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Okay, i'm brand new to this forum, and I thought I might test what I can do with an RPG.

The basic story is set in the time before the fall of the inner colonies, which would be about 15 years after the first Covenant attack on a colony world, The fall of Harvest. This RPG is set in the outer world of Glyph, a farming planet slightly larger than Earth. About seven years ago, a spartan marked number 37 was put into a battle where he had a choice. He was sent in to get intelligence on Forerunner artifact on the world of Sinclair, and then destroy it while the other Spartan IIs distraced the covenant on the surface. While setting charges to destroy the artifact, a wounded covenant infant struggled into the room. Realizing its parents had been killed in the conflict, he watched the child while he finished. Then, picking it up to take with him, he encountered a marine waiting for him outside. When the man raised his gun to shoot the infant, Spartan 37 could not let it happen. Unable to talk sense to the soldeir, he knocked him over the head with his gun as the marine started to pull the trigger, putting him into a coma. The man's squad saw this happen, and after a quick conference with the other spartans, came down the hill to arrest number 37. The Spartan II ran, with the infant still strapped to his back. Making it to a small farm, he stole the occupants' personal space glider, just in time to escape the pursuing Spartans and Marines, his former allies, who were afraid that he would try to reveal secret locations to the Covenant. As soon as he hit the outer atmoshphere, he jumped randomly into slipspace, ending up in orbit of Glyph, which is still unknown to the covenant. He now resides on the planet, and with him the covenant elite he risked his life for, which is now a friendly allie of the planet and its occupants. Naming himself Trey and the Elite Tenn after his former captain, he now resides in the town of Waterford, where he lead a normal life and never told the oblivious planet occupants about who he really was. A normal life, that was, until he heard the sonic booms of marine pelicans breaking the air, that followed by others, those of Phantoms. Within seconds he heard the distant sound of small arms fire. Bringing Tenn in from the fields, he dropped him down into the cellar and told him to wait there, then, as he had dreaded doing for seven years, opened the safe under his bed and took the first peice of his Moljnir armor out. In five minutes he was well suited up, and had his Pistol and Rifle ready in his hands as the sound of plasma and projectile shots drew closer... The seige of Glyph had begun.

OOC: Whew. That was a long segment. You can basically play as any military classification you can think of, as well as a citizen of Glyph or civillian that came with the marines or covenant. Yes, its fine if you play as covenant, friend or foe, and in fact, im looking for a person to play Tenn. just dont do anything over-the-top, and please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NO KUNG FU! I'll play as Trey, and I hope this can be fun.


General Zodiac
What's the rules?

I would love to be a great covenant leader.. but get permission first.

Yea... This is a very interesting halo rpg.. If this one gets permission, Maybe we can tie the other halo rpg into this one, since there are very few people in the other halo rpg. And is Trey a covenant???? Lol, sorry but I read through that paragraph very quickly

Can I be any Covenant character? For example grunt or elite and stuff like that.. not like i wished to be a grunt.. but just asked.

Hey Unforgiven, It would make the other Halo RPG alot more intersting if you joined in as a covenant. You can rp there untill this one gets permission. PM if you want details or want me to fill you in on the plot or anything.

Okey.. I have PM'ed you now.

Awesome, i'd love to play as a Hunter, Count me in when permission is granted!

if this gets permission im in! ^.^

I'm in if you get permission.

Very well, you may proceed.

Great. Thanks Ush.. I will now send my char.

Name: Asst 'Vadasee.
Age: 40
Alignement: Covenant forces
Armor: The Highly Ornate Elite Gold armor
Class: Elite Imperial Guard trained and combat General
Equipment: Plasma Sword, Cloaking device and Plasma Rifle.
Background: He has high life experience and know alot about the humans, their way of combat, and also know about the spartan and the way they fight. He has once been an spy for the covenants, and after some years he got promoted to combat General. He did well even as a general and he recieved the same training as an Elite Imperial guard. He now leeds an part of the forces in the siege of Glyph.

Name: Marcus Tanken
Alignement: None
Armor: None
Class: Civilian
Equipment: Pistol
Background: Born and raised on Glyph. Met the "new-comer" and becam good friends. He knows nothing of the elite brought with the "new-comer"

When will this start?

Can i play as a spartan? if so...

Name: Master Gunny.
Alignment: Marines
Armor: Regular Spartan Armor. Brown paint job with Seargent stripes on shoulder plates.
Equipment: Battle rifle, magnum, SMG, and frag grenades.
Class: Spartan super soldier
Background: Gunny is another well known Spartan due to how he bonds with his fellow Marines. He never leaves a man behind, no matter what. Unlike Master Chief, Gunny worries about his men before his job. Was at the same battle on earth as Master Chief. just missed contact with him though, following his trail and assiting any marines left behind by the Master Chief. After seeing Marines killed after being abandoned, he devolped a grudge against Master Chief. Now is being sent with an outfit of Marines to Glyph to stop the Covenant in any way they can.

