Enraged Wonder Man VS. Classic Thor in a 25x25 Adamantium Box

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Who takes this battle? This battle is to the death. No weapons of any kind. Hand to Hand combat. Can Wonder Man crush Thor? Or will Thor pulverize Wonder Man? Who takes it?


Cosmic Cube
Recent Thor's way stronger, faster, and more powerful. Wonder Man would be fudged. Don't know about classic Thor.

See West Coast Avengers Annual #2.

Straight up fair fight, Thor KO'd Wondy.

He thrashed Thor before. Was Wonder Man fully angered or focused in West Coast Annual? Didn't look like it to me.

Wonder Man Thrashing a Classic Thor:


I'm just saying Thor has never battled Wondie when fully angered or focused. Foes like Ultron and Abomination found that out the hard way. The same goes for Wondie, he has never battled a warrior madness Thor/Angered Thor.

Wonder Man has a chance.

Niether one of them was berzerk if that's what you mean. They smacked eachother around inconclusively until Thor got fed up and went for the super-energy-windup-hammer-throw, which dropped Simon instantly. Nothing against Wonder Man there, Thor usually saves that sort of attack for Jormungandr and the like.

So are you saying wonder woman is pms-ing

I'm sure Thor could easily become just as enraged, if not more so. The wrath of a God is not to be trifled with.

Thor beats Wonderman and escapes the cage, but heads to Valhalla for six months of rest, relaxation and recuperation with Sif and the Valkyries.

you have to remember that current Wonderman is more powerful than the Wonderman version from the calssic Thor fights..... and it's been theorised that his new energy coated look gives him additional levels of durability

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