Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection

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After Tekken 5 hit arcades and PS2s and its hype died down a bit, many players speculated as to what Namco would do as a follow up. Would the company jump ahead to a PlayStation 3 game? Would it make a tag team version? Would it do to Tekken 5 what Sega AM did for Virtua Fighter 4 and release a major upgrade with a cool-sounding name at the end like "evolution?"
As it turns out, Namco seems to have taken that last path. Word has leaked out on the next installment of the franchise, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, thanks to a small advertisement in the latest Famitsu magazine that shows the words "Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection" plastered on the cover of the issue of Arcadia being released at the end of this month.

A free upgrade of the arcade Tekken 5 was recently released, dubbed "Tekken 5 version 5.1," which included a few cosmetic changes to the character life bars and character select screen, and some changes in character moves to improve game balance. For instance, Steve's infinite was removed, and a few other strong moves were toned down.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection looks to include more than just a few changes like the ones above. There is a strong indication that not only will new items be added, but the stages will also be re-done. If the name hints at anything, it's very probable that there will be at least one new character in the game. (UPDATE: It now looks like there will be two new characters in the game.) Dark Resurrection? That certainly brings up images of Devil Kazuya or Ogre and True Ogre making a comeback. Be warned though -- other fans of the game are still waiting to see if the #1 underdog character in terms of popularity will make it back for this one: Kunimitsu.

Unlike Tekken 5.1, it does not seem this will be a free upgrade for owners of the existing coin-op machines. Word has it Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection is slated for release at the end of the year in arcades across Japan, and if the past has been any indication, the U.S. coin-op release should happen around the same time. No console port has been announced.


Dragunov is described as a human weapon (let's hope he's not a Bryan clone) with origins tracing back to the frozen tundra. Lili is a rich girl from Monaco Park with a very unique fighting style.

errmmmmm wow this is great news dragunov scares me and lets hope we will see more new characters smile hers hoping for a console relase and maybe this could be the time for tekken to branch on the other consoles smile

You think he's scary? My friend (she's a girl) has had nightmares about this guy along with an army of Devil Jins. I hear there's a rumor Tekken with make an appearance on XBOX or 360.

thats great and devil jin army ahhh that scares me and SBW( shapedbywords are you a dude or dudett

Dragunov looks interesting.. I'd like to play as him.. (as for the human weapon.. I'm thinking more a Jack type, than a bryan clone)

Originally posted by SaTsuJiN
Dragunov looks interesting.. I'd like to play as him.. (as for the human weapon.. I'm thinking more a Jack type, than a bryan clone)
I was thinking more mystical or magical.

im think that he was desigend to win the warbut was cast aside due to funding so he lay in a coffin for years until one day he was awoken by something like hei and was tricked into fighting in the KOIF until after winning it he realises that he was tricked and then you must figt hei as a final final battle upon defeating him you go back to the coffing ir somthing along those lines (to much free time can anyone tell)

Either way I think the story overall is getting better.

Dark Resurrection will feature twice as many stage than the original Tekken 5 release and a truck load more items for each character.

i loved the item thing one of the best things i have witnessed in a game but i never really bother with stages adn shaped by words are you male or female just wondering

Originally posted by ShapedByWords
I was thinking more mystical or magical. I'm just assuming by his Military-esque wardrobe.. I just hope he's not a grapple character.. I dont really care for those too much

Originally posted by SaTsuJiN
I'm just assuming by his Military-esque wardrobe.. I just hope he's not a grapple character.. I dont really care for those too much
I dont like grapple characters much none either.

Darkstorm Zero
That Dragunov character actually looks alot like Kazuya in the facial features...

I hope they bring back some characters like Devil Kaz and the Ogres. Kunnimitsu was alright. Maybe a Jun ressurection would be cool too

I dont think any of the people you mentioned will be returning at all. erm

Darkstorm Zero
Yeah, I expected as much, alot of the characters I mentioned are dead.

