free stuff!rs2 items!

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way better than it i have 132 bill and 33 sets of wite trimmed rune plus dragon(for members that email me)ive giving that away along with my 4 lvl 101 accouts with all 99 stats exept slayer lvl 86....u want free stuff ya i thought so...i hate rs2 so email me with ur usrname and password and u b rich in an hour as long as too many plp dont email me than it will take a day or 2. I ALSO have AUTO MINERS AND TRAINERS THATACTULLY WORK THAT i can install on r account!the autotrainer needs a update cuz it only works for rs1 but im making it for rs2... i also fond a way to hack accountswell , my friend figured it ot..(ill email u how)...the free accounts r only for the first 4 emails and they get extra stuff too!! only even if ur not i will still get u 14 bill and 3 sets of rune..(thats the rule only that much per account) or if ur a member ur really lucky u get a:
-red trimmed rune pl8
-dragon pl8legs (i have 4 of most of these)
-dragon long and 2h
-dragon scimmy
-red trimmed rune full helmet
-3k of manti ray( i even it out to each account)
and thats it (thats per member cuz non members cant have it)
remember I HATE RUNESCAPE SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH CUZ I FOUND A WAAAAAY BETTER AND U SHOULD TOO!!!!!so email me and try to be the first for the accounts or the first member really is lucky!!email me with ur usrname and password and vwola ur rich and loaded!!!email me at
[email protected]
i figured ou ta way to copy items
it workd with a program i bought on ebay for $5
wat it does its it uses the items that monsters drop(any item)
then it can duplicate that item
but thats not very good so i fixed it to duplicate any item u have as long as its only less that 200k if its money or else jagex cops will suspect if u want me to duplicate items
i just need ur account to have a 1/4 empty bank space.also u must have the item u want to duplicate.if u want to konw wat the prgram is called.its the autoRunev3.
email me with ur usrname and password and wat items u want to be duplicated
[email protected]
there is just one thing
rune pl8 bobies cant be duplicated more than 4 times!!
last time i tried it on mine and i got detected.the autoRuneV3 depends on your bank room the more you have the more i can duplicate.i can train ur account a few lvls. i do sometimes make plp members but its rare. my work cant be done by other plp it is a new type of autoRuneV.3 u cant get it anywhere else.soo remember anything including money is duplicateable except rune pl8 bodies can only be duped 4 times becuase of the way that items file is programed on the Dos server.the Dos is a company i used to work at so i no a thing pr too about rs2 cheating.
email me quick cuz the autoruneV3 can expire!
i also have auto miners and trainers too
[email protected]
bye for now rich kids(future rich plps)

i already gave 130 mill away so hurry...actully ill just dupe it again.
also i duped my old rune (g) 14 times so al 14 are for free...along with like 900 mill.
get ur free stuff
ask anyone who email me it works!

by the way everyoneit only takes about 1 hour if im not busy
email me at [email protected]
i check my mail everyday at about 4:30 pm
therefore ur account will be done by about 5:30-6:00

Wow, somebody please ban him.

What the hell's with these obviously lying Runescape guys anyway?

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.