Fixing the Movie

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I know there are a few people who dont like some things about the 3rd Star Wars movie, actors, characters, lines and stuff.
So i made a thread that you can say what was wrong with the movie and
how you can fix it.

DeVi| D0do
Fire Ben Burtt as editor - This would fix a lot.

Fire the music editor - Ditto.

Replace Natalie Portman with a log - This performance is less likely to make me want to kill someone.

Robin Darkside
wheres superfly when u need him

erm why?

DeVi| D0do
Coz he's cooler than you.

Robin Darkside
Originally posted by DeVi| D0do
Coz he's cooler than you.


Tulak Hord
Here's a way.

Have Vader NEVER do that noooo thing.

Give Anakin his brain back.

Give me a lightsaber, and I'll own that pathetic little waste of dark jedi known as Vader.

1) Make Anakin appear stronger then they did. He is supposed to be the chosen one, the strongest force user ever, and in his absolute prime. I know he has to lose to Obi wan and get burned, to put him in the suit, but he should not have lost the duel straight up. I love Obi wan, but everything we know about Anakin at that time says he should be able to mop the floor with pretty much any Jedi, Obi wan forsure. Something external should have happened to make him lose that fight. Not just a straight up loss, that was weak. Vader is stronger then that... I thought.

2) Get rid of Padme, or at least make her take some serious acting classes before starting to film her scenes. Her being hot carried her through the first two, but it's not enough this time, especially because she really looked fat in this one.

3) Make it VERY clear that Palps was just toying with Mace in the fight. The movie makes it appear like he actually did lose to Windu, but everything we know points in a different direction.

4) Include Qui Gon at the end, not just his name.

5) Show less of Grevious who was a basically useless charcter, and show more of the other Jedi's death scenes. Also, make them appear stronger then they did. Especially Plo, that was just rediculous how he died. Very disappointed

I could probably go on indefinitely, but that would give the impression that I didn't like the movie, which is wrong. I guess because the movies are SO good, that's the reason why we pick them apart smile

Originally posted by DeVi| D0do
Fire Ben Burtt as editor - This would fix a lot.

Fire the music editor - Ditto.

Replace Natalie Portman with a log - This performance is less likely to make me want to kill someone.

These are wise words.

The reason we pick them appart might simply be "It is Star Wars" and moreover 'it is a prequel"

We all loved the OT obiously and we all loved SW (Yes we do spend quite a lot of time talking about it...)

Being a prequel (the last one) we knew what would finally happend and all had preconcieved ideas of HOW that would happend... (easy to be disapointed whan you have expectations)

It is true that I would change so many things... even the first shot would be quite different (did not like all that space ship flipping thing) and being announced as the biggest space battle ever I was disapointed as I could not find the same feeling than in ANH or ROTJ...

Another example would be the wookies... it seems that they were just thrown there... just to have them and come into more familiar grounds... (or should I say furs)

I hated S.L. Jackson Performance... It was... (can't find a word that would not upset Unconditional Fans)

Definitely hated the Nooooo... and all the Utapau stuff seemed out of place...

What made me sad is that even this last PT episode did not made me feel the same passion I had for the OT ( and let's face it those weren't perfect either) but in the end I am simply sad that it's all over... and knowing there is nothing left (at least on the big screen) I felt unsatisfied...

My last Word... Palpatine (the actor) ruled and made all of the PT worth the wait...

I'm getting lost here... what was this thread about????

Robin Dickside
I felt for Obiwan, he loved Anakin

show more on the march into the more of jedi deaths how shaak ti and luminara more gg......................and make anis change to darkside more believable

as said the film is one of the best............oh and show qui gon........some of these already mentioned so im just agreeing

Robin Dickside
"You were my brother Anakin, I loved you"

-make GG look more skillful and more evil, add that scene with him killing shak ti, basically make him more than just an overglorified gimmick (he has four arms!!!! HE HAS FOUR ARMS!!!!! big f***ing deal)

-have real actors play the role of doctors at padme's birth scene. do we have to have CG fill every inch of every scene in every moment of the film? OOOOBAAAAA OOOOOOBAAAAAA wtf was that????

