It's over Anakin

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What did Obi Wan mean when he said "It's over Anakin", when he had reached the high ground? Was he going to let Anakin just escape or did he expect him to surrender?

Ken Kenobi
He expected him to surrender, at least that's what it looked like to me. He wanted Anakin to admit defeat.

He thought He was going to die.
I think?

He wanted Anakin to give up...and not get killed.

but I think he knew that Anakin would not listen to him anyways

Darth Kip
what they said

Anakin basically had no chance after that, so it was either surrender, or defeat. Anakin chose defeat.

Darth Travizzle
He thought Anakin would lose his balance and fall in the lava.

Valar Melkor
Yeah defeat or surrender. He hoped he would surrended and have an opportunity to resurrect the Jedi Order and defeat the Sith. Remember, the only one with the power to destroy the SIth is Anakin. No Jedi (including Yoda) has the pwoer to destroy the Sith. Which leads onto the only one powerful enough to defeat Sidious is Anakin (or even Luke). But yes, Anakin chose defeat ( he was too arrogant and blinded by the Sith). Hence he lost his limbs

he had the higher ground ,that means he had an advantage over anakin.try fighting someone on a hill when they are higher on the hill than you are ,they will win .......... ob1 and yoda tryed to destroy the sith themselves because they thought the profecy of anakin was a mistake ............

he was foolishly hoping that anakin would come to his senses.
i think even after the "then you are lost" line he still hoped to save
his friend. a fools hope, but i think he was really expecting anakin
to just say "ok f*** it, lets go home"

when Obi says its over Anakin he means that anakin's jedi life is finish. he had done too much evil and cant be turn back to the lightside. but when anakin sees his son suffering at the hands of palpatine he turns back to the light side.

Darkside Robin
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Ken has never had a real response to anything, when I was here...

Darkside Robin
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jango fat
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Ken Kenobi
Originally posted by Darkside Robin
To note:

Ken has never had a real response to anything, when I was here...

You've also never read every thread. roll eyes (sarcastic)

My response to this thread, it helped answer the question...

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Captain REX

Ken Kenobi
Originally posted by Captain REX

Maybe...shifty...if you mean Owned. stick out tongue

Captain REX

General Zodiac
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Captain REX
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Ken Kenobi
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What do you think would of happened if Anakin did say its Over and just quit? What would Obi do? Help him up the bank? tell Anakin to throw him his sabre? Arrest him?!?

Its interesting to see what would really happen, personlly i think he would goto Rehab for afew years.

wtf? rehab?
" name is anakin skywalker...i went to the darkside."
"it's not all it's cracked up to be, believe me."
"shit, i force choked my wife, wiped out the jedi order, including those pesky lil' younglings...-breaks down and sobs-I NEED HELP! -sob-I'M OUTTA CONTROL!" -sob-

Next Venom_girl
"Hello Anakin."
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Darth Weirdo
Why didn't Obi save him when he fell in?

Captain REX
ANAKIN: Hello, my name is Darth, you see? I'm hopeless! It's all over! I might as well go kill myself now to save you all the trouble... *sobs miserably* I killed *crazed look* Younglings!

Obi-Wan didn't want to save him, but he didn't want to murder him. He let Anakin do it himself. Hell, most of Anakin's de-limb-ment was his own doing, the way he was jumping.

I would have to say that Obi-Wan would take Anakin's lightsaber and arrest him, yeah.

Darth Halo
I think it's a bunch of bullshit when they he has the higher ground he would definitely win. Remember TPM when Darth Maul was standing above him and he was in the pit. right when Obi jumped up he could have cut him down because he did not have a saber in his hand at all. But since anakin is such a jackass he got chopped. Well if Anakin did not jump directly at Obi and more to the side he would have had an equal chance. and the fight would have went on

I think Obi was speaking both literally and figuratively when he said this line.. not only was Obi literally on higher ground than Ani, they had trained & fought together for 15 years.. Obi taught Ani and knew what his fighting strategy AND his weaknesses were (Nic G has said from the jump that Ani is vulnerable on a slope, which is where Obi was standing).. he knew that if Anakin did try the jump he could and would have to take him out but was trying to warn Anakin to back down ny saying this line IMO

General Zodiac
I think its based on old wars were you always want the high ground.

i think he meant that anakin could not beat him from that postion, i think he was just trying to end the battle it was pretty ferce 30 seconds before anakin said this is the end for you my master

To me it was Obi-Wan outsmarting Anakin by preying on his overconfidence. It's like Obi-Wan said, "Hahahaha... I can do it but you can't..." because he knew Anakin would try it anyway. He even says that... "Don't try it!" because he knows Anakin will disobey him and he wants Anakin to jump.

Anakin takes the bait... jumps like a bafoon and gets completely disfigured!

jango fat

^edited post above again

And coincidentally, Obi-Wan did the same thing to Maul... relied on his strategic thinking and preyed on the opposing sith's overconfidence. wink

He didn't want Anakin to jump, he's trying to get him to back down. Anakin was inexperianced (compared to Obiwan) and arrogant, if he did a bigger jump to the side or way over obiwan the fighting would of continued, but he wanted to go in for the kill and that was his downfall.

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