What moments link the two trilogies together?

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What scenes and dialogue do you think was included in ROTS to bridge the gap between the trilogies?

I think the scenes at the end of the movie with Luke and Leia bridge the gap I also think The 1st Obi-Wan Vs Anakin Duel set's the stage before the episode 4 Obi-Wan VS Vader duel.

Darth Vicious
For me Yodas Exile, Obiwan bringing Luke to Lars, Darth Vaders transformation, Why there aint no more Jedi, thats all i could think off

Red Superfly
Erm, the whole movie?

How about Luke repeating his mothers dying words to Obi Wan "there is still good in him". Seeing the world through Vaders eyes carries more weight when he wants to look at Luke through his own eyes as he is dying.

Also i think the Emperor orders the clones to double their efforts when they are looking for Yoda, the same comment the commander of the second Death Star uses.

i cant remember...is vader's vision in red? or in in blue? through the lens i mean


When Bail hands the Droids over to Captain Antilles.

vader-"i sense a presense i have not felt since.."
it's cool, cuz now we know the rest of that sentence.
"since the bastard cut my legs and arm off and left me to die on a molten rock beach."

The setting for the the Dooku duel is very familiar.

Anakin's choice also mirrors his choice in ROTJ.(so I picked two easy ones) stick out tongue

I don't know if it really links the two, but I just noticed right before the helmet is put on Vader, he takes one last gasp for air which was cool to me since it was the last time we hear him breathing without the mask until ROTJ.

I'm going to say seeing Obi wan in the opening scene in The phantom menace, and EVERYTHING that followed that in all three PT movies was the link... smile

Tulak Hord
You know what REALLY makes the movies connect? The very end credits of III and the Opening credits of IV.

Don't you just love stupid threads? Why don't you just ask what color is Mace Windu's light saber?

Heres Some I Thought Of. Ill Probly Post More Later.

Young Anakin Destroying The Trade Federation Ship
# 1 ---
Luke Skywalker Destroying The Imperialists Death Star

Anakin Skywalker Loseing Half His Arm To Count Dooku
# 2 ---
Luke Skywalker Loseing His hand to Darth Vader

Obi-Wan Kenobi Confronting Darth Vader On Mustafar Trying To Turn Him Back To Anakin Skywalker.
# 3 ---
Luke Skywalker Confronting Darth Vader On The Second Death Star In An Attempt To Turn Him Back To Anakin Skywalker
(In which He susceeds)

Qui-Gon Jins death inrageing obi-wan kenobi to fight with anger against darth maul.
#4 ---
Obi-Wan Kenobis death causeing luke to fire on storm troopers in a moment of anger which lead to the destruction of the death star

very true ben, i like the way you wrote that

The last scene of ROTS, Owean and Buras are standing at the exact same spot as Luke in ep4.

pretty much the whole movie but some specific scenes are when yoda says he must go into exile, luke and leia being born and named, and all the other obvious stuff

The first time I seen the interior of the Tantive IV just brought it all back.

Originally posted by Red Superfly
Erm, the whole movie?

Yeah, lol

Oh I Remembered Another

Anakin Skywalker Seeing Future Events / Disobeying Jedi Orders To Go And Rescue His Mother
#5 ---
Luke Skywalker Seeing Future Events / Disobeying Yoda/Obi-wan To Go Rescue His Friends

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