-and basically what most everyone else is saying

Robin Dickside
"you will be a Jedi, I promise"

Not slice it into tiny scenes. Who would have cared if it was longer?

"From my point of view the Jedi are evil"...... "No, the Jedi are evil". Full stop.

When Annie & Padme meet for the first time after months, Hayden gives a fantastic performance, he makes us believe he missed her, whereas Natalie's "Oh Anakin" should have been said at least with a little emotion don't you think?

Include the birth of the Rebel Alliance. That would have shown that Padme remains a strong and professional senator.

ps. The moment Anakin becomes Vader he loses Vanquish and by the way that comment on Padme being fat is rude and stupid.

BTW I totally agree on Grievous, he is "blank". Is there anyone else who didn't like his voice at all?

General Zodiac
1.) Give Darth Vader a fight scene when he's in the Vader suit
2.) Give Yoda a better fight scene
3.) Padme' I have to say anything?
4.) Anakin is supposed to be a strong force user. How many times did he use the force in 3?
5.) Throw in a scene with Qui-Gon as a ghost
6.) If Grievous could take on 5 Jedi at once you could have given him a better fight scene, not 2 minutes of fighting 5 minutes for running.
I could go on but that's all I shall post.

potman was FAT??? wtf is wrong with your eyes?

if anything she should have put on some weight to make for a convincing pregnant woman. instead she looked like skeletor with a stomach growth.

Originally posted by PVS

laughing out loud laughing out loud Happy Dance laughing out loud laughing out loud

I don't know why everyone criticizes Natalie portmans performance. the only reason she acted that way its because its in the script. she can not change the worlds, her attitude etc. what was written down it was her job to do so, so blame gl about that. and also the noooo sceen isnt that bad. remember anakin is still young and emotional about the whole situation that just happened.

Originally posted by ickeris2003
the noooo scene isnt that bad. remember anakin is still young and emotional about the whole situation that just happened.

I agree with you on this one ickeris.
BTW PVS women who are very thin often look like that when they're pregnant, my mom did wink
I wanted to add something to my previous post:
in the book when Obi-Wan finds out Anakin has turned he literally collapses from pain, in the movie his first reaction is a little too blank for me. Perhaps if he hadn't started talking immediately he would have looked stoned. BTW I think the whole idea of making Yoda fight with a lightsaber is a little excessive, it looks cool but......

Ogami Itto
Completly remove GG and replece his screentime with:

a duel between ani and mace

some 4 on 1 jedi vs sith action in the arrest scene

the jedi putting up more of a fight at order 66

a mace and ani duel would have been class

Originally posted by PVS
-have real actors play the role of doctors at padme's birth scene. do we have to have CG fill every inch of every scene in every moment of the film? OOOOBAAAAA OOOOOOBAAAAAA wtf was that????

laughing exactly, that scene was supposed to be serious and i was sitting ther half annoyed by it and half laughing

also change a few bits of dialogue that were a bit cheesy, like:

obi wan:i will do what i must
anakin:yoou willl trrry

and the NOOOOOOO! bit, sung by vader, that was really stupid

^^ Thanks Elenora

1.) Cut Jar-Jar.

2.) Make Grevious actually stand somewhat of a chance against Obi.

3.) Redo that lame "Nooooooooooooooo!"

1. Better edit (including dialogue), example:

"'re breaking my heart!" (Period, cut to Anakin, look of confusion, partial light side shading?, back to evil eyes).

2. Jedi are powerful...POWERFUL. Clone Troopers are rehashed Jango Fett's, men with guns. Jedi eat men with guns for lunch, even at ten to one odds. Show the inside of the Jedi temple in more detail...more of a balanced battle with Anakin helping the Troopers a key factor. Have Troopers getting force thrown, sabered and just a$$ kicked from her to Dagobah, winning only threw unending numbers poring into the temple.

