Computergame movies and Movie computergames - SUCCESSES or FAILURES?

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What are your thoughts on computergames based on movies and movies based on computergames?

Do you think movie writers should stop spoiling the images of brilliant games such as Resident Evil? Or do you think every single decent game should be made into a movie?

the problem here, is that in most cases, the movie BASE on the game is so far off in story line its not funny

Take the Street Fighter movie, They turn it into a comdy lol. Ryu is NOT the wondering warrior, or Ken the fighting champion.

Vega is a cage fighter, but not the assinan that he is in the games, Zanzine is REAL Dumb ete.

Than we have Mario, Yes again not true to the game orgin. I was sure Mario got the girl, not his brother lol.

kill paul anderson... sniper

Movies based on games - sux0r

games based on movies - have a slight chance to not sux0r

Originally posted by SaTsuJiN
Movies based on games - sux0r

games based on movies - have a slight chance to not sux0r


But I think they're both equal.

The only videogame movie I would actually go see, would be HalfLife.
It could be done. (just need more characters and somebody who talks)
But HL2 would be a wicked setting for a movie.

Mortal kombat was decent, godawful special effects though.

games, anymore these days, have such great cinematics to them, they are practically movies themselves and don't need to be made into an actual movie.

Such games as metal gear

Revan Souer
I cant vote on this one as Im kindda in the middle, most have been awful but I enjoyed TR Jolie in tight spandex was worth the bad storyline. Also the Resi werent that bad, and how knows Halo might be great. All Im saying is its worth a short sometimes, there was a time when Comic movies where crap. Then some Directors took it seriously and now look.

Originally posted by Revan Souer
...and how knows Halo might be great.

lol, Anything with Master Chief running around killing stuff can't be bad.... I can't see how this is gonner not break box office records...

Red Superfly
Mortal Kombat was a laugh, and Godammit I enjoyed Mario Brothers (its a little guilty pleasure of mine).

But apart from that they've been crud.

Someone stop Paul Anderson.

Rememeber how cool the Aliens vs Predator idea was? The game came out and everyone wanted to see it for real. And it was screwed. Anderson f*cked so much with everything and turned it into a cheese fest.

For someone who constantly converts games to movies, it obvious he hasn't played ANY of them.

Resident Evil would make an awesome movie - but again it was a missed opportunity. Load of rubbish. Only decent bit was the laser room. That bit was so memorable it even made it into Resident Evil 4.

I've yet to see a good game based on a movie. Unless you want to make a case for some SW games: my response to that being, the ones that are based after a specific movie all suck.

Games made into movies are even worse...though I have to admit, the King of Fighters to Fatal Fury conversion was kinda funny...not that I consider that a movie though.

Semi off-topic: any one remember that Sonic The Hedgehog TV show? It's not even that old...but the suckiness of it makes up for that fact.

Good movie based on a game= Mortal Kombat

Good game based on a movie= Chronicles of Riddick(great)

aliens vs preditor was quite a good game....
spiderman 2 wasn't bad either...

Tekno Boy
The film adaptations don't really spoil the games, thank God. Still, even if it is crap, I love to see film adaptation of games. It makes me believe that video games are popular enough to be talked about in normal conversation.

Thats true... but there should be some kinda "game-to-movie law" where fans and/or the developers of said game are required to be involved in the creation of the film.. thus reducing the chance of suckiness by leaps and bounds yes

Tekno Boy
Perhaps the creators of the games shouldn't be involved in the creation of the films, so that if they do suck at least it won't be their fault.

good movie based on game: final fantasy 7 advent children. (awsome movie, the fights were lightning).
Good game based on movie: Star Wars ROTS.(good game)
and i agree with obi1-adobe some games shouldn't be movies coz they are practically movies themselves. some examples are MGS and LOK. the sagas that these games are are too much for movies.

Tekno Boy
But could Hideo Kojima be wanting to make a MGS film. I mean, it's possible. He's releasing MGS3messedubsistence with a film made from the cutscenes of the game and you never know with Hideo. It could be a hint.

"You never know with Hideo". That's a good one. I'm keeping that.


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