New York 3005 ~Registration~

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Jack Hollow

Residence:Apartment 166 on the 150 floor of the New York Roake Multipartments.
Martial Status-single

Other information-Has a robotic dog named peppy.The dog even though he is a robot has funny skin and all the real dog quality but perfectly trained and designed to give his master all the love a dog should give.

His apartment has three bedrooms,kitchen,two bathrooms,and family room with a sectional sofa.It also includes a view of a partion of New York.

Hes well built,has a good smile, but shuts himself off from other women because of his job.

Ush never gave you permission!!!!

I had four people wanting to join.He would've given permission anyways when he got on.

it doesnt matter you need to wait for him to aprove it

I know the rules and I dont feel like waiting a week for ushgarak to approve.

well you havent learned Ushs lesson. no expression


Nigel Cretin
Occupation - Automotive mechanic
Residence - 76 James St., Cretin's Specialty Shop
Marital Status - Single
Age - 29
Apperance - Long golden brown hair, angular face, thick beard, green eyes, 5' 10", 180 bls., modern clothing.
Other - High IQ, lots o cash, races (legal & illegal), ex-government agent in technologies, found at bars every weekend, and does hobbies after work Mon-thurs.

Name: Colin
Age: 15
Occupation: Student
Residence: 23 Granite Road, Apartment E42
Appearance: black hair, Brown eyes. five nine and a half.

Originally posted by Ushgarak
Sorry for the delay.

I guess Warriors can go ahead, as can NY 2003.

Inuyasha- convince me. Like Potter, that is a 'tried before and failed' issue there.

As for Villains... I need convincing there too. Sounds like a one trick pony that will die in a week.

Looks like he has permission to me

Name:Anna Scott
Occupation: Student/Dancer
Residence: 5th st. Apartment G7
Martial Status-single
Pet:kitten name Tea

i knew he'd yes so whats the point of waiting another week?

Name: Marv Hartigan
age: 49
occupation: Ex cop, wanted fellin
former occupation: Cop hero
maritial status: divorced
residence: none (con runs frequently to escape police no longer has a home)
other info: has his favorite pistol on him at all times and only uses it in the most needed situations. he was divorced by his wife when he wouldnt quit the force and now at his elderly age he was about to quit but was framed by one of his former teamates. has a car that he got working ver fast with all the new tech he uses to escape police.
appearance: Short brown hair with a scar on his forehead and a long black coat on.

Name: Mathias V. (Yes, his last name is just V)
Age: 16.
Occupation: Student.
Marital Status: Single.
Appearance: Average height. Chubby. Pale skin. Has brown eyes. Wears a green t-shirt with a dragon on the front and a pair of baggy blue jeans. His hair is black with blonde zig-zag highlights.

Name: Jonathan Weaver
Age: 31
Occupation: Programmer
Marital Status: Single
Residence: 47 12th St.
Appearance: Average build; 5' 10"; wears a white polo shirt and black jeans; needs glasses
Other info: Normally is seen carrying around his laptop; knows how to hack into most computer systems; when inside he is most likely on his laptop, doing research of some sort

Name: Peter Nielsen.

Age: 25.

Sign: Pieces.

Sex: Male.

Sexual Preference: Straight.





Height: 5'10"

Weight: 145 lbs.

Hair: Dirty blonde.

Eyes: Dull blue.

Drink of choice: Iced tea with white wine.

Drug of choice: A little grass never hurt anyone.

Weapon of choice: Unique Alpine TPG-1 High Powered Pistol but any pistol works. Danger best handled at a distance.

Car: 3002 Black Honda Civic.

Specialty: Peter is a fast thinker. He can turn nearly any situation to his advantage by using whats around him. He's not exactly McGaiver but he does what he can.

Looks: Long blond hair, untanned skin, and a medium build. Peter tends to try to keep himself from looking to exceptional because his line of work requires him to be forgetable. All the same, he has a pretty face and people, women primarilly, tend to find him attractive and noteworthy. His hair is exceptional, and has earned him the nice name "Blondy" in several places for it's golden shine and silky feel.

Personality: Peter is, basically, a good person. He finds it very difficult to do directly bad things unless he can't avoid them. As such, he sometimes has moral problems with doing hitman work, but balances that with the deep understanding that he's not directly harming anyone by giving out a little information.

History: Peter was born and raised on the Southside, giving him a much different outlook on life than other people in his class. His mother ran off when he was just a baby, so all he ever had was his dad. Growing up his father worked hard to care for him and provided all that he could to his young son. As far back as he can remember in his childhood Peter was the only white kid in his area. All his friends were black or hispanic.

The only white kid in the neighborhood made life interesting. Peter took alot of jokes and kidding about his skin color, serving as a strange reverse to life for white people outside of Southside. As their grandest joke, his friends nicknamed him "Darky" to show case an example of irony. Jokes aside Peter had alot of good friends growing up, and was involved in quasi-gang activity in his later years, though never anything truely noteworthy.

When he endered high school, his father had a break down and was unable to continue being an effective father. Peter raised himself though the last few years of school on his father's little earnings and welfare checks. He got a scholarship and attended college for three years before he had to drop out for lack of funds. Still, he completed a minor technical degree and, more importantly, discovered his talent for finding things out.

After college, Peter found work as a stock consultant, mainly by luck, and through a few lucky guesses, got enough credit to keep the job, working freelance. He moved into an apartment downtown and settled into life. But, life was dull. As a hobby, Peter started spying on his neighbors, just for fun. His hobby grew, until he was observing the whole apartment complex, with some interesting notes on just about everything and everyone in the place.

It was at this point that the idea of selling information first struck him.

Name: Nox Rafe
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Occupation: Student
Marital Status: Single


Darth Extecute
can I join?

Originally posted by Darth Extecute
can I join?
Post a char and Cringe will decide...

Darth Extecute
Name: David Lord.
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Profession: Convict on the run. Former Tactical robber.
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 275 lbs.
Specialty: David is an dangerous man. He is quick in identify an situation and make it to his benefit. He is very smart and very strong.
Personality: He is abit agressive and has a very short temper. But he can be very kind if you only try to get to know him, and are kind to him.
History: He have had a bad life time. He have been miss treated by his paretns and have had to learn to live on his own, stealing and hunting. He have trained both the mind and the body and have gotten an addiction of crimes. He cant stay away, since it is a challenge for his mind. He have his entire life been up to crimes, but only recently he got captured, but they could only keep him for a pair of months, as he recently escaped.

can i join?

Libo Reshile
Occupation - geneticist
Residence - sky city apartments room nb.13
Marital Status - Single
Age - 17
Apperance - short black hair , skinny, brown eyes, 6' 1", 130 bls., dark modern clothing,genticlly attatched tail
Other - orphan,slightly psychotic,has a geneticly altered cat that attacks uninvited people,result of a genetic experiment,really high IQ

Lana Giovanni

Employment: Reporter
Residence: Condo on 45th Street
Martial Status: Was engaged but broke it off; now single

Other information- She moved from her hometown of Wichitia, Kansas to get a job with the New York Times.

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