Full Avengers Roster Vs. Zu: Warriors from Magic Mountain (Legend of Zu)

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Apocalypse has found a scroll in a temple in Hong Kong which tells of a legend of supreme evil power. He wishes to wield this power for himself. According to the legend, in order for the power to manifest in the Earth dimension, it must have a powerful host body to inhabit. Apocalypse then sets out to use his knowledge of the arcane to unleash the Norse fire demon Surtur into the Earth Dimension as a host for the power he wishes to obtain into his own, which he will use to merge himself wholely with the extradimensional source of his powers and take his place as a high level cosmic entity. He performs the ritual on Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco Bay, unleashing Surtur into the city, as well as establishing a link with the evil power source in the Hong Kong Legend.

As Surtur demolished San Francisco, The Avengers confront the threat with their full roster. Thor unleashes a magical blast from Mjolnir that opens an aperture to an unknown dimension that the Avengers try to force Surtur into, not knowing that at the same time Apocalypse is also conjuring a dimensional rift, and that the magics of Mjolnir are bolstering the power of his spell by a factor of 100. As they blast and pummel Surtur with all of their power to force him through the portal, a beam of energy comes out of the doorway and strikes Surtur in the back, then thousands of flaming skulls come flying through the opening and merge into Surtur's body.

Thor says "What manner of sorcery is this?" and the other Avengers look on in awe. Unknown to Thor, the dimensional rift he had opened led to the Zu mountains, a magical realm of Hong Kong Mythology, and he had helped Apocalypse unleash the demon Insomnia into the Marvel Universe who had now posessed and engulfed the power of Surtur's body, merging it with his own. Insomnia then unleashes a wave of force and flames on the Avengers which collapses a building on top of them, before flying away to seek out Apocalypse and combine with him and more of Earth's evil power, leaving the Avengers singed and bewildered.

Following Insomnia through the doorway are the warriors of Zu Mountain: Dawn (before reincarnation), King Sky, Whitebrows and Red of the Omei Clan, and Ying. Lord Whitebrows summizes that now that Insomnia has merged with a demon of this realm, in order to end Insomnia's evil once and for all, they must destroy the evil amalgation in this neutral realm using the Moon Sphere, Thunder Sword, and Heaven Sword, which would bring about the destruction of this solar system, but it must be done at all costs so the evil doesn't grow any further. Before they set out to destroy Insomnia, Thor flies in full speed and strikes Dawn in the torso with Mjolnir, sending her flying through a building. The full Avengers roster is present, and assemble behind Thor. Captain America steps forward, brandishing his shield, and says "You're a bit out of your jurisdiction. We'll handle this situation. Return to your dimension peacefully and we'll send you your demon." Lord Whitebrows then smirks and says "Arrogant fools. You have no idea who you are dealing with. The Warriors of Zu Mountain take orders from no mortal. We will destroy the evil that is Insomnia, and you as well if you stand in our way". Dawn then rises with a blast of power from the rubble she was buried in and the Zu Warriors stand ready to battle.

Can the Avengers defeat the Warriors of Zu Mountain and then the Insomnia/Surtur amalgation before it combines with Apocalypse and his extradimensionl powers and become a upper level cosmic being known as Armageddon (Apocalypse at full potential), or will the Zu Warriors destroy Insomnia and the Milky Way to end the threat?


That movie was awesome. No comment yet, I'm gonna watch the movie again, then I'll comment.

Would a short writeup of their powers and skills be too much?

I'll see if I can find some bios online, but you REALLY have to see the film to get an idea of what these guys are capable of. They are all "immortal" and magically empowered to a very EXTREME degree. I can give you a comparitive in comicbook terms (again, not completely accurate, but to give you an idea of what you're dealing with. You really need to see this movie. These cats are ridiculously powerful):

Lord Whitebrows is a Hong Kong Mythology equivalent to a full powered Marvel Odin/Zeus. Basically, he's the most powerful "God" of the Mythology.

Dawn would be similar to a mid level Phoenix Avatar. Maybe 65-70% of Jean before her current omnipotence. Not as powerful as Lord Whitebrows (Odin), but pretty damn powerful. She is the master of the Thunder Sword, but no longer the wielder.

King Sky is Dawn's #1 apprentice and sole survivor of his clan of immortals (They were wiped out by Insomnia). Wielding the Thunder Sword, he would be a high level Thor or King Thor equivalent.

Red would be King Sky's equal. He has metallic wings that he uses similar to Spawn and his cape and, well, you really have to see this film to get a good idea. Words only do so much.

Yin would be Surfer level, but without the matter/energy manipulation etc. I mean in terms of power reserves. Maybe a GL would be a better comparison. He wields the Moon Orb.

Now as I said, this is not definitive or 100% accurate, just my interpretation based on the action displayed in the film. To get a good example you should rent or buy this movie and judge for yourself. The action in this film is just plain outstanding. The story is good to if you can follow it. It's not very 'linear' if you feel me. Takes some adjusting to.


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