Superman & Orion Vs. The Ronin Warriors

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During a battle with Darkseid, Orion's motherbox is damaged and a boomtube is generated which teleports himself, Darkseid, and Superman to a parallel dimension. They arrive in the Ronin Warriors' Earth Dimension.

Darkseid quickly makes a retreat to gather his bearings and form a plan of attack. He is psionically contacted by Arago. Arago can sense the evil in Darkseid and sees him as a kindred spirit. He offers Darkseid a mystical armor called the "Darkfire Armor" which allows him to tap into the evil energies of the Neterworld and wield the power of all the armores combined, as well as mentally control the bearers of the other mystical armors.

As Darkseid places the helmet of his "Darkfire Armor" on, he is mentally linked to The Ronin Warriors: Ryo, Seiji, Shuu, Shin, Touma, and Anubis. He orders them to attack Superman and his son Orion and destroy them.

Meanwhile, Superman and Orion are trying to figure out where they are and how to repair Orion's motherbox (which is losing power due to being cut off from the Source in this alternate universe) so they can Boomtube back to Apokolips. They are about to set out and look for a sufficient power source when the Ronin Warriors, under Darkseid's control, arrive and attack.

Can Superman and Orion defeat The 6 Ronin Warriors, then defeat Darkseid in the Mystical "Darkfire Armor" and free the Ronin Warriors from his mind control so they can help them return to their dimension?


Ummmm, Superman or Orion alone is way too much for them, what do you thinks gonna happen when you team them up?

I was thinking that to brotha, until I thought about the fact that the Ronin Warriors are all magic based (Supes has a problem with magic).

Having them controlled by Darkseid and giving Darkseid his own magical armor with the powers of all of the Ronin Armors (don't forget their are 9 armors total, 5 were good, 4 were bad, 1 became good), so I figured the the mind controlled Ronin "6" plus Darkseid and his evil magic armor would be a good fight.

the DC team would win yeah I said it.

long pig
Orion without the MB is going to go into destroyer mode, and run through most of the team by himself, probably attacking Superman at the same time.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.