Half-Life-The Movie

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I think that if they made a half-life movie it would be really really awsome! It has a really good story and it has great potential to be a movie.
So I want to know what you think...

it would suck..

leana marie
i love the game, seriously, but i think its more of because im involved, they make you so involved, and you dont really know whats going on. well i didnt anyway. i dont think it would make a bad movie.

I have the feeling that it could be done good.
The story is there, but the only problem would be that they would have to give Freeman some characteristics which would totally screw up his game character.

The Highlord
yeah I agree, thats the main problem, and ofcourse there will also be many ppl that will feel like ''no it didint feel like that at all, gordon would never do that, he would never say that, thats just so not Gordon and so forth'

Maybe your right....
Why create something that is already perfect.

Red Superfly
Half-Life as a movie kinda defeats the point of Half-Life.

It was a movie, big epic plot, that you took a first-hand experience in.

If it's just a movie, it's just a movie. It'll be totally "meh".

hmm.. well one way they could make freemans character more akin to the game.. is if they made him incredibly serious.. you know, serious in the way that you're fighting for survival.. I'm sure theres very seldom a time to laugh during those kinds of situations

I do like the idea of Black Mesa being the background.
Industrial complexes always seems like an good idea.

HL2 would make a great movie premise. Just think of all the locals and different things you do and small backstory from various things.
But of course, you would have to show the first one.

HL would make a cool CGI/anime/cartoon series.

Originally posted by StinkFist462
it would suck..

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