Favorite rpg type?

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What's your favorite rpg type? SpellJammer thinks alot can be said about a person by the type of rpgs they play..

Final Fantasy is a prime example of turn-based, some others may include Paper Mario or Pokemon. (If you want to call that an rpg..) Turn-based is perhaps the simpelist because the main concept is to hack N slash monsters to build up your exprience to take on meaner bosses. And ussualy elements are involved to create a rock, scizzor, paper type stradegy.

A little more complex form of turn based, games like Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics proved that terrain can have a huge impact on the game itself, alot of how well you do in battle depends on where you apply your team-mates, but the basic rule of leveling up still applies.

Real Time:
Real Time rpgs (sometimes called "dungeoneering"wink like Fable and Zelda are a little less rpg and more like indepth platformer games. Your stats and health amount have less importance now as compared to what weapons you wield and how good your button reflexes are..

D20 Based:
D20 Based is relatively new on the scenery. Lesser incarnations like Diablo exsisted SpellJammer supposed, but in some ways d20 system is turn based and yet it's not. The party members are either assigned battles or you desginate what they go after, leveling up is important as well as a slew of other things, and though it takes more stradegy, once you've assigned who battles what, it's bassicaly just like watching a pixelated movie.

So which one is your favorite and why?

real time and D20, Diablo, KOTOR, Fable (low on the list), Guild Wars those types

turn based and real time i hate chess based

Tha C-Master
Real time, and turned based pokemon

i did turned based.....i LOVE legend of legaia and legaia 2:duel saga....big grin

but i love diablo 2 also..*puts invisible double vote on d20* big grin

You know, there seems to be alot of love for d20, who would be interested in running a post-appocalyptic d20 game on this board? big grin


i would have to say turn based because i am a big FF fan but real time is cool too (kingdom hearts bitches)

I love turn based games if they have a good story to keep me interested, like Final Fantasy.

Turn-based gives you time to think but it can get boring sometimes.

Turn base because you are not rushed to make a decision and can think through it carefully and not rushed into just pressing a button before you get attacked and miss your turn or a chance to attack.

I prefer real time first and foremost.. then Active Time Battle (which is sortof diablo ish).... turn based just really irritates me.. you basically let someone beat your ass, when you could have prevented it, given that you had full control of your character

Well Hung
None, because they all are racist.

Chess Board? Strategey Rpgs lol, they are basically turn based too. I picked that cuz of FF Tactics, Shining Force 1,2 etc., Fire Emblem, Tactics Ogre, etc. All great games!

Deus Ex
I think each one has its own advantages, but I agree with Pezmerga here... Games like Fire Emblem, Shining Force and FF Tactics are a nice combination of strategy and RP fun. In particular, waging war is a lot more fun than the same two dimensional random enemy bashing that has dominated the FF series since FF VII.

But another good candidate for an excellent fighting system is Temple of Elemental Evil, which featured a D20 system that was turn based, but not horribly stale. And it had a lot of options, which is good. A pity the game itself was so lacking.

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