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Creating a more advanced sig, needs patience and some other stuff i dont wanna list, so lets get started! We're gonna do this from scratch
-Photoshop 7.0/CS

-Warning! !Results Varies!
Credits go to Ichigo of LD, lol. Please join if you like this tut, help us live...

We start off by creating the background


-Create a 500x500 or any sized canvas that has the same dimensions as your sig
for example, your sig is 300x100 or the canvas for background would be 300x300, or the default for this tutorial, 500x500.
(Start the canvas off as black)

-Use a 10px airbrush and draw an X across the canvas.Doesnt need to be straight.

-Duplicate the X layer and rotate it so that it forms a star shape.

-Now you go to filter&gt;blur&gt;radial blur and use these settings
Amount : 77
blur method : Zoom
Quality : Best

-Press ctrl+F three times to make it blurrer.

-Merge everything together

-Go to filter&gt;distort wave and use these settings.
Type : Triangle
Number of generators : 38
Wavelength : Min 262 | Max 397
Amplitude : min 6 | max 6
Scale : 100% each
You should have smth that looks like a spider..i think..i hope~!
Set it to Pin Light.

-Duplicate that layer and flip it horizontal.
-Duplicate again and flip vertical
-Again you duplicate and flip horitzontal.

-merge EVERYTHING together (ctrl+shift+E)
-Duplicate and flip horizontal than vertical
-set it to exclusion
-Merge again and go to filter&gt;distort&gt;wave . Use these settings
Type : Sine
Generators : 1
Wave Lenghth : Min 160 | Max 724
Amplitude : Min 234 | Max 234
Scale : 100% each
Set to lighten.Duplicate and flip horizontal than vertical. Merge All.Duplicate AGAIN

-Use wave with these settings
Type : Sine
Generators : 1
wavelength : 169 | 640
Amplitude : 113 | 421
Scale : 30% | 32%
Flip horizontal and set it to linear light.Merge All

Now we go on to working on the sig, since we're done with the background.


-Start off with a 320x120 size canvas, or any size you like that goes according to the size of the background.

-Using the move tool(v) move the background onto the sig canvas.Shift around until you get your desired position.If you have a white layer below your background, unlock it by double clicking and fill it with any colour you desire, we'll go with blue for this.(#4071FF).Once you filled it with your colour, set your background layer to Linear Light.
-Duplicate the background and give it a 100 amount radial blur, Zoom.
-Duplicate the blue background and place it under the Radial Blurred layer.Set the zoomed layer to hard light.
-Merge the zoom layer with the blue layer below it.Go to blue&gt;gaussian blur and give it a 1.8 blur.
-Set it to lighten.

-Create a new layer and fill it with this pattern
(4x4px canvas)

-Set the pattern layer to Soft Light.
-Press Ctrl+A to select the whole canvas, create a new layer and go to edit&gt;stroke, give a 1px black stroke.Now right click on it and go to blending options and use this settings.
Size : 1
Position : Outside
Blend Mode : Normal
Opacity : 100
Colour : #5687FF

Now you can pick out any render you like, i'm gonna use this one (Thanks to lord adonis)

Get rid of the white parts, but we're just gonna use the face.

-Now, move the picture onto your sig
-Ctrl click the image and create a new layer, having the picture selected, fill the new layer with #5687FF.Set your picture to luminosity.merge the picture with the blue.
Be sure to have the picture behind the border!

Give it a outer glow with the default settings except change size to 5

Now you can insert your name into the sig. Here's what i got.Play around with the effects on fonts and pictures to improve it if you know how.

If your results is different from mine, dont worry, because like i said above, ALL results varies as filters are pretty random.
Have Fun!

PM me if u got anything to say about this. or jus simply reply/

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NOT the PLACE for this...maybe the computer help forum is a better place for this ?

Though is a great idea, we have a signature forum where new comers can go and read this thread



Instead of going through all that. You could always ask somebody else to make you a sig.

I dont need a sig. Thats just for newcomers.

Well i haev a sig but look at it itz horrible i just started making them so all i need is help

Originally posted by SkatinWitAsaber
Well i haev a sig but look at it itz horrible i just started making them so all i need is help
I like your sig, its cool.

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This thread would work better if there was an image to show what it's supposed to look like.

there is...

Ken Kenobi
Originally posted by JacopeX
there is...

The upload didn't work. erm I see nothing.

Originally posted by JacopeX
there is...
Note the rating.


I suck too.. this is the best i can do...

I found this one on another forum.. how do people make stuff like this?

Here's the directory of sigs i found

Well my Options in uploading an image for a my signature dosent work because when I click Upload, it stays saying please wait for awhile. Thats why I have this sucky sig... DAMN IT!!!

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.