Commence Order 66

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I thought the scene where the clones are shooting the jedi was good, although I thought the jedi who were killed got their ASSES beaten. I mean c'mon they're jedi. How'd they get killed so quickly by a few clones? I thought they deserved a better death than by a clone with a gun.

Also did the clones knew about Sidious's plan all along or were they just taking orders without question?

One unsuspecting jedi against a batallion of Jango Fetts who moments ago where following their orders.

Come on...

Yeah....I just wished that they would show the jedi fighting backa BIt more...but the scene was nicely done...

the clones are like droids...who have been taght to follow orders....that was an order they were taught earlier on in their "lives" least that is what I think... big grin

DARTH SlDIOUS: Commander Cody, the time has come. Execute Order Sixty-Six.

CLONE COMMANDER CODY: It will be done, My Lord.

Sidious had it all planned.

Sleeper program anyone? stick out tongue
But yeah that WAS sad, lots of people were crying during that midnight showin' man
what was the saddest death for me was Ki-Adi-Mundi's death..the look on his face and his desperation to block those bolts was very good

yeah...I love watching that part again and again...I dont really cry....but i DO feel sad sad


Obi-Wan got soooooo lucky that he got his saber back and got out of there in a hurry...

Originally posted by xeous
Obi-Wan got soooooo lucky that he got his saber back and got out of there in a hurry...

And for Cody to think "No one could have survived that fall"

Don't they say that in ALL the movies? Jeez. In a rush to go somewhere? You have 10,000 troops, send out a damned search party.

(* I do like the line from the book from Cody - "couldn't the order have come through BEFORE I gave him back his bloody lightsabre?" *)

Robin Darkside
Ok, The clones had the advantage of the betrayal, then turned on the Jedi when they least suspected. Only Yoda could sense their betrayal.

Only Yoda had less than 11238957972431795701561048 to fight.

Everyone else was with an entire squad of clone troopers.

Darth Bong
But Yoda took them out without even looking. I bet he could kill a squad. smokin'

Captain REX
In my honest opinion, I think MORE Jedi should have been shown being slaughtered by clones. We saw Aayla Secura, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and Plo Koon...but that's not everyone!

Originally posted by Captain REX
In my honest opinion, I think MORE Jedi should have been shown being slaughtered by clones. We saw Aayla Secura, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and Plo Koon...but that's not everyone! But those were the main Jedi everyone remembers. If Quilon Vos was shown getting blasted with a tank, I doubt people would care. I actually somewhat cared about Aayla, Ki-Adi, and Plo Koon some because they were on screen some.

And no, I don't count Quilon's useless cameo in TPM as memorable.

Darth Zhin
It was very well done. Quite sad, quite moving.

And terryfic music also.

Robin Darkside
I was crushed when Yoda dropped his cane

Delta 62
I agree..that was devastating seeing how effected Yoda was by everything. And his voice when he said farewell to Chewie and Tarrful? "Miss you I will.."

As to the clones..I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that a gene was implanted in every clone that made them instantly and without question obey the command of "Order 66"

i think the clones knew of order 66 before it was given. they knew instantly what it meant when sidious said to excecute it. they are completly loyal to the rebublic so they wouldnt question it, especially if they heard about it before hand. id say the emperor made them all aware of the possibility of jedi rebellion and told them that as soon as he gives the word to kill them. they are grown to have no independance and trained not to question orders so i dont think much thought came into it. and becuase of the lack of anger and malace the jedi probably wouldnt pick up on it very easily, which is shown especially when aayla secura was killed, she sensed something, saw the troopers raise their weapons and she reached for her saber and turned around to see what they were aiming at, only to be shot in the back by them. i think it wouldnt have taken plo koon a while to realise what was going on too, when they started shooting at him he probably thought he missed some enemy fighter that was on his back before he realised he was the target. the jedi on the speeder didnt even look at the troopers when the nodded to eachother and dropped back behind her. i think the commandos could have disobeyed though. they have alot more independance than the standard trooper. the arc's might have questioned it too, but the standard trooper will obey without question.

Delta 62
Not a bad reasoning..but alas..

I find it hard to believe that the clonetrooper who handed Obi-Wan his lightsaber like a good friend would try to shoot him down after recieving the order.

the clones have NO feelings...they r like robots...and they follow instrctions like robots...

Sort of but they do have feelings, or something close anyways. They have compassion, anyways.

Captain REX
According to Wizards of the Coast, ARC troopers are exempt from Order 66! But I don't think'd leave too many loopholes.

There were some other Jedi that we would have been affected by their deaths too. Names elude me...

I feel that in the end the clones were nothing more than a kinda of robot. They still had intelligance which gives them the ability to form complex plans and as well to change and reform them as need be. With this kinda of intelligence it gives the clones a kinda of emotional quality as well. alas though they are basically droids. They are manufactured and programed since childhood to do specific orders given to them. I think sidous simply had order 66 simply programed into them as a primary function. As the order is given their function changes so that means the plans they were following change also changing what emotion they give off.

