AFI Presents a Tribute to Geroge Lucas

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Did anybody watch this last night. Geroge Lucas was honored for is work and it was amazing. Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrsion Ford were there, and they all thanked Geroge for giving them a chance to act and make cinematic history. They even recreated the throne romm scene on stage, with C-3PO, R2, Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie on stahe together. It was the first time in years that the three actors were seen together. It was amazing. What did you guys think.

I saw this last night with my mom and it was great. the opening with willam shatner was so funny with the dancing stormtroppers. it was great watching all the actors etc. (except GL Daughter is so damn fat lol)

The Ones
i didnt see it cause i dont live in USA!!

*cough* The Grill *cough*

already atarted thisthread.

Thanks for the info guys, anyone wanna post a full review, I missed it. Also GL is in this months Fobes magazine for the hollywood money/power list. He was the #1 money earner with 290$mill and #2 or 4 (cant remember exactly) on the power list. 290mill the year before epIII comes out??? Good Lord, imagine what itll be this year!

Did anybody tape it?

SithSpy I believe he was number six or something. oprah was number one wink

does anyone have carrie's speech? that was awesome

i missed it!!! cry

Maybe they repeat that in europe or something :s

oops... I accidentally posted a PM here instead of a message. embarrasment

Incidentally, the dancing storm troopers reminded me of Luke Hamills cameo on the Simpsons. "Luke be a jedi tonight!" smile Carrie's speech was the best to me. Harrison's seemed a bit forced and over the top (don't get me wrong Harrison is cool). Especially the bit with getting off the stage and kissing Bob. Anyhow still pretty cool!

so im guessing nobody has the carrie speech?

There are some torrents for this if you do enough searching. wink

i didnt see and he deserves it. congratualtions Lucas!

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Originally posted by Zatch_Bell
already atarted thisthread.
Nobody cares Zatch-Bell. Do you actually, like that show!?

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