Where did the lightsabers go?

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Mace Windu dropped his lightsaber outta the window so it probably landed in the depths of Coruscant and was found by someone, what do you think? Dooku's lightsaber was most likely destroyed during the crash but Yoda and Sidious' lightsaber must have fallen to the bottom of the Senate chamber so surely Palpatine would have found it, any idea?

it doesnt really matter .

but id say a local found them and kept them or handed them back into the council

again it doesnt really matter

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it doesnt really matter

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It doesn't really matter .

It really doesn't matter... stick out tongue

they were stumbled upon by a band of lesbian porn stars who had no idea what they really were....tragedy ensued

hey wait a minute, didnt mace knock sidious's saber out the window. i am quite proud that the dark lord could construct a new one in time for his dual with yoda. i never really thought about that.

on a side note, if someone could make a comic with sidious finding yoda's lightsaber and talking like yoda and goofing around pretending to be the jedi master when a clone trooper walks in and says ??? that would be hallarious.

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If you look on this page: http://www.thelightsaber.com/historyspoiler.htm It says that he carries an identical back-up.

yeah, if i was the lord of the dark side i would deffinately carry a back up, there are lots of good guys out there looking for me and i'm most certainly going to loose the first. sweet site master sif. its really to bad we didnt get to see sidious use both at the same time.

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I was right big grin and I quote from thelightsaber.com about Mace Windu's lightsaber: The fate of his lightsaber, lost forever in the depths of Coruscant. and Dooku's: The lightsaber was destroyed along with the rest of the Trade Federation ship.

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