John Williams

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General Zodiac
Who hear thinks that Williams is as much to thank for making Star Wars a big success as Lucas. I mean he came up with some good music like Duel of the Fates. Does anyone know the name of the song played on A Hero Falls in

i agree i think that star wars would have failed if he didn't make the music for it. he is a genious. he makes music both pretty, and depressing at the same time..... it's so beautiful!!! happy

Star Wars isn't Star Wars without a score from John Williams. smile

Can you imagine what it would be like without that great music?


General Zodiac
...Real life in space?

No! I mean the tone of the film! It would probably be all messed up. John William's music is the perfect choice to set the tone of any scene in the movie.

General Zodiac
Heavy Metal for Star Wars. hahahahahaha!

Jedi Priestess
Well Im going to be the odd one out here, as fantastic as I think Williams is, there ARE other composers who are excellent as well.

General Zodiac
Do anybody know the name of the song played during Obi-Wan vs. Anakin or on in the Hero Falls video?

Jedi Priestess
The actual duel is set to Obi-Wan vs Anakin and Duel of the Fates, that particular piece of music for the duel is not available in its entirety yet.

General Zodiac
Dang it.

John Williams makes every Star Wars movie that much better. I don't know how he did it, but I love all the music in every movie.

The one thing that everyone agrees remained great for all six movies was the music. John Williams was the only person, with the exception of Ben Burtt, that worked on every movie with Lucas.

Think about the things that changed and people complained about:

1. Directing: Never a constant director, some people say Kershner did the best job. Some people thought Lucas should have let someone else direct the prequels. Some people thought Richard Marquard was way over his head in ROTJ.

2. Writing: Lucas had Lawrence Kasdan, Leigh Brackett, and several other writers write most of the originals, but in the prequels he wrote most of them. Alot of people didn't like the dialogue in the prequels. They thought the love story was written terribly.

3. Producer: Gary Kurtz was the producer on ANH & ESB, many have them as their 2 favorites Star Wars movies. Kurtz was one of the few people not to be a 'yes man' to Lucas. McCallum, who produced the prequels, was sometimes seen as a Lucas lacky.

Overall the two things that never changed and people never complained about the music, by John Williams, and the Sound, by Ben Burtt. I guess if aint broke, don't fix it.

General Zodiac
Agree with you I do. But people today find something wrong with anything they will.

Darth Travizzle
He has made GREAT movie music.

Robin Darkside
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JOHN WILLIAMS RULZ! He's my idol, i listen the scores for star wars all the time without fail, i know this is a bit sad, but John Williams music is genious, and i wanna write music like he does big grin

All Hail The Great John Williams!!!

Lucas always takes the credit, its the music that made people nearly cry in revenge of the sith, its that what made you sink in your seats!

oh and Jedi Priestess wot other composers do you speak off? say howard shore and ill kill you! lol

i used to get the Star Wars theme confused with Superman's.

really!, there do have similarites tho, but its not that hard to differenciate then

Yes... I do believe the compelling music from the Star Wars movies is GREATLY responsible for their success. Even Lucas has said he did not think the movies would have worked without John Williams' score. True... another composer might have been able to make some good music... but I think Williams hit a stroke of genius with the music he created in the original trilogy... which carried over into the prequels. thumb up

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