However, Devil kazuya should be avalable, he still exists (Cites Kazuya's into in the PS2 T5 as proof)

In story mode hes devil kaz during the storyboards

Darkstorm Zero
Exactly... he should be able to transform like Jin does...

I think they are TRYING to stay away from duplicate/similar characters.

As is to be expected, the first Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection footage from the JAMMA show floor in Japan has hit the web. Check out Lili and Dragunov in action, new stages, new moves and more...!



Batman Wins
Doa owns tekken...sorry just had to say it....Soul calibur owns it too....sorry again...

DOA is a button mashers dream, I guess that makes you one of them, huh?

yeah shaped right and did anyone reconis the stage with the head on it its where lei wulong was on the tekken 3 ending i think or somewere close to there

Yea it looks familiar to that area from lei's ending.

The stage in question is in T5 but you can only play it at night.

ohh i never noticed it cool ill check it out i hope there is a consoel port of this maybe a nex gen console version but what i want more is a nother tag and more info on unknown

I like that stage with the buddha statue.. its like the complete opposite of the Hell's Gate stage.. those videos didnt show much of Drago's fighting style.. mostly him getting pimp slapped by Lili

lol yup.

The official trailer has hit the web.


just scroll down and you should see the link to stream the video.


With the Amusement Machine show opening up right now in Japan, some lucky individuals have been able to play Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, and we've got a detailed report on some of the new features present in this next Tekken game.
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, as the title implies, is a 3D fighting game based on Tekken 5, but with much more meat and bones added to the mix. Tekken 5, with its IC card system, introduced a whole new element of fighting games to American arcade gamers. For the first time, players could change their characters' colors, make up their own ring names, and have their characters equip items like sawed off shotguns, feather caps, and gatling guns.


A factoid known to mostly hardcore fans of Tekken, a free upgrade was released not too long ago dubbed "Tekken 5 version 5.1." While it fixed some game balance issues (and some would argue that it created new game balance issues), it didn't offer anything else in terms of new stages, characters, or items. Although popular and well-distributed in Japan, this game has been slow to come to American arcades, despite its status as a free upgrade.


That's where Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection comes in. Featuring two completely new characters and a few returning ones, the game also features more stages than its predecessor and "many more items" that each character can equip. For instance, some screenshots show Kazuya sporting some brown punk hair, Lee with blond hair and a wine bottle on his hip, and Xiaoyu wearing cat ears and covering her fists with cat paws.


One of the first bits of information to be released about this game is the introduction of two new characters: Dragunov and Lili. Dragunov is a "command sambo" fighter who, at first glance, looks like Bayern from the KOF series. Lili fights as a street fighter, but worry not; she won't be throwing out any fireballs.

What makes Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection so impressive is the other bonuses that have started to trickle in. For the sake of brevity, we'll list them out:

Eddy Gordo (formerly a 3P outfit for Christie that cost 500,000 credits to buy) is now selectable on his own
Kunimitsu is selectable as a 3P outfit for Yoshimitsu (not 100% confirmed)
Alex is selectable as a 3P outfit for Roger (not 100% confirmed)
Combot and Tetsujin make comebacks as 3P colors for Mokujin (not 100% confirmed)
The 3P colors available in the console version of Tekken 5 are selectable
Certain 3P outfits, like Asuka and Xiaoyu's schoolgirl outfits, are customizable as well (not 100% confirmed)
Tech catches, which were taken out in Tekken 5.1, are back (not 100% confirmed)
Backroll tech catches, introduced in Tekken 5.1, are still in the game
3P colors are also available for Dragunov and Lili. Dragunov takes off his shirt, while Lili puts on a schoolgirl uniform
Character ranks obtained in the previous arcade versions will be reset (there is no word yet on if there are more ranks, but in all likelihood, there will be)
Players making a comeback from Tekken 5 will also have new moves. Yoshimitsu reportedly has a throw where he splits into two, tosses the opponent in the air, and impales his hapless victim.
There's a huge array of cosmetic changes that have been made to the game. Some of the new stages are different versions of the old stages (like a 'night version' of an afternoon stage) but there are other stages that are completely new, like a forested area surrounded by wolves. Of course, the old Tekken 5 stages will be kept as well. Get ready to battle it out on a total of 35 stages!

