Would the PT have been more effective if it had been filmed as one block?

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Y-chromo kid
What I mean is, instead of three segments and gaps of some years between each, the whole story should have been written and shot as one (rather like LOTR). Theoretically at least, problems could have been better identified and rectified under this approach, instead of all the tripping up, uncomfortable backtracking and clumsy editing that came with the bolting together of three, not exactly seamless episodes.

DeVi| D0do
No. It was important to show Anakin at a young age. It is his story after all...

I don't have a problem shooting one movie after the other, but I definitely think Lucas should have wrote all 3 movies out before filming started. ROTS is such a great movie, but he tried to cram too many things in it. Unfortunately, many great subjects were left out due to time contraints: Qui-Gon talking to Yoda, Padme starting the rebel alliance, Yoda flying into Dagobah, and I'm sure many scenes with dialogue between Anakin & Palpatine were cut down too.

If Lucas would have wrote all 3 scripts together, he would have realized that ROTS had too much story for a 2 hour movie, and he may have put a little more from that into TPM & AOTC.

definetly ccoo. I was just discussing that with some guys at my work. If he'd just written them all out first, he'd have been able to better maximize the screen time with more "story" early on, which would have maybe made I and II a lot better than they were because they would have had a bit more weight. As they stand now they're good, but require a lot of out of movie exposition to really be effective.

J.M FcThumbs-Up
It would have been more effective if the story of ep1 had been ep2 and the story of ep3 divided into ep2 and 3>>>more time, more explanation!

If he had written and filmed them all together he wouldn't have had the chance to fill all the plot holes that he opened. I truely think the wiping of 3PO's memory at the end was his way of fixing his goof.

Tulak Hord
Yeah, but what about R2? He never gets a Memory Wipe..

There was a line in ANH where 3PO says that R2 claims to be the property of an Obi-Wan Kenobi. If R2's memory was wiped, then he wouldn't of known who Obi-Wan was. Also, 3PO is a blabber mouth, and no one really knows what R2 is saying.

I wish that the PT would have focussed more on the history of the jedi and the sith instead of retard gungans and political non sense. GL realy lost his touch on this one and lets face it, he's not the best director around.

The best movie of the 6 he didn't even direct. That's gotta say something.

That was probably just a coincidence though, right? laughing

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