ROTS characters against their Clone Wars animated characters.

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Just wondering what the feeling is out there about some of the Clone Wars characters being far superior to their ROTS counterparts. I know its a cartoon but Yoda, Obi Wan and Anakin were pretty much the same in both. Characters like Shakk Ti, Kit Fisto, Saesse Tinn, General Greivous and Mace were way more powerful in the Clone Wars. Did you expect more out of the characters in ROTS after watching the Clone Wars or is it just me?

i totally agree even though i love clone wars it made it seem like the republic did not even need the clones, the jedi were extremly too strong

yeah, even though I really love the clone wars cartoons, it was a little to much. (in the toons)

After seeing Shakk Ti in the Clone Wars there is no way the deleted scene of Vader sneaking up behind her could be possible, she would sense him straight away. I was also hoping for Kit to put up a better fight against Palpatine after seeing his powers on display on Mon Calamari. Mace was just a one man wrecking crew against the droid army and not even close in the movie. The General was an awesome opponent in the cartoon, wasting 5 Jedi at once. But was generally a coward and beaten pretty easily by Obi Wan in the movie. I like how powerful the characters were in the cartoon but i thought the gap was a bit too much between it and the movie and gave me some unrealistic expectations before seeing ROTS.

Lord Yoda
I loved Clone Wars, but I don't thank it ever made me draw any conclusions. Well execpt I thought Greivous was awesome after Clone Wars, and he kinda did seem less powerful after seeing ROTS.

Ye like Mace Windu managed destroy 100s Super Battle Droids surounded him with a force wave.
If he could do they why didnt he do it too all the SBD and BD surounded him in the areana hoping not too hit the jedis or other jedis they seemed way too strong with force powers.

The Last Son
I too liked the clone wars and after watching them, I was so excited to see General Greivous in action. I liked how they connected the clone wars with the movie. Those who didn't see the clone wars didn't understand why Greivous was coughing at the beginning of the movie. I was dissapointed in his performance in the movie. I think the other Jedi were more powerful in the clone wars because they had to be. Like an adrenaline rush.

you guys are comparing apples to oranges, in the cartoons they were up against droids, in the movie they were up against the best there was.

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