Anyone agree?

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Delta 62
New systems this soon is a rather stupid and pointless move in my opinion. I'm more than happy with the current batch. Nothing wrong with the graphics and games of this generation. We already have some fantastic games and any new ones would be just fine on Xbox, GC etc for the time being. Everything keeps improving - graphics and game quality. Wait a few years when the technology for these new systems is cheaper..then release them. I'm not paying 500 bucks for an Xbox 2 (I refuse to call it 360..what a stupid name) when I'm satisfied with the graphics and games on the first Xbox.

technology is a very "do it now or its gonna get old" industry.. 'especially' so with graphics. Improvements are being made faster and faster and they want to dish it out.. at the rate graphics are improving I'd say we have our very own matrix in 20 years or less

wow good point i think they should slow down abit though

I totally agree. I'm seriously not going to spend a fortune when I can have just as much fun playing games on the current generation systems. In fact, I've been more and more impressed with the level of quality with some games coming out, that I've pretty much made up my mind about not buying a new system.

I'm with you Delta. Developers haven't yet exceeded the limits of the current consoles yet (maybe with the exception of the PS2) so I don't see the big hurry in releasing new ones. The current crop have plenty of life left in them.

I think it Ps3 is fine. IT will have been about 4 years since sony released a new console after PS3 premiers. However, the xbox i cant condone as a fan at all. I am officially done with microsft consoles. Xbox was promosed to offer all these specs, but all we got was a sleaker graphics engine, and below par games.

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