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Ok. so MORTAL KOMBAT is a go. And here is the character sheet and the background information...
Ok...i was wondering if anyone would be interested in Mortal Combat role playing game. i haven't seen any yet...
This is what the character sheet would look like:
Description: (pic would help)
(made up character allowed. as well as the orignal MK characters. I would like to be Raiden or Reptile, but if someone else wants too then go ahead.)

The Story: Since the Deadly Allaince has fallen, a new threat has risen. They took upon the name, but has a stronger leader. (i will go into more detail) Now it is up to Raiden and the others to stop the new threat, or die trying. The Alliance was after ancient artifacts that would ressurect the greatest warrior of all time...
Raiden and the others will start off with vigorous training to the fullest extent. They will have quests at some times which they have to stop the Deadly Alliance. And the Deadly Allaince will have to do some training as well. They will have to succeede in order to conquer the world.

Two leaders will be needed for each side. (i will not be a leader to make it fair) It will be their job to keep their team organized and to tell who does what.
We will won't start until we have a sufficent amount of people.


Scorpion, Reptile, and Liu Kang are taking.

We will start as soon as we get sufficent amount of people

check often for updates on certain events or recent victories or deaths.


This have permision?

Character Name: Glacier
Race: Uknown
Clan: Lin Kuei
Affiliation: Neutral
Age: 321
Sex: Male
Eye Color: Baby Blue
Hair Color: Sky Blue
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 235 Ibs
Martial Arts Style: Hapkido And Dragon
Friends: Scorpion, Smoke, Cyrax
Enemies: Quan Chi, Shinnok, Mavado
History: After the death of the 2nd Sub-Zero a new Lin Kuei warrior emerged, using the codename Glacier. This new warrior wore the traditional uniform worn by the 2nd Sub-Zero during the 4th Mortal Kombat. At first, this mysterious warrior was confused with the 2nd Sub-Zero until the warrior revealed his true identity as the son of the deceased in Kuei Grandmaster. Glacier not only inherited the title of Grandmaster but also the fabled Dragon Medallion. When Glacier donned the Medallion it burned into his arm leaving its image there; a symbol that would be passed on from generation to generation as a sign of Sub-Zero and Glacier's bloodline of the heir to the title Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei. Glacier also tattooed two scars over his eyes in memory of his father's scar. When a new threat to Earthrealm emerged, Glacier took his father's place and competed in the Mortal Kombat tournament. The Lin Kuei ! warrior pledged to eliminate all of his father's enemies, including the sorcerer Quan Chi, as well as the fallen elder god, Shinnok. Glacier also saw Mavado, the new leader of the Red Dragon, as an immediate threat to the Lin Kuei clan.

After winning the Mortal Kombat tournament with the aid of Scorpion,
Glacier returned to the Lin Kuei temple and dedicated his clan to guarding Earthrealm along with the remaining Earthwarriors as his father had done so many years ago.

(The bad guy is dragon king right?)
name:scorpion (real name: hanzo hasashi)
enemies:sub zero,drahman,moloch and quan chi
weapons:two swords and blade that comes out of hands
abilities:claw that comes from hand
backgroundsadreally long will add later)

sorry for double post here is his background

Scorpion's chronological first appearance is in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero, where Quan Chi had hired him to find a map, in case Sub-Zero failed. At the time, Scorpion was an assassin for the Shirai Ryu, and his name was Hanzo Hasashi. The Shirai Ryu was a single clan out of the many connected clans through Japan known as the Ninja. The Shirai Ryu were started by a renegade Lin Kuei member named Takeda who seceded from them, and the Shirai Ryu was the very clan he started. This made the Shirai Ryu a fierce rival to the Lin Kuei. When the two met, they battled until Sub-Zero defeated and decapitated him. Scorpion returned to fight Sub-Zero in the Netherealm as a vengeful spectre, but Sub-Zero escaped him. The two met for the penultimate time on Shang Tsung's boat, where Scorpion told him he would kill him in the Mortal Kombat tournament, which he did.

Scorpion followed Sub-Zero, apparently alive again, when Shao Kahn hosted Mortal Kombat in Outworld. It is unclear whether or not they met, but while watching one of Sub-Zero's battles, Scorpion witnessed this Sub-Zero sparing the life of his opponent. From there, he grew confused and did not fully understand why the Lin Kuei warrior had grown so merciful. He would later on learn that this Sub-Zero was not the same man who murdered him so many years ago and that it was actually his younger brother, sent as a replacement. As a result, Scorpion vowed to become Sub-Zero's protector as his way of apologizing for the murder Sub-Zero's older brother.

