Iron Man (Piedmon) v. Storm (xmarksthespot)

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OOC: In this thread, we each get one character and battle it out through a combined fictional effort. Here are the rules....

-15 posts to KO/Kill: You cannot immediately defeat your opponent. You and he must write a combined total of 15 posts before the winner can be declared. The winner is the poster who has managed to weaken or damage his opponent most heavily. It often happens that neither opponent is seriously weakened once the limit is reached, and in that case the spar simply goes on until one is suffeciently damaged.

The way to inflict damage is through the quality of your writing. For example:

"Crouched low, Goku's spikes of black hair rippled, the cloth of his clothes flapping. Power rolled off the Saiyan's body in invisible waves, as a flash of blue light emerged within his hands, cupped beside his right hip. An audible hum weighing on the air, the light grew into a scintillating azure sphere the size of a basketball, swirling between Goku's palms.

As the hum reached a fever pitch, becoming a keening whine, Goku let forth a cry of "KAMEHAMEHA!" Stretching his arms forward, hands joined at the butt of the palms, light washed over his face as a thick lance of energy, tipped with a fat barb of blue light, shot out with a deafening VZMMMM!!!"

This will do far more damage then,

*Goku fires a KAMEHAMEHA and puts all his energy into it!*

-Modding is allowed to a small extent. This means you may control your opponent to a limited degree in your post, as you direct the narrative of the fight. You may make him launch minor attacks (but he can only make serious attacks of his own accord), you can have him dodge or deflect blows: but you MUST keep him in character and stay respectful of his abilities.

-The battlefield is a small, kidney-shaped island occupying a lonely part of the Pacific ocean. About two miles from one end to the other, the island is covered a thick cluster of palm trees for most of its area, except for one edge which is occupied by a small mountain of rock.


It was a bright morning, a molten sun seated high in a clear sky of robin's egg blue. Despite the pristine conditions, the air was cool and carried the tinge of sea brine.

From his perch on the mountaintop, Tony Stark had a bird's eye view of his surroundings. Below him stretched the island, a great mass of vibrant green treetops bordered by a sloping beach of deep gold. Beyond that stretched the sea in all directions--a deeper blue then the light sky, which faded to white on the horizon line. Foaming crests rose and crashed in cacophonous infinity, the sea's shifting surface steady in its chaos.

He stood near the small mountain's rounded-off summit, atop a stubby cliff that jutted out of the mountain's side. At the edge of the cliff was a convenient, shapeless boulder about fourteen inches tall. A red metal boot rested atop it, Iron Man reposing on the rocky crest with a leg up. His expressionless gold mask traveled left to right, steadily surveying the landscape through red slits over Stark's eyes.

His adversary, the wheather Godess Storm, was nowhere to be seen. But she couldn't escape his scanners long, and Tony Stark knew that very soon the bright calm of this Pacific morning would be shattered....

Ororo sensed the changes in the ambient electrical energies caused by her armoured opponents sophisticated weaponry.

The sky began to darken, vapour forming clouds black as obsidian, echoing her mood, as she approached the man in the iron suit quickly but cautiously riding her winds.

The wind speed in the area begins to pick up and her eyes cloud over a milky white.

Storm rose through the swiftly darkening sky like a spector from the grave, her regal dress and flowing white tresses flaring in a wind of her own making. From his perch, Stark watched her rise, his mask impassive.

"Done hiding?" The voice of Iron Man was magnified through an electronic filter, giving it a steely ring. With a sudden roar, twin gouts of flame exploded from under his boots. The fire hissed as Iron Man shot upwards, the black rock under his feet crumbling as splinters tore it apart. In dispirate misshappen lumps, the cliff's forward part dropped away and crashed against the mountainside as it fell, drawing up plumes of black dust.

Storm's milky white eyes followed Iron Man as he rose straight up, orange jets of fire erupting from below his boots and leaving a trail of pulpy white smoke. Iron Man stopped to a sudden hover just above the height of Ororo's head. Immediately, he extended both arms straight forward, joining his red-armored hands at the thumbs directly in front of his chest.

With a lilting keene, a halo of fiery light surrounded Iron Man's fists. It brightened into a spot of flashing light, reducing Iron Man's forearms to dark sillouhettes behind the curtain of light. And with a thunderclap of a BOOM, Iron Man fired his repulsor rays at the "Goddess."

"Let's see how tough you really are!" Iron Man thundered.

A ray of light thick as a streetlamp's pole stretched through the pitifully few yards separating Iron Man and Storm in instants. The light caught in Storm's white eyes and shone off them with an orange tint. Storm had only an eyeblink to respond before the Repulsor Ray connected...


Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.