Batman vs. This Team

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Darth Hicks
Batman Vs This Team
The Team-Spiderman,Wolverine,Captain America
Batman has 1 week of prep time and spidey,wolverine,captain america also have 1 week of prep time.

Batman could win, but would likely lose, he and peter are equivalent in brains, Wovlerine is the damage soaker, and cap is the leader.

Blair Wind
well.....i have to agree and disagree.....spidy has brains but in a different places....i think that Bats takes it because he sets traps to take care of the.....unles Cap does the same thing....h2h he loses.....idk its up in the air both could win

There's no way Batman wins this one...It's too much for one superhero to deal with that team!

sorry I meant in scientific brains, my bad

But spidermans versatilty gives him many angles, while logan is his usual self( he's screwed), Cap has the leadership to make the team thatmuch more effective.

Solidus Snake
hate to admit it...but bats doesnt have much of a chance. but hell he "took down the jla" in tower of babel

batman would prolly start the fight 2 days in advance by drugging them or something.

I think Batman could have figured out a way to do it if the prep was one sided. But since you're giving the prep to both sides Batman goes down.

I'm waiting for Batman fanboys saying his martial arts mastery will take down Spidey and then he'll beat the crap outta Logan and Cap cause, hey he's a martial artist!
roll eyes (sarcastic)

Batman is way outclassed. If only he got prep then maybe.

Yeah my grandma is a martial artist too, but she isn't going to take on Darkseid or anything.

Martial arts alone will not make Batman wins this fight...He is fighting against a team of not just great fighting capability, but with brains too.

The team wins. Spidey is intelligent, has 6th sense for danger, trap useless and Logan senses are also here. With one sided prep, Batman could do it, but here also they have 1 week, they win, no doubt, crushes him easily. Spider-Man is also very intelignet, and they have advantage, 3 of them, they coud help in prep also and have way more advantage in pjyisical abilites.

Xplosive is absolutely correct!!

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