Batman & Captain America Vs. Broken Sword, Falling Snow, Sky, & Nameless (Hero)

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During a Marvel/DC crossover, Batman and Captain America team up to battle the Teen Titans villain Control Freak who has trapped the rest of the Avengers and JLA in the TV world. They confront Control freak and during the battle they are unknowingly zapped into the Jet Li film "Hero" which is airing on HBO, though they think that they've gone through a time warp back to feudal China somehow.

In a small Chinese village Batman overhears rumors of an assassination plot on the King of China's life by 3 assassins, as well as a possible 4th unknown assassin that may be working with them. Batman believes that Control Freak is behind this and they decide to thwart the attempt.

Word gets around that 2 white men, one dressed as a bat ninja and one dressed as a blue warrior with a mask and shield are roaming the Chinese countryside looking for the 3 assassins. Nameless, Sky, Broken Sword, and Falling Snow set out to find Batman and Captain America to question them on what they know of their plan as well as who they've told, and kill them before word reaches the King of their plans.

They meet up in a field in the deserts of China and a battle ensues.

Batman has his standard armaments for a night patrol in Gotham (batarangs, gas grenades, flares, smoke grenades, grappling hooks, etc.).

Cap has his shield.

The 4 assassins have their signature weapons.

Who wins?


I have no idea...betting on Cap and Bat, though. (Bat's granades...and Cap's undbreakable they have faced may superhuman opponents before and won.)

The question is, can the Trapped Twosome fight by the same rules as the movie fighters? If Cap & Bats can super-leap and whatnot, it's anybody's game. If not, I'll give the Movie Fighters 2:1 odds for the win on Superpowers+man advantage. Either way, it would be one cool fight.

Well, since the flying/floating is part of their martial arts skill, I'd say no, Cap and Bats can't float/fly.

Since Bats being a high level martial artist has never shown the ability to fly, he'd be the one of the duo most likely to figure out how they are doing it. If not, he has grappling hooks and batarangs.

Cap throws a shield and cuts all the wires, taking away their flight skills. Then he and Bruce go to work with the cheesy long range weapons with spread effects.

Broken Sword, Falling Snow, and Sky can be manipulated very easily.

Batman would take them down first.

Nameless can take out one but not if both are fighting together.

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