batman,midnigher vs captain america and deathstroke

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fight takes place in your front yard, or the closest thing you have to a front yard. get your video camera.

Clue me in on Midnighter and Deathstroke.

Batman outsmarts Cap America from afar

Real Name: Unknown.
First Appearance: Stormwatch
Identity:Class: Mutated human
Occupation: Killer
Known Relatives:
Base of Operations:
History: "Let me make this situation clear for you.
I know what special abilities you have. I can see the enhancements. I can detect the increased electrical activity in your brain.

I know what moves you're preparing to make. I've fought our fight already, in my head, in a million different ways. I can hit you without you even seeing me.

I'm what soldiers dream of growing into. I'm what children see when they first imagine what death is like. I'm the Midnighter."

The Midnighter was a secret product of the labs of Henry Bendix, part of his Stormwatch "Academy" program, the members of whom were duped into becoming Bednix's personal Stormwatch team. One of many individuals given superpowers by that ruthless personage, he lost his original identity in the process. He was transformed into "Night's Bringer of War", a living weapon designed to "hit thing's until they don't work anymore. That was the skill that was built into me."

Apollo and the Midnighter survived an illegal mission to steal vital medical technology, during which the rest of their team mates perished. The two lovers lived rough on the streets for five years, with Midnighter using the time and experience to hone his abilities.

Eventually they were drawn out of hiding by their desire to right the wrongs of the world, and came to the attention of Jenny Sparks. Shortly after that they joined the newly formed Authority.

Powers/Abilities: The Midnighter automatically analyses every situation he is in as a combat scenario, his computerised senses instantaneously checking out multiple battle strategies until he has located the best one to win the fight at minimal effort.

To aid him in the actual fight he has heightened reflexes and strength, and a superb knowledge of most forms of combat.

In addition Midnighter has superhuman durability, and is designed with a number of redundant systems (it was recently revealed that he even has a "back-up heart"wink.

Name: Slade Wilson
Alter-Ego: Deathstroke
Occupation: Mercenary
Location: Bludhaven
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 225 lbs
Relatives: Adeline Wilson (ex-wife), Grant Wilson (son-deceased), Joseph Wilson (son-deceased), Rose Wilson (daughter)
-Formerly Slade Wilson, patriotic soldier for the U.S. military, he currently holds the title as the single greatest metahumarn/warrior in the DC Universe. Slade's physiology was accidentally mutated during a military anti-truth serium experiment which involved a synthetic from of adrnaline. But rather than increasing his ability to resist suggestion, it increased both his strength, senses, and reflexes. Along with these physical changes, the dark side of his psychology was amplified, making him more agressive and "evil". All this made him the proverbial "Super-Soldier" (sorry had to say it).
He currently provides his services to the highest bidder, and shows no signs of the handicap that should be present with only having one eye (the other was shot out by his ex-wife).
First Comic Appearance
New Teen Titans Vol.1 #2
(*Bio courtesy of Nightwing's Lair)


captain america and deathstoke hmm even if they were defeded at first slade wouldthen hire hitman to fight to after getting away and the avengers would be mad that there leader was dead.

so a team up its not exactly fair hugh? but justice leage woundnt be happy ether

forget the fight id pay them to cut the grass on my front yard

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