Delta 62
I was thinking about the Commandos a while back. I doubt they'd have been affected either, not only because of their advanced growth and training but also because they were meant to work alone in squads. They wouldn't have been around Jedi to turn on them.

The "Order 66 gene" that was implanted into all clones probably released an enzyme or something when the Order came. They instantly obeyed the command and sought out the nearest Jedi. I don't really see how people are talking about the clones like they hid their true intentions from the Jedi and all that crap. The clones turned because they were literally forced to by a genetic process. They didn't have a choice.

I reckon they should of said something to the Jedi like

Clonetrooper: I'm sorry sir, the Emperor has spoken.

Jedi: What...?

Clonetrooper: I have no choice (blast)

I think that the part where Ki-Adi-Mundi got killed was cuz there were fire shots coming from both sides, no wonder he got killed. For Aayla Secura, she wasnt aware at all. The clones shot from behind. And for that girl in the speeder bike, the clones stepped on the breaks and had a clear shot at her. Plo-Koon didn't even have a chance to spin his ship around because of the quick blaster shots. Sure, they could sense it, but the clones had a strong mind, because they were, like you guys said, like robots, similar to battle droids. In my opinion, only yoda sensed it, for two reasons, first, hes the most powerful jedi, and second he wasn't in a tough situation like ki-adi-mundi, he was currently fighting droids, plo-koon was piloting a jet at the moment, he didn't really have that much control. Aayla Secura was fine, but, like i said, yoda is powerful.

Darth Travizzle
Besides, it was EXCECUTE oreder 66, not commence. you have to pay attention to the details.

Speaking about details, the prime minister of kamino spoke about the clones, being superior to droids because they think and are creative. The order would be something instructed to them and nothing else. They are nothing like the droids. They've obeyed because it was part of their training and allegiance to the republic and the emperor. About other jedi being killed, there aren't much more. Some die in the temple, others are killed by palpatine, and in the clone wars cartoon a lot bunch of them is killed so that leaves the ones you've seen

i dunno if this is correct..but maybe the 'Execute Order 66' thing finally demonstrates to us why palpatine wanted that army of the republic so much in episode 2. It is his OWN army.

In episode 1, sidious purposely made the trade federation have a blockade on naboo, since he is the senator palpatine there. By doin so, as all the events unfold,he is able to gain sympathy from the senate and became Chancellor. (note that he was the one who suggest to queen amidala on the vote-of-no-confidence issue)

Then in episode 2, he used dooku to lead the separatists to become a military force to be reckoned with (yet sending him secretly to order those clones), so the republic would just have to have an army to counter it, despite ppl like amidala wanting to defeat its creation act.

Notice that the discussion of the emergency powers were staged infront of jar-jar binks,because they know he was dumb enuff to believe them.

"If only..Senator Amidala were here.."

PALPATINE: "Hmm.."(lingering)

So that jar-jar dumb of a creature 'played the hero' by proposing the Emergency Power in the senate. For God sake's amidala wud haf opposed to that very thing!

Palpatine as the chancellor was then able to 'create' the army, which was incidentally ALREADY created in Kamino.

As the chancellor, he has control of the army, who would abide by him as the legal leader. 'Execute Order 66' finally shows his intention for having them..they were his hands and legs to control the galaxy..and that was how it was so in the galactic episodes 4,5 and 6..

It's not as if the Clones are each as good as Jango!

But this is another example in Star Wars of film-making necessity vs. absolute logic. Let's say each Jedi took out a hundred clones before he doed. What would that add to the story, as opposed to how much extra time it would take on screen?

Let's have a look at the dramatic necessities of that scene:

Palpatine issues Order 66, and by a combination of surprise and numbers, the Clones kill the Jedi they are working with.

We know, because Obi-Wan bothers to shut off the re-call system, that not every Jedi dies this way, but many clearly do.

We therefore see scenes by which Jedi are killed after Order 66 by a combination of numbers and surprise.

Therefore the scene has accomplished its dramatic necessity. More fighting would have been nice, but not necessary. Good filmmaking often involves the removal of stuff that is not totally necessary, and I very much doubt going into any more depth here would have actually made for a better film.

This is my favorite part of the movie its very sad and emotional. I truly Enjoy that colorful planet with the big vergitation. Does anyone know what it is called?

I think the clones knew exzactly the plan he was going to eventually commence. The were ready and waiting for that call.

Sadako of Girth
It all certainly makes Jango's going on at Obi-wan about "They'll do there job well" (AOTC) a tad more sinister in retrospect...!!

Master Mawi
Tragic, the deaths were. Ki-Adi Mundi's death was cool. His face clearly pictured desperation and surprise at the Clone Troopers' betrayal. Aayla's scene was good too. BUT PLO KOON'S JUST SUCKED. He was ducking in the cockpit right before the starfighter exploded. He looked scared like he wanted his mom or something. I mean COME ON, George Lucas could have Plo Koon kill a squad of Clone Troopers but finally get killed by a hundred of Clone Troopers.

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