3. Give Grievous his menace back. He should not have been on the bridge telling Droids how to pilot. He should show up when least expected. I thought of him as a robotic hitman, he shows up...people die. Clone Wars may be EU but which Grievous was the better character? Having a Jedi killing robot with alien intelligence and lightsaber training creates TENSION George...someone could actually DIE if they fight him. That way no one knows what to expect when he makes an appearance.

4. Mace Windu thrown out a window? How lame is that? Fry him with lighning, then lance him with a lightsaber through the gut. Watch him slowly realize that Anakin is standing behind him, his blue blade emerging from Mace's abdomen. What have I done killed a Master boy...and it felt good you evil, selfish brat. (Cue the first slow Imperial March theme) Betrayal George, plot device sure, but again that will happen next kind of thing..

5. "Let her go Anakin..." Hey Obi, how about a little force push here...I'm choking, see? Look at my hands holding my neck...a little help please. Talk about slow on the uptake. Obi sees Anakin killing Jedi and knows he's killed children (Younglings...ugh!). Naturally, he feels he can still be reasoned with.
I could go on, know already

sad sad sad sad

-palpatine dicking w/ anakins mind should've happened more extensively in AOTC, that way anakin's change wouldn't be feel so abrupt.
-not making obi-wan look like such a ****ing padawan in the fight w/ dooku.
-included qui-gon.
-let anakin get beat in a better way than that damn-fool flip in the air.
-have the 3 jedi w/ mace put up a better fight against palpy.

1) although cool, during the arrest scene, the 2 jedi who got owned should have put up a fight. and make palps seem uber strong (like a force choke on 1 of the jedi while fighting the other 3)

2) get rid of the NOOOOOOOO!!!

3) make GG seem a little more cool

4) make it obvious that palps was toying with Windu in the arrest scene

5) extend the movie so we can see more Jedi fighting during order 66 (ie. anakin saber duels with random jedi etc.)

on and on...

but whatever, the movie is at it is...we cant change that so just accept it..

chilled monkey
1) Kill Jar Jar

2) Longer Yoda vs Sidious fight. Show more of Sidious getting his arse kicked and show how close Yoda came to beating him.

3) Give Grievous more screen time and power.

Talking about changing the movie... did any of you see the MagnoliaFan RE-edit- re interpretation of TPM and AotC? Sorry wrong thread?

Red Superfly
- Remove GG
- More mech Vader
- Change "Nooooo!" to "Argh!" or something.
- Vader kills Mace

Originally posted by ickeris2003
^^ Thanks Elenora

It's Eleonora wink
So, based on the evidence, I'd say we have a new "Jar Jar case" with GG. stick out tongue

BTW R2 what's wrong with the "You will try" line? I thought it was fantastic, it makes you understand he feels unbeatable wink

it wasnt what the line was implying, i get that, it was more to do with the line itself, it just sounded cheesy im not sure if it was bad acting or bad dialogue, mayb if he sed "id like to see you try" or "lets see you try" or somthing

Ast Rofan
-better reaction from OW after seeing hologram

-more duel dialogue(and more duel actually, they filmed plenty)

-more seduction(the book did this very well)

-increase Portman's pay, maybe that will get her going

-more temple raid(stalking Shaak Ti)

-change the "NOOOOO" to a straight scream

-(I will think of more later)

grey fox
1 Natilie cportman needs serious acting lessons

2 General grievous , needs more bad-ass as someone said earlier set him on shakk ti

3 make it clearer in the mace windu/palpatien fight

4 Go with the original vader scene , where there are real people with the droids healing Darth vader and upon realising that he killed padme (even though he didn't) lets out a force scream that destroys everything in the room droids,people and even flings palaptine into a wall

Lord Tyrant
Let Peter Jackson be in lead of the Art Team.

