Batman Begins

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Darth Chronus
the game looks hott and it comes out in a few days i think

Red Superfly
I love Batman, can't wait for the movie and the game is looking damn fine.

Hope it doesn't end up like teh Star Wars Episode III game, which promised everything and deliverred bugger all.

Darth Chronus
i dont know Star Wars looks hott

SW3 is fun but not chalked up to what they said. i beat it in a day. short but fun.

Is a stealth game....can't wait to play it!

Looks pretty cool. Better than previous Batman games, hopefully...

Of course, the Batman games can't go anywhere but up! roll eyes (sarcastic)

the models and animation looked really nice.. I just hope it plays good.. being a movie licensed game.. o_o

I need a little help in the batman begins game
i'm in arkham asylum
in the room where you can take 2 thugs out with releasing gas.
There are three thugs in a separate room but i don't know how to make them fear me .And they have guns so i'm dead in 2 seconds if I attack him
Plz help.

I bought the game a couple days ago, but haven't got around to playing it yet.
Anybody care to share what they think about the game and how it plays and if it's good or not?


gamespot didnt think to highly of it.. a 6.8 ill wait to hear more from you guys.. cause the reader revies there average to an 8.1 from 400 people.. but something like batman can have a lot of "fanboys" that will be biased and say its better then it is just cause it is batman

its a well made game...

graphics, sound and playability all pretty decent...

just so damn short and very little replay value bar a couple of batsuits, though the batmobile levels are sweet...

I thought it was actually a decent game. It kept me wanting to play more, so thats always good. Some of the stealth aspects slowed the game down.

Well these reviews sound pretty good.

I may play it tonight when I go home if I'm not too sleepy.

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