what should Bungie have change to make halo 2 at its best?

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What do u think bungie should have changed or added to halo 2 to make it even better?

they already granted my wishes.. shorter grenade fuse.. more powerful grenades.. and increased melee damage

I think they should make a download so that online/multiplayer you can play as the marines and the brutes, not just spartans and elites. I think that'd be good. Also, its a shame they didn't put all the vechicles they said were going to be in it, in the final version, like the ice warthog thing, that looked awesome.

Yeah, I wish they had a few more vehicles. A few more playable characters for multiplayer. Some matchmaking updates, like they should take a poll or something and then put the winner in matchmaking. Such as 'Only Melee' games or 'Tower of Power.' That would probably be what I most want.

Ummm, let me see, some weather on the maps. Wouldn't it be awesome to kill some alien while being soaked by rain and lightning flashing overhead.

How about online co-operative? Maybe four players or something. We could play as like, either all Master Chiefs, just regular soldiers, or them other guys with black armor.

Ugh, how about weapon updates? I would love to see Bungie update, not only new maps, but also new weapons.

Longer storyline, anyone? Sure, Halo 2 was setting up for Halo 3, but they could have at least made it a *tiny* bit longer.

NO DAMN BANSHEE ON ASCENION: ALL BATTLE RIFLES! If any of you have Xbox Live and you play matchmaking in Halo, you'll know what I mean. It's a b!tch to take down, what with only battle rifles. I'm pretty sure Bungie said they are taking it away in the next update or something.

How about more destructable envirnments? That was one thing Bungie promised to have, but in my opinion, they fell short. Sure, the vehicles blew up, and you could mess up *some* things in the environment, but I wish, for example, say you were on a level with trees. You see a Hunter rampaging towards you. Instead of trying to time it just right with a grenade at your enemy, you throw one between to trees. With good timing, the Hunter doesn't realize the trap, the grenade blows, and the trees fall on it, allowing you to whip out your SMG and destroy the sucker while he's down.

There's more, I just can't think of them right now. If I do, I'll post them later.

They are good points, + some of the new weapons were meant to be good, while the Battle Rifle has seen more c**k that a 300 year old prostitute with double vision, hell maybes even triple vision. Some of them are awesome like the brute shot, but where was the flamethrower they promised sad It made me sad.

The online co-operative sounds cool, and I think maybes if it had like an arbiter storyline and an MC storyline it might have been better, coz I got well confused with the story untill right at the end, it was like, who the **** am I gonna be next?

I really wish they just left the health the way it was in Halo (the original). I get really annoyed having no health bars and just shields. It sucks IMO.

well they do have a hidden numerical health value, its just not shown in a graphic... I dont mind it really.. I just dont like shields... it makes sense to die fast IMO

Red Superfly
Cut out a ton of the boring backtracking corridor bits. I'd rather not play them at all than have to trawl through them. As much fun as washing the dishes that was.

Also, redo the pirahna Mario World plant. Mainly the voice, because I couldn't make out a damn thing it was saying, and maybe actually change it so it doesn't look like it came from the Little Shop Of Horrors.

Also, make the ending NOT gay.

Hrm, and anyone who has ever used glitches to cheat online has their XBox explode, with molten plastic searring their flesh. A just reward.

That would do.

Originally posted by n00bslayer
What do u think bungie should have changed or added to halo 2 to make it even better?

Nothing more...leave it as it is. Just improve the graphics.

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