The character select screen has been totally revamped as well. Instead of the arena-esque background, the character select screen has a backdrop of orange flames. The character select boxes remain pretty similar, although the placements for some characters (and their CG portraits) have changed. For example, Ganryu's face is at a very different angle -- in fact, we confused him with Kazuya at first. The two new characters are placed at the very center of the character select box, and the random select box has been moved to the top right of the character select boxes.


Rest assured, we'll keep you posted as more information comes in. What we're wondering the most is if there is still a character or two that will show up to give the game's title more meaning. In the meantime, hold your breaths until winter, when this game is supposed to be released. No console version has been announced yet, but with Tekken 6 on the horizon for the PS3, it wouldn't be suprising if this game didn't enjoy a console release.









those screens are awesome.. I hope this game doesnt cost 50 dollars if it does come to ps2 sad

It would be cool if T5DR is released as the greatest hits version of T5 like VF4 Evo was to VF4.


I think they modelled dragunov after marilyn manson o_o..



Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, also known as Tekken 5.2, is an upgrade of Tekken 5. It was officially announced at the 2005 JAMMA AM Show but news of it leaked slightly beforehand. Unlike Tekken 5.1, which merely tried to balance Tekken 5, Dark Resurrection will add a host of new content.

There will be 35 stages including a remade forest stage from Tekken 3. Some stages are from Tekken 5 but at a different time of day, including "Moonlit Wilderness", "Hells Gate", "Burning Temple", "Underground" and "City on Sunset". There will be also a lot more customization items for the characters. Extra costumes will also be customizable like Xiaoyu and Asuka's schoolgirl outfits. Eddy Gordo will be a separate character from Christie, with his own selection box, moves, and presumably items. Many other characters will also have new moves. Kuma, Devil Jin, Xiaoyu, and Asuka have all been spotted with some new techniques. In addition, the selection screen and VS loading screen sport new CG renders of all the characters.

There are two confirmed new characters for T5: DR, Dragunov and Emily, who is nicknamed Lili. According to Tekken Zaibatsu, "Dragunov is described as a human weapon... with origins tracing back to the frozen tundra" and "Lili is a rich girl from Monaco." Dragunov fights with Sambo and Lili uses her skills in dance to fight in her own "tricky" style. There are rumours of two other characters joining the cast and it has been leaked and confirmed that at least one more will, and they will be a returning character. Speculation is that it's either (or both) forms of Ogre, or the original Devil.




I like devil jin and asuka's new vs screen cgs in those screens big grin

I think all of the new CG renders look pretty awesome. :P

yes they do i want a console port

It's going to be a while for that darth-yoda

Tekken: Dark Ressurection will be on the PSP, and will be release July 25, 2006 in the USA. Here is the list of characters that will be available:

Anna Williams
Asuka Kazama
Baek Doo San
Bruce Irvin
Bryan Fury
Christie Monteiro
Craig Marduk
Devil Jin
Eddy Gordo
Feng Wei
Heihachi Mishima
Jin Kazama
Julia Chang
Kazuya Mishima
King II
Kuma Jr.
Ling Xiaoyu
Lee Chaolan
Lei Wulong
Marshall Law
Nina Williams
Paul Phoenix
Roger Jr.
Steve Fox
Wang Jinrei
Armor King
Sergei Dragunov

Tekno Boy
Any release dates confirmed?

Originally posted by Darkstorm Zero
Maybe a Jun ressurection would be cool too

Yeah, what has happened to Jun anyway? Is she dead or what?

Lili 4 Eva
Any one knw when Tekken 5.1 will be released on psp?

Both of Jinpachi's appearances in Dark Resurrection.


the fire texture looks much better... anyways it sucks that the only console port is for ps3 / psp ; ;


He looks like Inferno from SCII.

Ryo 666
Currently love playing it online with the PS3, never played Tekken before and I am out of practice. But still hella fun.

Anyone fancy a go?

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