When Shao Kahn invaded Earthrealm and unsuccessfully tried to conquer the Netherealm as well, Scorpion was set free. The emperor enlisted him in his extermination squads. However when Scorpion discovered that Sub-Zero was one of Earth's warriors, he turned on the Emperor. He took part in helping Liu Kang in the final showdown with Shao Kahn. When Earth reverted back to normal, Scorpion was driven back to hell, only knowing that he will one day rise and walk the grounds of Earth once more.

During the events of Mortal Kombat Gold, Scorpion was released again by Quan Chi. In exchange for life, Scorpion would fight Sub-Zero (Quan Chi had told Scorpion that Sub-Zero was the true murderer of his family and clan). He eagerly accepted, but was shocked to learn from his former nemesis that it had in fact been Quan Chi who had arranged for the killing of the Shirai Ryu and Scorpion's family. Enraged, Scorpion leapt at Quan Chi and the two landed in the Netherealm through a dimensional gateway.

For the years that Quan Chi spent in the Netherealm, he would be chased, brutalized and tortured by Scorpion. Quan Chi had little chance of escape, as his powers would be weakened while he was in the Netherealm and Scorpion's power and strength increased while in that realm (note: Quan Chi, as Shinnok's second-in-command, had previously resided in the Netherealm. However, this was explained as a new region of the Netherealm where sorcerors lose power). Quan Chi had struck a deal with the Oni Drahmin and Moloch, who fought off Scorpion for him. When Quan Chi escaped the Netherealm though a portal, Scorpion followed him, but the volatile portal did not send him to the same place. He continued to hound Quan Chi in a hide-and-seek game for the years to come, until Drahmin and Moloch threw him into the soulnado, scattering his essence across the realms.

While it was believed that Scorpion was torn apart by the souls in the Soulnado, he really wasn't. He actually managed to ascend up to the heavens where the soulnado emerged from and from there was he able to avoid death. From there, he would witness the Elder Gods, in whom he had never believed. From there onwards would he be changed from what he saw. He also witnessed the supposed death of Raiden and the dominance of the Dragon King being to unfold. The Elder Gods were aware of his presence and enhanced his mortal and special abilities. He was given a special task by the Elders to kill Onaga. Accepting this new mission, Scorpion emerged to Outworld once more in search of Onaga. Now it is the hell spawned spectre who is the true champion of the Elder Gods.

(it is ok and yes this does have permission. and yes it is the Dragon King.)

Name: Keliah
Alliance:Good (for the time being)
Allies: ???
Enemies: Quan Chi, Onaga
History: Keliah lived on the paradise realm with the children of the other Elder gods. She was not aloowed to go to the outer or earth realms but her and her friend Sophie decided to sneak out and go anyway seeing as how they've never been. But Sophie was caught in the final destructive battle between the alliance and Raiden after being accidentally hit by one of Raiden's thunderbolts she was down but not dead that was until Onaga was reborn ultimately destorying everything in his path and Keliah who was blocked by her father from intervening swore that she would avenge Sophie by destorying Onaga. But before she could leave the paradise realm her father forbidded her to leave and the only way she would be able to leave was if she gave up 3/4's of her godly powers. Keliah excepted as she left now her power is barely above an immortal's but yet she's still ready to challenge Onaga.

Power: Able to control the shift and flow of time but now without her full power she can only freeze time for a short period and move at superspeed for a short period.

Favorite weapons: Two twin daggers ( Destiny and Fate)

Name: Zarthor
Age: 38
Alliance: Deadly Alliance
Weapons: staff sword
Abilites: dark magic
Items: none
Background: (post later)
Description: (pic would help) (post later)

(( I can join this right?))

(9Let me play Liu kang for awhile CALLED IT!!!!)))

(I know. i put that their so no one would take it from you. and yes Quincy you can play. anyone can.)

((aiight, ill wait till this starts...oh yea and can some one play Kung lao...If they want or raiden))


((I am sure someone will. if not then i will play Raiden. Now who is going to lead the Deadly Alliance? or should we wait for more people?))

((hmm.....The Dragon king,Shang stung, quan chi, Shokan could be played right...Im not saying i want to play them just askin))


((Blood flower you can be Raiden. I didn't see your post. yeah anyone can be those characters or we just have somone just give them a couple of lines.))

((Ok ill be liu kang and Kung LAo))


((I have Reptile and i made up one above.))


((we will start tomorrow no matter what))

((Yeah!!! ill be on tommorow night because I got school and My mom comes back from Peru and I gotta go pick her up and go home))

(( Okay I guess I'll take Quan Chi as a side character. Also did you think my character was okay? If not then I could change it))

can i fujin

yeah go ahead nyria. i loved your character. fujin? if you mean join in then yes you can.

anyone want Jade??? if not i want to be her.

thank you

no problem. so who would you like to be, unless you are making up one. (plus i would be glad to have you. i seen you in quite a bit of rpg games.)

