he starts laughing again).

KEIRA: Exactly. Keep your distance, and it's all right.

CHRIS: Place, it would be my judgment, would make the characters in this movie onerous . . . because of how it can be in here. What added challenges does this place add for you?

ORLANDO: We've just come down this tiny little river, it's a manual river--and it's just--(He pauses, shaking his head at the difficulties.) Locations are often very difficult and prove to be very time-consuming, aside from everything else.

CHRIS: And you're not just waiting--you're waiting in pretty intense heat.

KEIRA: It does make it difficult, and there's stuff like leather jackets (she plucks Orlando's sleeve as evidence), and you've got the big boots on, and all the rest of it . . . and by the end of the day, you can just wring out the clothes.

CHRIS: First movie, $300 million domestic; big surprise to a lot of people. Now it's taken on a whole myth of its own. Why do you think the first movie was successful, Orlando?

ORLANDO: It was great family entertainment. It was a smart movie, for a family movie. And I think the writers have kind of done it again. They've come up with something bigger and better for the next two movies.

KEIRA (interrupting): Yes!

ORLANDO: They had to sort of "top" the skeletal pirate thing, and I think they've really managed it with the next two movies--

KEIRA (tugging on his arm, chiding): Don't give anything away!

CHRIS: No, but you've got to give me something. I've been eaten by bugs today like I was what was on the menu.

Keira laughs sympathetically, and then makes a gesture toward her vest, as if offering him a hint.

KEIRA: I'm dressed as a boy--that should give you something--

CHRIS (thinking it through): This is a costume-slash-maybe disguise? And (tentatively) maybe a little different action. (turning toward Orlando) For you, give me a little something about your character, as it develops. What you think is cool.

ORLANDO: Will just kind of comes of age a bit more in this movie--(looking toward Keira and gesturing) obviously the relationship between us, it's--(his voice trails off)

KEIRA (chiming in): It gets really interesting, shall we say?

ORLANDO: (animated) Yes! Yes--

Both actors pause, obviously on the brink of saying too much; they look merrily at each other, but restrain themselves from speaking.

CHRIS (frustrated): One of those words that says everything . . . and nothing.

ORLANDO (with a grin): Yeah. Exactly. Which is exactly what we were briefed to do--tell him everything without saying anything at all.

CHRIS: You're not just doing one movie, you're doing two. Very big challenge. Other than THE MATRIX and the LORD OF THE RINGS series, not a lot of people shoot two movies at once. Orlando, give me a little perspective on what the extra challenge is.

ORLANDO: When you're shooting two movies, they're all out of sequence, and you might be shooting a scene from the first movie in the morning, and they might pluck something from the third movie, which is what they're beginning to do on this one--

KEIRA (nodding): They are.

ORLANDO: It starts to get a little bit confusing.

KEIRA: We're going to do a scene from Pirates 3, either tomorrow or the next day, and we haven't read the script! I only got given the script for Pirates 3 last night.

ORLANDO (interrupting): This morning!

KEIRA (nodding): It's so exciting! So I didn't know what scene I was coming back to shoot, or what the storyline was, or anything. And then it gets kind of a little bit scary.

Orlando catches her eye and they begin to have a private conversation--as if neither has had a chance to ask, yet, what the other thought of the script for Part 3.

ORLANDO (with great enthusiasm): It's GOOD, though, isn't it?

KEIRA (to him, privately): Oh, yeah! It's exciting--(she nods)

ORLANDO (nodding back at her): Oh, yeah--

KEIRA: Yeah--

They nod and grin at each other for a few seconds, repeating "Yeah" as if it's a private code.

KEIRA: (to the interviewer, blushing) Sorry.

CHRIS: You're doing it--you're doing what they said--

KEIRA: Sorry.

CHRIS: Your boy Johnny, he plays this character named Jack Sparrow; he has said, "I was going for part Keith Richards and part Pepe le Pew." Pepe le Pew--did you pick up on that?

Orlando nods and grins, but Keira looks absolutely blank.

CHRIS: I'm showing my age--you don't even know who Pepe le Pew is! Pepe le Pew is this skunk--

KEIRA: Oh, no!

CHRIS:--who was one of Bugs Bunny's boys--

Orlando laughs and nods.

CHRIS:--who loved the ladies.

KEIRA: I never heard of that before.

ORLANDO: Well, there we go.

KEIRA (thinking about it): Yes--yes . . . I can see it! Yes--

ORLANDO: It's the genius of Johnny.

CHRIS: Two last questions. Biggest challenge, and the thing you're most excited about.

KEIRA: Biggest challenge? (proudly) I have a sword fight with TWO swords . . . which has been the biggest challenge but also the thing I'm most excited about. It's FAN-tastic.

CHRIS: So you're holding two?

KEIRA: I've got two. Yeah. (nodding) Yeah. I was well impressed with myself.

CHRIS: Of course you are! (to ORLANDO) And you, sir?

ORLANDO: I think . . . fighting the kraken. There's a sequence with a kraken, which is . . . (pausing, searching for a description) . . . a big squid. (hastily, as KEIRA stares at him) And some other things. (nervously, to KEIRA) Was that too much information?

KEIRA (laughing, teasing): That's too much! That was too much!

CHRIS: Finally, I got something! So what do you tell the people who are going to watch, why they should be excited to watch this movie?

ORLANDO (instantly, with great excitement): Bigger and better!

KEIRA (nodding): It's--yeah. Exactly. Bigger and better!

big grin big grin big grin

bigger & better productionHappy Dance

thanks for typing that out!!
can't believe i don't live in America, we miss out on almost everything us brits!

i bet she copied and pasted it stick out tongue

hee hee, ooh you're cruel ... but someone had to type it out somewhere in this world, and my hats off to them!


anyways, until i get proof otherwise, the credit goes to JohnnyDeppLuva!!

Nope, I take that back - i've just read that she admits to stealing it from the JDZ!!! well at least their news is generally true!

Yeah, I got it from johnnydepp-zone.com, which I admitted (copied and pasted) stick out tongue I wouldn't take credit for something I didn't write wink stick out tongue btw, it was written by the site's webmaster, so I'm pretty sure it's reliable. yes

ok, I found something else stick out tongue
Go to http://keiraweb.com and look under Latest News, May 27th. It's the video of the interview.

ooh nice one, I'll go check it out now!

big grin cheers JDL

um, am i being dense or can i not find this link???
what date was it posted on the site???

It's under May 27th on the left-hand column (Latest News). There's two links "Part 1" and "Part 2"

k, cheers

Dude, they are sooo cute! Thx god, there is an interview where KK and OB are with out company (you know what i wanna say)

ooh, i'd forgotten about this thread -
i'll just have to go and watch the clip again!!! laughing out loud

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