Dr. Doom gets an upgrade.

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Alright, my post in the "DCU Heroes run the Marvel gauntlet" thread gave me an idea. When the DC group gets to Doom's castle, he uses a combination of tech and magic to steal Captain Marvel's powers and knowledge. He figures out a way to get to DC Earth, but decides to conquer Marvel Earth first. With a week of prep and all the knowledge of how to put his powers to use, can any Earth based group of Marvel heroes stop him? If not, assuming Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern(Kyle), Flash, Firestorm, Sentinel, Zatanna, Dr Fate, Supergirl, Aquaman, Hawkman and Plasticman never survived the gauntlet, can the remaining Earth based DC heroes stop him? Doom keeps wearing his armor and all it's gadgets, including the forcefield, for nostalgia's sake.

There's still tons of reserves in both the JLA and JSA. The FF has put him down plenty of times, and even with Marvel's powers, they could just recruit a near-by Superman clone to trade blows with him and it should be enough. I'm probably not giving Doom enough credit here, and who knows what he'd do with some new powers and a week prep, but I still say he bites it.


laughing You may be right, but still, near-invulnerable Doom at super speeds is a damn scary thought. Thing is, if he has the one-sided weeks prep, he's going to take into account everyone on both Earth's in the first day or so, the rest of the week is just spent building new countermeasures into his armor. Which do you think would be more gratifying for Doom: outwitting Reed, or just speedblitzing and killing the whole family with his bare hands before they can react?

long pig
Honestly, he'd probably rather outwit Reed.

It'd be no victory for Doom to simply kill him without proving that he's better than him in all ways especially intelligence.

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