~i stay with fujin.thank you~

what mortal kombat was fujin in?


(sorry, i forgot who forjin was. i have the worst memory.)

i think his raiden nephew

((No Fujin is the god of wind, and raiden is the thunder god))

I also need someone to play Shang Stung and Quan Chi

Originally posted by JacopeX
I also need someone to play Shang Stung and Quan Chi
i guess i'll play quan chi as well


is anyone Jade???

no one is jade and you never showed your background for you made up person

((Oh yea since youre quanchi, you and shang stung are gonna go assisinate liu kang))

and i'll post it when i am right and ready...still working on it.

Originally posted by JacopeX
((Oh yea since youre quanchi, you and shang stung are gonna go assisinate liu kang))
when should i go in for the kill

is it too late to sign up?

no it isnt.

Originally posted by Family_guy725
when should i go in for the kill

When i give u the signal


Name: Smoke.
Race: Shadowkan.
Enemies: Anyone who would threaten Lord Sheing-Tsun.
Alliance: Only to The Lord and Master.
Story: Sheing-Tsun is in "Mortal" danger. The tides have turned in battle and far more serious threats have arosen then that damn Rayden and whatever pitiful mortals he's managed to convince to go on a suicide mission.. He must enter the Mortal Kombat not only for himself, not just The Master, but for the future of our world and that of the shadow..

i forgot to add sambo to oso's fighting styles

cool character. Please post in the Mortal Kombat deadly alliance thread.

name: portal
Allies:lin kuei,shirai ryu,all good guys plus chameleon and robots.
enemies:teh evil people and anyone who stole his bacon.
abilities:use of portals to punch the enemy and stuff.
background:a nomadic ninja who roams the realms protecting who needs protection.
description:a color changing ninja with a black hole in the middle of his torso.
beggining: learning of trouble in various places, and the gathering of many powerful fighters to claim infinite power (MK:Armageddon)he decided to defeat whoever would use those powers for evil.
ending:sucessfully defeating shao kahn at the end of the tournament blaze turned to portal and said "now we shall fight"
they fought for a full day before portal threw blaze of the pyramid.puttin a portalbneath blaze. then redericting it out of the top f the pyramid crushing blaze to lava as he fell. with this now great power he used it to be the watcher of the realms and ascended to the elder gods.

Name: Abyss
Age: ???
Alliance: Evil
Race: outworlder
Weapons: dragon rune blade (sword which widens the further along with runes at the thick sides)
Abilities: Shadow & earth
Items: Ancient helmet w/ horns sticking out (nose & above covered all that is seen is glowing red eyes) spiked shoulders and a sun/moon shirt, plate armor on bottom.
Allies: Baraka, scorpion & n00b (and monster from mk deception)
Background: he is a mysterious outworlder who was around during the 1st mortal kombat tournament, he was sealed in a volcano bound in fire because he was too powerful, he has now woken too take revenge on those who imprisoned him.
Description: muscular build, Caucasian, lives in a stone temple in the botan jungle (Tavens fathers).
Is this enough??? What the f**k? Happy DanceName: Age: Alliance: Race: Weapons:

Scarlet Fox
this rp has been dead for over 6 months. Might wana look for another rp.

jack krauser
Age:10(in his age span in ours he is 100)
allies:anyone who is or was an mk ninja
enemies.all people who get in his way except his allies.
Weapons:2 massive swords and a staff also with a knife on his chest with 2 smg he keeps on his thighs so he is always ready for battle
Abilites:think of all the mk ninjas abilities and ninja has em including new abbilities like super speed able to summon anything or anyone to be his slave
Items:the ultimate ninja armour making him virtually unstopable and a medallian like jaxes and another 1 of his own with a sword in stead of a dragon on making him super skilled in fighting.
Background:absolutely anything.
Description:this being is virtually impossible and if he sees another ninja in trouble he will kill the atacker and his only weakness is he has so much equipment he takes his weapons slowly but his weapon atacks are devastating so atack him while he is getting his weapons and you will have to finnish the round then.


This RP has been dead for almost three years.

Weapons:Oblibion/Oatheeper(2blade weild)
Abilites:Curaja, Firaja, Thundaja, Blizzaja, Gravija, Refleja, Valor Form, Master Form, and Final Form
Items:Just Keyblade
Background:my keyboard sux it will take forever to write srry.
Description: (pic would help)
(made up character allowed. as well as the orignal MK characters. I would like to be Raiden or Reptile, but if someone else wants too then go ahead.)