Put some footage back in the Duel.

- The Senate rebellion forms...after Padme says.."So this is how democracy dies..." have her turn to Bail and say "We have work to do.." or something that sets up a meeting of the Senate Rebels.

- "..I have the high ground..."
- " underestimate my power...", then Anakin force pushes Obi-Wan further up the hill, or performs a lightsaber throw, forcing Obi-Wan back as Anakin leaps up the hill..light saber returns to his hand and the battle continues until Obi does something spectacular or Anakin becomes distracted feeling Padme's life slip away...

- OOOoooobaaa OOOObaaa wtf is this, Polis Massa lamaz breathing?

- What did the Wookies actually do in their battle? Did they win? Did they lose? Was the battle over once Anakin/Vader had the droid army shut down? Did the clones turn against the Wookies in their search for Yoda? What...what....whaaaattttt!?!

General Zodiac
1.) Cut Jar-Jar.

2.) Make Grevious actually stand somewhat of a chance against Obi.

3.) Redo that lame "Nooooooooooooooo!"

Where was Jar-Jar? He said what 1 line and you saw him twice? The other 2 I agree with and give Anakin a better scene in the Jedi Temple.

Ast Rofan
Originally posted by Lord Tyrant
Let Peter Jackson be in lead of the Art Team.

Put some footage back in the Duel.

Oh my god....

I forgot about the almighty, do no wrong, uber being that is Peter Jackson. stick out tongue

General Zodiac

1) I always thought a scene involving Yoda and Anakin after he goes to the Dark Side would have been cool.
2) I wanted to see more of the temple massacre.
3) OOOObaaa should definitely go.

-They should have included the scene of Anakin laying waste to the Jedi archives...

-Include the entire speech made by Palpatine to the Senate...

-Have Anakin/Windu duel with the Chancellor watching (when Anakin goes to chop of his hand, have him quickly ignite his lightsaber and duel Anakin) After a few minutes of dueling, Anakin then cuts off Windu's hand and Palpatine fries him to death with lightning then force pushes him out the window.

-Somehow Palpatine should present Anakin/Vader with his Sith Lightsaber

-Include the scene from to novelization where Bail Organa speaks to Yoda and Obi-Wan about his dedication to the Jedi and how he would secretly work in the Senate against Palpatine.

Will-one Kenobi
I dont agree that they should get rid of Grievous just give him a worthy fight scene and show him kill some Jedi in the clone wars ( Possibly a Prolouge before the movie with scenes of battle ) And in the showdown on Mustafar scene Vader should have said "my old friend" or "I would like to see you try my MASTER" (emphasis on Master)

More Later

Red Superfly
I don't think the problem lies within Episode III alone though. Any suggestions that I would make for Episode III would have a knock on effect through the previous two.

Like I'd start the saga with the Clone War and have the same actopr as Anakin all the way through. Forget about Jedi being trained at a young age, and instead have them trained at an older age like Luke to tie it in with the OT. That way you could have a cliffhanger with EPisode II where ANakin turns, and is presumed dead. He crops up in Episode III as mech Vader and fights Mace Windu and lays waste to loads of Jedi. He'd have mystery to him for the new generation and then he kills Padme out of sheer cold blooded murder, indicating he is lost completely. There's no need for Grievous (who I am still convinced was made up for the hell of it).

I'd also have Yoda and Sidious fight, but without the lightsabers. The fight was good in III, but in the end it came down to force powers, the lightsabers were redundant in this fight, and not only does Yoda look dumb wielding one, with force powers-only it would put Sidious and Yoda on a new level, like a battle of the titans. I'd also have Sidious as the only lightning-user to indicate his power above the others. Yoda would have been more impressive if he didn't need a saber, which is the way the OT portrayed him. He was a grand master from the old kung-fu movies, who would never need a weapon to win a fight. It would have been ten times better without the sabers, and something refreshing to see.

