Who would win, Rebellion or Trade Federation?

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xyz jedi
Since they didn't have a war you can't be sure.

On the one hand, the rebellion is part of the republic which won in Episode 3.

On the other hand it is only part of the republic, and is set 20 years in the future with no jedi!

I think the Trade Federation would win by it's size and power. rolling on floor laughing

i think the trade federation would win but there all dead

The Empire beat the Trade Federation, The Rebellion beat The Empire....

Darth Travizzle
Ya I'm with Boris.

Darth Macabre
The empire didn't beat the trade federation in my opinion. I feel the TF beat themselves by being led by the sith. I mean if they had a brain of their own, the sheer number of Droids they have would beat the rebellion.

Gryn Jabar
The droids were to expensive. Rebellion would out-smart them.

Well lets see here.

The Rebels would win because

A: They blew up the deathstar, and could easily take out thousands of TF ships

b: They fought against human(clones/stormtroopers) rather than droids. Nothing can simulate the free will and unexpectedness of a human.

C: Rebels had X-wings, opposed to those crappy Naboo fighters.

Let's see: the Rebellion beat the Empire.......

Yeah, they would ultimately win.

General Bondius
The trade federation, no doubt about that, more money, more equipment, no jedi as enemies, The TF would crush the rebellion with a swift strike. Muajajajajajaja evil face evil face evil face

The Rebs. Easily.

The Gungan Army with a few Naboo Guards defeated the Trade Federation. The Rebelion defeat the Galactic Empire. They'd destroy the Tread Federation. Get Luke, Biggs, Wedge, Lando, Han and Chewy to destroy the Droid Control Ship and the battle's over.

Rebels would defeat the Trade Federation hands down.

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