Scarlet Fox
Dead for over 3 years. Dout it will come back up,

Sora in Mortal Kombat?

Scarlet Fox
Lol. Whats his Fatality? Donald Duck Rape? "Flawless Victory! Beastiality!"

Name:Unknown,but is known as Chyou (Ch-ee-oo)
personality: optimistic yet quiet,but when enemies come near then she goes wild and protects her allies.She fights till the last creature standing.
Bio: Chyou was captured when she was six by Chinese.She had no name , so the Chinese called her Chyou after catching her in the Fall Season.They took her into an underwater place where scientists experimented on little girls.Chyou was the only surviving child which they found a way to create the ultimate child fighting machine.They injected a virus into the girl which messed with her head and she bleed from her eyes.When her eyes stopped bleeding, small horns grew on her head. They trained her to see what she was then capable of.They found out that she had invisible arms/hands which came out of her back. They called the arms and hands "vectors".After years of training she turned thirteen

hi and welcome to kmc big grin

this game has been dead for quite some time - noone plays it anymore
feel free to join any of the newer more recent rps, but dont expect anyone to start this game up again erm


This is not happening. laughing out loud

confused Hey! How do i get there?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!?!??!?

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Hey, new guy here. So Character creation, yes?

Real name:Baek Liang
Clan:Lin Kuei(former)
Weapons and accessories:Golden Dragon Meddalion,Kori Blade
Abilities:Freeze,create ice weapons
Friends: Scorpion
History:Kuai Liang's older brother and Bi-Han's younger brother,was one of the best assassins of the clan,alongside Tundra,when he met Scorpion,they had a fight,and Scorpion told Baek his past,since then,he was tired of the Lin Kuei's atrocities,and only when Scorpion uncovered the truth and the two clans,Shirai Ryu and Lin Kuei,were now an alliance,he was back as a master of Lin Kuei,as he was helping Scorpion on his quest. Happy Dance THIS IS IT GUYS

Real name:Baek Liang
Clan:Lin Kuei(former)
Weapons and accessories:Golden Dragon Meddalion,Kori Blade
Abilities:Freeze,create ice weapons
Friends: Scorpion
History:Kuai Liang's older brother and Bi-Han's younger brother,was one of the best assassins of the clan,alongside Tundra.When he met Scorpion,they had a fight,and Scorpion told Baek his past,since then,he was tired of the Lin Kuei's atrocities,and abandoned the clan,Baek was killed by the clan and made it out of NetherRealm as Hellspawn,just like Scorpion.He decided he would help Scorpion in his quest for vengeance.
Only when Scorpion uncovered the truth that Quan Chi was the responsible for the deaths and the two clans,Shirai Ryu and Lin Kuei were now an alliance,he was back as a master of Lin Kuei as a reward for what he did,helping Scorpion on his quest. Happy Dance THIS IS IT GUYS

Name: Magma
Age: Unknown
Alliance: None
Weapons: Fire, lava, heat
Abilities: Can't be hurt by heat, controls lava, fire and the temperature
Items: Smoke grenades, stun grenades, throwing knives
Background: Born completley normal, however, fell unconsious and awoke in a myserious feild within the mortal kombat realm
Description: Bright red version of reptile, glowing eyes (red) much shorter (5'7) Yes i know needs alot of work, sorry for spelling!

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this thread is dead. if you read back just a few posts you would see that.

Wepons:2 daggers
Abilities:THe ability to make what ever has his blood on it expload
Bio:As a child Vedo was raised by the Lin Kuei to be an assassin.He went on a few missions with Sub-Zero(Bi Han) and also a few with Tundra and Smoke.Afer news of the Elder Sub-Zero's death Vedo went to the destroyed villige of the Shin Ryu(i know i got that wrong) and coverd it in is own blood then snaped.There was nothing there but snow as Vedo walked away with a smile under his mask.Currently because of Sub-Zero being the Grand Master Vedo is one of Earth-Relm's defenders and is also high in the rankings of then Lin Kuei.
Appearance:Vedo wears similer attier to UMK3 ninjas and his color scheme is blood red and black.He has blood red eyes and vary dark red hair(same as skarlet).
Sex:if not already ovious by the use of he so often,Male
Items:2 daggers,Smoke Bombs,and shurikens

I wonder what went through peoples mind while they were typing out stuff like that, right after someone who posted that it is dead. It seems odd to me, I suppose. I can understand however if someone feels the desire to post information of "what would have been" but that's never really suggested.


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I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon and tell you that this has been dead since 2005 I believe.

This thread is a phoenix.

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With an EXTREMELY short lifespan.

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