This would allow the gap between 3 and 4 to have less of a jarring effect and bring the saga into a continuum of six movies, as opposed to two very different trilogies, which is what has happened.

Still whats done is done. I personally think 1 & 2 were a waste of time and that it should have followed a stricter timeline like the originals, which would have made the impact of III and the lead-in to IV more satisfying. I could go into more detail but cannot be botherred.

Tulak Hord
What's this "OOObaa" thing everyone talks about?

Darth Somebody
1. Give Christopher Lee more screen time. Make it as where Anakin's final test to become Dark Lord is to duel Dooku at the climax of the movie, to see which one is superior. Have him best and kill Dooku, then go wipe out the Confederacy leadership on Mustafar, where he is intercepted by Obi-Wan - where they engage in their climactic duel.

2. Have the Yoda and Palpatine fight be like a Clash of the Titans. They are both obviously the two most powerful beings in the entire movie, so make it look like it. When Palpatine is throwing the pods is the best part of the entire duel. It makes him look powerful. Yoda and Palpatine ought to tear up the entire building.

3. I have a hard time believing that Obi-Wan is so much better than everyone to the point where he can battle General Grievous. Mace Windu battled Grievious when he invaded Coruscant - and he was hard pressed to defeat the cyborg. Obi-Wan's main difficulty when fighting Grievious was CATCHING him - not fighting him. Grievous needs to kick Obi-Wan's pale ass around before dying.

4. Have the four-man Jedi Entourage move to encroach upon Sidious instead of him flipping over the desk. It would make it more believable. If they move closer, Palpatine ignites his blade, swings in a 360 degree patern, and beheads two. Kit Fisto and Mace ought to then spar with him like they did. Then Palpatine should Force push Kit across the room or blast his ass with lightning.

5. The Mace vs Palpatine duel needs to be clearer on whether or not if Sidious was toying with Mace or not. And it should be fairly even. All I saw was Palpatine suddenly losing when Anakin got closer.

Captain REX
Originally posted by Captain REX
This is one of those threads where you complain and whine about how you didn't like something. Well guess what? It'll get you nowhere in life, and will achieve nothing. big grin

stick out tongue

The only thing I would change is that Agen Kolar and Saesee Tiin would not be so quick to die...and maybe it'd be Plo Koon instead of Tiin, because Tiin was always the crazy pilot Jedi in the EU. *shrug*

david flood
yeah you know plo is the sex

Well many say that the "Noooooooooo" bit was lame. I agree but perhaps for a different reason. I think the actual utterance of "Noooooooooooo" wasn't so bad, what WAS bad was the way Vader leans back and moves his body and flails his arms as he is saying it..... I think if he just had a better pysical movement, it wouldn't have seemed so bad. Just like when he breaks free of the table, his movements are like a cheezy Frankenstein. If he had just stepped forward with more force and grace, it would have made the scene so much better, even with the "Noooooooooo" in there. The movements dissapointed me, not the dialouge.

Captain REX
Well, you have to remember, it's his first time using the new legs and moving in the suit.

Maybe if he had fallen to his knees and slumped over, rather than leant back...

Wow, this is a good thread. Episode 3 had a lot of problems and I agree with a lot of your points

1) More Dooku!-Anakin should have turned to the Dark Side when he killed Dooku. This would have been a great link to Return of the Jedi where is Luke killed Vader, he would then turn.

2) Get rid of C-3PO-make him a character that only shows up in the end of Episode 3. Also since when does C-3PO fly a ship?

3) Get rid of General Grevious - what a waste of character and time for ILM to produce. They should have given GG's screen time to Dooku

4) Where the hell was Mon Mothma and the founding leaders of the Rebel Alliance??????

