ANAKIN CouLd/Should haVe DoNe This!!!

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If you guys remembered, obi-wan got his arse handed to him da second time onboard the invisible hand when count dooku forced choked him,lifted him up and tossed him into oblivion. So why is it that Anakin did'nt use the force choke on obiwan during the duel on mustafar and it should have occured to him that it would be obiwan's weakness??

Any comments?

maybe he was too busy ducking the saber getting swung at his head?blink just a thought...

you can see an alternate ending on the game 'revenge of the sith'

Obiwan missed hitting anakin and anakin kills him and steals his lightsaber. He then returns to sidious and kills him infront of a few clone troopers.

It was done in the game by the way, and its a ***** to unlock (just cheat) :P

so its not an actual alternate ending but still good

General Zodiac
Question is why didn't Dooku do that to Anakin?

because they would be both at each other's throat at the same time?

General Zodiac
Would Anakin have thought of it? He isn't too bright.

DeVi| D0do
I think Anakin should have used the Force to create a tornado right over Obi-Wan having him sucked up into the sky.

Obi-wan was just caught off guard by Dooku, I think he would normally be able to stop the force choke.

i CaNt F***kiNg sTaNd WhEn PeOpLe TyPe LiKe ThIs.

there is a hell, and it very much resembles 1995 aol

what shits me is when people cant stop to foking speel proparly!!

Ya I think Obi was just taken off guard by the force choke from Dooku, but normally he would be able to stop it, and certainly the next time it was used on him, he would have. Anakin probably knows that.

It's no different then you saying, why the hell didn't palps just continue with the force lightning on Yoda. It's his obvious weakness right? He gets blasted by it in the opening scene of their fight. What an obvious weakness right? WRONG. Palps found out the hard way that he simply caught Yoda off guard, and Yoda didn't let it happen again. In fact, he blasted palps back with it later on and almost killed him with it. If only Yoda would have held on to that pod, he would have made palps pay the ultimate price for his mistake.

So, same analogy, same thing. Obi was taken off guard, but it would be a mistake to assume that he would let it happen again.

Captain REX
Wow, PVS, that's so relevant! DoNt YoU aGrEe?

Obi-Wan was caught off-guard, as in not expecting it; wouldn't have worked if he was expecting it.

i see...

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