Balance to the force?

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Robin Darkside
I was thinking, what does it really mean to bring balance to the force? Anakin was supposed to bring balance to the force, not to join the sith and leave it in darkness. On a sith perspective, to bring balance to force would be as it is, the darkside of the force would be ahead. The prophecy suggests that one will bring balance to the force, which is implied that it is jedi prophecy. So in order for the force to be in balance, the sith would be destroyed and only the good side of the force would be around.

I would think that in order for the force to be in a balance, there would be an equilibrium of the good and darkside of the force. So, it already is in balance with good and evil in EPIII.

If not an equilibrium, then it is based on the perspective of a sith or a jedi. Both sides believe that the one side of the force should overcome, then will be in balance.

green dude
I will tell what brings Balance the bad guys destroy good so good must destroy evil to make balance because good guys can be bad.

The prespective is that good want to keep peace bad want the opposite either way the good is still good the bad is still bad just because someone say diffirent dosn't make them so.

wrong is wrong right is right even though in a mirror it show diffirent dosn't make it so the balance is that the good has to get rid of evil cuz evil is already big enough good is not as big cuz one persons choice makes a big hec of a diffirence.

Look at it this way look at the sky at night it is dark outside but you can see little stars that shine through the darkness that is what the world is like the bad may be more but good will always find a way through the darkness and preval (win)

Robin Darkside
sorry, it is hard to read your writing, try using comma's

anyway, after EP VI, balance is made after Anakin kills Palpatine, so the sith cant come back. Its kinda hard to beieve



Its when you destroy the sith.

Glad I finally saw a topic like this because I've been wondering this myself. To be balanced is to be equal on both sides, so how can the force be balanced after the Emperor is killed? The light side is far and above the dark side then since there are no Sith lords anymore, and Luke has become a Jedi Knight and Obi Wan and Yoda and Anakin are force ghosts also on the light side. Just doesn't make sense.

As yoda said " a phropecy misread may of been"
bringing balance to the force means that HE Anakin can balance it out by being good and bad and good again.

GL in an interview:

" Return of the Jedi, Anakin bring balance to the Force by doing away with the Sith"

By destroying the Emperor and himself that is.. wink

jesus tapdancing christ on a crutch

do we need one of these misread "balance" threads once a frikin week?

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