Pokemon Online

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HigH ScholaR
POKEMON ONLINE........yep i heard nintendo will bring this to the revolution........but this time using wi fi to be online.

so i made this thread to hear what you guys thing of this pokemon online and what stuff do you want on it, i.e features, pokemon, regions etc.

i for one want it to be fully 3d surrondings where you can see pokemon in the wild without needing to be in a battle. what i'm saying is that you can see say a pigey fling in the air or a group of lapras swimming in the ocean.

and i also hope for a proper pokemon stadium tournament whre you get all the badges then you in roll in the league and face ofer people online in the tournament not just the big four perhaps they colud be used as qualifying rounds.

also they sholud have CAP (create a player) yep not everyone wants to be a small kid in limited clothes.

as this games represents pokemon i also think they should have certain quets/roads to take as some might want to become a trainer,breeder,researcher,poke polic or nurse or perhaps even a gym leader. havin this option will be a very good idea wink

Pokemon's very slowly getting old. It won't have that many fans as it did in...199-something onwards. But this sounds like an awesome game. Hopefully they'll have new pokemon ESPECIALLY made for the game. And seeing how you like zombies....Pokemon meets Resident Evil. Braaaaaaains PIKA-BRAAAAAAINS!! BRAAAAINS-ACHUUU!! *TEAR* *TEAR* *zap*


I like the sound of this. But I don't know how they would do this.

I would also like it if they did something like this with the Yu-Gi-Oh! Series.

I've been waiting for a 3D version of pokemon ever since I got Pokemon Blue and Silver in the late 90s. Hope they manage it this time.

pokemox sux huge ballz

I like playing the games, but pokemon in it self does suck lol

I hope you get the CAP and the path choice, i wanna be a breeder smile roll eyes (sarcastic)

id buy it the pokemon games rock

I'm not a big pokemon fan but if they make an online pokemon game i might try it.

They should keep it simple 8/16-bit graphics like the gameboy games so it doesn't rape anybody's computer, SpellJammer can download it, and not have to organize a terrorist group to send them mail bombs because they had to go and pull a Lucas on SpellJammer..

We could be either a little girl or boy sprite, and we can search for pokemon and crap. (SpellJammer could barely remember gold/silver pokemon, he's an old geezer who'd go crazy with this new crap.)

They could even appoint really good players as gym leaders or elite four members but gym leaders/elite four cannot enter tournaments to become pokemon master of the month or whatever..

And ofcourse there should be a Team Rockey syndicate somehow. Perhaps just attempting to murder pokemon with poison attacks or overkill. And make a special "Rocket" ball to steal other people's pokemon. But then they'd have to invent ways to stop you or else The Rocket's would become too powerful.

They have to be really careful, cause look at the cardgame. One of the most simpelist, inventive cardgames SpellJammer has ever seen.

Then when they made that blasted "ex" crap it got ruined. Everything was /33t, there was no reason any longer to play pokemon that evolved because non-evolving pokemon were atrociusly powerful, much less play pokemon cards from prior expansions. It just got out of control and became a whirlwind of Dragonball Z with talking space animals..

Batman Wins

pokemons getting old. i liked it untill all the new pokemon appeared

Originally posted by Spelljammer
They should keep it simple 8/16-bit graphics like the gameboy games so it doesn't rape anybody's computer, It wouldnt be on anyones computer, it would be on the Nintendo Revolution... duh.

And Pokemon's not getting old, it's been old for a very long time.

Well I can't help but have nostalgia for pokemon when I think about when red and blue came out and me and my sister couldnt wait for christmas to come and we would play through the game together on our seperate gameboys and battle each other.

And we did the same with silve and gold.

Those were really good games. If I could, I would relieve that moment. Everythings seemed different and I was easily entertained and excited about the game and played it more than once.

I hate getting older. Everything changes mentally speaking and physically.

I hope pokemon continues to produce games and does very good. I look forward to the ones coming out on the DS, I plan on buying them. Maybe they can help me to come close to relieving the old moments and close as I can.

You really take being young for granted or you just don't realize how lucky and care free you are.

College aint no joke.

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