Megaman X vs Overtkill vs Iron Man

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Overtkill is from Spawn...just if you didnt know...

Ok, the battle of the Robots! Megaman X has his buster and Zero's Saber. Overtkill has some weapons in his arm, there is some rockets, machine gun, and i think thats it. Iron Man's Mark VI Battle Suit.

Infinite ammo. Who is better Robot?

Just his Megabuster? Which level is the Buster at? Hadoken-esque blast or the pink plasma wave blast? And he doesn't get any of the powerups he's obtained from destroying previous Wiley/Sigma/etc. bots? That doesn't seem fair considering Ironman's versatility (but that's mainly based on which level his Megabuster is at).

Ok, Megaman in gold armor, you know, the one with all the upgrades. Is that more fair to you?

EvilCap America
Overkill huh?I think i remember from the first few issues of spawn back when the gimmick was fresh.IIRC he got picked apart pretty good by Spawn after a bit even shot down with heavy ordinance.I dont see that Happening to Iron Man OR Megaman let alone MMX

For the two of them its kinda hard to judge.MMXs games dont give you all the examples that a comic anime/manga or even an RPG usually gives you to judge his strengths.Best i could assume is that MMX can at least put up a fight against Ironman seeing as how he routinely takes on entire robot armies himself and his FP form with all the armor is supposed to be the most advanced stuff in the MMXU

For a winner uuhh....errrr.......::Throws a Smoke Bomb and runs::

Ok, lets say, that all of their armor is a high grade titanium. So that they are pretty much equal in the armor division. If there is no complaints...

Iron Man is the only guy in a suit, the others are cyborgs, huh? Meh...not a total robot battle but whateva!

I belive Megaman's Buster shot is Plasma, and it would rip through titanium pretty well. So some Props to Megaman. Overtkill can launch Everythig he has got and take everyone out im sure, or am I?

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.