5) Rewrite the whole Darth Vader part - The "NOOOOOOOOOOO"! part made Vader a wuss - that guy is suppose to be baddest mother in the galaxy and give him more screen time. Vader is the best character in the whole series. To be honest Anakin should have been a Micheal Corelone type character in the Prequels. Have him start as a teenage boy in Episode one not wanting to be involved with the Jedi cause and at the end join them. Episode 2 him being the top Jedi during the clone wars and finally Episode 3 his downfall.

6) Did Natalie Portman even try to act in this movie? She was terrible!

7) Better ending - Make it have Owen get the baby from Obi Wan and then tell him to get off his property. Didn't Uncle Owen want Luke to stay away from Obi Wan? How did Owen get so pissed off at Obi Wan

That is how I see it. To be honest I think Lucas failed the fans with the Prequels and Rick McCallium knows nothing about Star Wars.

Sith Solo
Totally agree with you man, Portman is hot no matter what!

They need a part where clone troopers line up and kill whiny fans.

I mean seriously people. this thread started out good, butsome of you guys are complaining over inane things. you know who you are.

All I really want is the Dooku and Grevious we saw in clone wars. Hard asskickers instead of the big letdowns. I mean, Grevious was admittedly explained with his scrunched up organs, but there was really no excuse for Dooku suddenly feeling his age or whatever. Clone wars was ment to be this big build up for episode III, and sadly ended up making hte movie a letdown because it couldn't live up to the animated action preceeding it.

And for the record, you have to keep the no. Somebody screaming no is a staple of star wars movies.

I've learned to accept Vaders first step scene. After drinking a bottle of Aftershock last weekend I know how hard it is to walk when you can't feel your legs. However, the "Master Anakin, what should we do?" youngling should have been swiped down before getting the chance to deliver the most poorly acted line in the entire 6 movies.

Captain REX
Yes, Vader's first step scene was fine. If anything, he should have fallen to his knees, not strode off and instantly become the bad-ass he is the OT.

At that point, he is still in the Anakin mentality. Stop whining, it's fine.

I really wouldn't change a thing. It's a fantastic movie, emotionally powerful as-is. On the DVD, they will change a few things I'm sure, they always do, GL is never finished with a movie.

Only two things I'd add, but they're not necessary.

1. Add Threepio saving Padme from the falling volcanic rock on the Mustafar landing platform. He told Obi-Wan he brought her on board, and I would have liked Threepio to have a heroic moment in the Saga.

2. Add Yoda, Obi-Wan and Baby Luke going to Dagobah. Have Obi-Wan & Luke step out and say goodbye to Yoda in the swamp, then blast off. That way it will answer the question of why Luke says "There's something familiar about this place" in TESB.

All those other complaints about it? Naaah.

1. Keep the "Nooooo." This was Vader really became Vader. He's got nothing to live for now. Palpatine was probably smiling under his cloak because he was assured Vader was now his. Besides, the "Noooo" was another bookend to Luke's similar "Noooo." It was heartbreaking hearing Vader's voice talk about Padme. Hearing JEJ's Vader voice talk about Padme was absolutely chilling. Definitely keep the "Nooo." It was the last time we heard Anakin speak until Luke removed his helmet in ROTJ.

2. The "Frankenstein walk" was intentional, and also probably very accurate. I'm glad it was there. Star Wars has homages to all kinds of movies, nothing wrong with a Frankenstein tip of the hat.

3. Natalie Portman acting was wonderful. With the usually bad SW dialogue, she made it great. Her scene with Anakin on Mustafar was heartbreaking. Padme didn't have a lot of fighting in this movie, could you imagine the outrage from groups if they showed a pregnant woman in battle?

Captain REX
Originally posted by chinabing
I really wouldn't change a thing.

You get the REX Award for Not Being a Whiney Noob. big grin

I'm positive we'll see Yoda on Dagobah in the deleted scenes of the DVD.

And Luke's familiarity with Dagobah can be explained as him having a premonition/dream about the planet, hence it being familiar. yes

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