if the PT was released first

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The Ones
would people have the same love for the OT?

Lord Yoda
That is very intresting. I don't thank the OT would get so much love if the PT came out first.

Yes, because the OT and PT have a different "feel" to them. But if the PT was released first then there would be no suurprises for the OT. (i.e. Luke I am your father, Nooooooooooooo.) Stuff like that

would of spoilet the big twist of vador bein lukes dad, but then we also have the twist of palpatine bein the sith lordsmile

Tulak Hord
Ugh, evil! We shan't even think of the hell that would be unleashed if the PT came first. Hmm, ever notice that SW is probably the only films where the prequel is NOT better?

If the prequels came out first, you would only find Star Wars stuff at the bottom of Walmart's Bargain Bin

Tulak Hord
But now it's at the top of the bargain bin. Nice sig btw Gambit. It looks almost like the duel itself.

88% of the critism towards the prequels have been due to over cynical comparisons between them and the OT which are in fact part of the same story.

Everybody do yourself a favor. Somewhat of a psychological science expierment.

Go rent or find a movie you have never seen or heard before....

.......then only watch the second half of it first, maybe once or twice.

Then watch the first half.

Now, how enetertaining was the first half?

Probably interesting, but not compelling

The Ones
thats because you know whats going to happen and nothings a surprise

sultan kudarat
GL gave away too much for the PT to be compelling. the OT was so much an original concept back then that it was so well recieved.

Well if the PT was released in '77 the exact same movies... Then Episode 1 would have been loved by so many people and Episode III would have rocked, because nboody would have known that Anakin went dark and then there is... god that rock..

And the OT wouldn't be so loved a lot of it loses its charm because you already know everything thats going to happen. And it would make all focus go away from Luke... Nobody would care about Luke...

The Ones
if the OT was made after the PT but it had the same cgi look as the PT would it still be loved?

I agree with The Ones....it would blow people away like the OT did.

and Fishy...thats an awesome Sig

green dude
I think the PT gets more atention th OT is old some people im not sure how many love the PT but i think PT rocks big grin

The Ones

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