Nintendo 64/Gamecube games quiz

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Only Nintendo Fans will know these. big grin I'm setting this up as a poll and It'll end on this Australian Saturday and I'll give the answers then, so for you yankees it's like Friday I think. Meh... so here we are.

There are five questions, with two multiple choice answers. You can talk about the answers if you like, argue and that sort of stuff... but don't tell the answers!!

Here we go

1: My home lies in the barren desert, I became the King of my race of people. I shall then rule the rest of the land with an eternal darkness that would last seven years. Who am I?

2: The castle is stone, with a stained glass picture on the front. As our hero goes in, the pictures on the walls come to life. Which castle is this?

3: The storyline is a vast and open sea of adventure and surprises. The ongoing winds of change bring the final conclusion that old enemies don't always die softly. What game is this?

4: In the midst of Super Smash Bros, there is a certain stage. It takes you from a distant galaxy to an everlasting green plain and back again. What stage is this?

5: Oh fellow reader! The last riddle has come,
now read carefully 'cause this one isn't easily done.
I am a boss in the depths of a Volcano with a halo
And my fiery breath can scorch metal and my long body can twist in almost any angle. Which boss am I?

This 'quiz' was very easy

Sonic x 20
#2 will be Peach's Castle.

Blue Dragon
You can't open a thread quiz that will close quickly. Besides, when people say the answers here, everyone will know.... blink

1. Ganondorf
2. Peache's Castle
3. Wind Waker
4. Final Destination
5. I'm not sure, a halo you say!?! blink Volvagia?

If it is supposed to be an N64/GC quiz then shouldn't the questions be more general?

Blue Dragon
If we can't tell anyone else, how do we tell you? blink The quiz is too short, the questions are about facts, then it's over, thread done with!

You need quizs like:
Your favourite Nintendo game: _______
Your favourite Nintendo character: ______
Your favourite stage in SSBM (if you have the game): _____
Favourite Nintendo music: _____

Something like this, but I think it's been done before anyway...

Or we can simply have a normal quiz. Person A asks a question, person B answers it, Person A tells if it is right or wrong, if it is right then it is B's turn to pose a question, if not the question still counts. And if u know that B is wrong but A has not been there to say if it is right or wrong u may supply what u think is right, but no one can post a new question until after A has said that someone is right. So how about it? Shall we give it a try? The subject being withing Nintendo facts.

This is more like a Zelda quiz.

i say that Morridini should start this off the right way ( Morridini's way ).

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.