^ Spartans arent marines. They're navy =P Infact most marines hate the spartans because they feel the spartans replaced them. You're character is like a rogue. lol

ok, well this is a special case. the marines wanted a spartan of their own, so there you go. come on, can i play as this guy? cry

sorry.. you cant be a regular marine and use a spartan armor. a spartan armor has a weight of 1.5 ton... wait.. oh.. you was a spartan.. sorry.. read wrong.. embarrasment

can you make an exception? pleeeassse

I am not in charge. But to me, an spartan is okey aslong as it aint gonna be any godding and so on... I am an Elite General with Imperial guard training and will stick with that yes big grin

ok i'll wait for sacred hill's approval

Name:Roran Denassi
allignment:Covenant warriors
armor:Thick white and black painted armor
class: Sgt. major elite
equipment:energy sword,sniper rifle,sticky grenades
background: a highly professional elite who is respected by his men and his superiors, he has been trained in many forms of combat his specialty is stealth and hand to hand over all

so when are we starting anytime soon?

jeez, who knows

seriously is the dude who made this thread still among the living

probably now. what a shame.

well this thread is dead

Halo RPG

died from lack of story

Originally posted by GGgrievous725
Halo RPG

died from lack of story wtf dude..you can't just end it because of lack of story..

it was a joke dumbass i just wrote that because this thing is dead know one is using it so dont open your mouth again or ill rip it off mofo

.... START SOMETIME *gets something in my eye*

lol lets improvise
i am my black spartan 101 covenant designd mark VII armore

huh? stick out tongue

And im the last known remaing survivor of the SPARTAN III program.

ooc : silent wolf r we gona carry the relation ship between charicters across? like were not friends but we aint enemys?

There is already a role-play in this forum with the exact same name. Since this will get closed, I suggest you join that one.

Halo RPG

this wont get closed. If you read at the first page, ush gave permission.

well if this is ever gonna get started up again im gonna change my character to Drekken

Name: Plo
Age: 40
Sex: Male
Species: Elite
Skin: White
Eyes: Red
Rank: Imperial warrior leader.
Armor: The Highly Ornate Gold armor, equipped with Active Camouflage
Weapons: Energy Staff (in rare situations), dual energy swords (prefere one to have a hand avalible for other things.
Other information: 8' 8" Tall. Have a strong agressive voice and he have his entire life trained in the imperial army. He is now compleeted. He used to guard regret, but has been sent to forfill the journey. He totaly rely on his brute strenght and his odd tactics on the field. His armor grants him greatly improved plasma shield, but have reducec durability when the shield is gone. On his back he have the symbol of the great elites.


Namebig grinrekken
Armormessedilver with active camo
weapons:Energy sword,covenant carbine
height"8' 8
history:he was made an imperial early his and his squad defeated a powerful alien's Ship so he was sent to guard Truth. his strength is incredible and he is a genius when it comes to fighting

I guess my elite with his ornate armour has a weight of..

(with armor) 320 lbs
(without armor) 240 lbs..

well do our chars have the same relation ship as the other halo rpg?

how do i play the game?

this thread is inactive.. sadly, but true yes

when will it start sad

I think everyone in this thread should join the other halo rpg.. its about to start soon!!!

it starts right now "spartan 101 reporting for dutie " he stood in front of the elite named tekka/or plo (cant remember)

((Its one page back if you have the time to check later.. ))

Plo watched him. "Whats the situation then?" he said with a quite rough voice.

lol ahh this is hard! Where the setting gonna be? That random planet?

ok im in.i read the forum
Armor:Marine suit
Equipment:Battle rifle,pistol,flashlight,4 grenades and a note he keeps for comfort from his dead wife.(killed on a colony)
Discription:A sargeant who has bad driving skills but is a excellent gunner and fighter.He hates the covenant as they had killed his family on a colony near harvest.He likes to use his battle rifle at a longer range and use his pistol to kill any covenant that comes close to him.Isnt very friendly...

The Cajun725
((wow after all this time it started lol))

((the host is not online much, so we start without him.. but i dont know how it look like :s))

The Cajun725
yeah no kidding he hasnt been online since like the second day or maybe first he was on

If your still doing this..i guess ill send in my charcter data...this sounds pretty awesome!

Namebig grinotair
Alignment:Rebel Freelancer
Armor: Special Ops Red w/Camo abillity
Equipment:Two Energy Swords,Plasma Sniper, and hacking equipment
Classmessedergeant Major Hacker
Backgroundbig grinotair was a rebellious elite by birth. He was captured once, helping humans defend their planet Harvest. He was taken onto the home planet of the grunts, and marked with the Mark of Shame. He now is a freelancer, but still has a record as a Sergeant Major, with the astounding abillity to hack into any computer in under 15 seconds.

No one has been in this since 2005

dragon leader
i want to join my cariter stats are

armor:armor looks kinda like spartan but in a dragon shape in the color black.

backround:little is known about him he helped bouth covennet and human but remains un alinenced has a bad temper and a the power of a dragon.

dragon leader
some1 any1 anser
my reply

hey i wanna be in it too

Mando' Ade
please do not ressurect dead threads. advice. if you find a thread you want to be in, make sure the last post wasnt from a year ago.

the elite elite
weapon:gravity dagger and energy dagger
armor:crystal and diamond gilded armour with solid gold plating nd active camo x10000 and overshield x 999999
rank:imperial assasin
description:the best of all assasins i can take out anyone there is.

Reported for necromancy. Had it been possible, I'd also have reported you for being pathetic hmm

I reported him for it.

There is nothing to ridiculous, dear.

if it get aproved i am so in

It is dead since long.

Mando' Ade
oh god! 2 noobs in 2 days! it's the apocalypse! 110100100010101011100100101001001010!

name: Karron
gender: male
armor: black with active camo built in
equipment: plasma rifle, energy sword (x2), beam rifle.
class: elite warrior
background: not much is known about karron the only thing we know is that he is arbiter`s brother.

Mando' Ade
it's thew attack of the noobs. lol, stop ressurecting dead threads. thats it, i'm contacting ush about this.

Dead thread, closed.

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