Batgirl(cass) VS. Elektra

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Im not too versed in elektra's history and overall abilities for that matter, but in anycase who would win??


Batgirl. WAYYYY more skilled.

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Electras a pretty darn good fighter but shes not even the best in the MU

Batgirl right now IS the number 1 fighter in the DCU and while still a normal human her body language reading ability sets her a bit better than any other normal human could manage

Oh snap I forgot I started this...I was about to start another...Until I searched....yea so anyway....I thought that Elektra got all uber-fied recently and she beat the shit outta Wolverine or least thats what I remember reading on here...


But I would be fun to watch

Batgirl wins.

In a Martial Arts fight, Batgirl beats anyone on her level.

But in an actual fight, Batman would beat Shiva or Batgirl, or probably both at the same time. They're both slightly better martial artists, but he's stronger, faster, and smarter.

Elektra wins the fight. The skill gap (if there even is one) is very slight, and nullified by Elektra willingness to kill. In a straight up confrontation Cass will be on the defencive right off the bat (even if Elektra is unarmed). There is also the fact that Elektra has some low level telepathy and creat complex senerios in the head of her opponents but I'm not sure if it would work on Cass as it has never been used on someone above your average cannon fodder... still a wild card though.

I see Elektra taking the slight edge in a straight out confrontation, and in all likely ness she would kill Cass with the greatest of ease in a surprise attack... chances are she could assasinate her with out Batgirl knowing she was there.

I agree. Elektra is just...not human. She will take down Batgirl.

I think Batgirl Wins but Im a tad bias, emphasis on "tad"

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batgirl wins, her reading ability would give her the edge

Batgirl would win her fighting ability in inhuman. I mean dodging multiple bullets at point blank range and defeating Lady Shiva. She would be an awesome bad guy.

Im inclined to say Elektra. I always considered DD to be around the same skill level as Bats (Maybe a slight edge to bats) and Elektra has better fighting skilz than DD so I would say she probably has a very slight edge over Batgirl.............................

I think Batgirl could take her in a few panels. She's faster, tougher, stronger, and more skilled.

Elektra's not necessarily better than Bullseye. She didn't look too special in their last fight and would have died again if Daredevil didn't catch the card thrown at her throat.

So girl who can dodge point-blank shots vs. assassin who can't even dodge a playing card. Ummm ....

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