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I know that the new Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects is out already but I still have to ask this question.

Which character do you plan on playing with or are already playing with on the Marvel side?

Which character do you plan on playing with or are already playing with on the Imperfect side?

Answer one character's name for each.

Marvel Choices:
Iron Man
Human Torch

Imperfect Choices:
Johnny Ohm
The Wink
Fault Zone

Also say a little about what you think about the game without giving anything away.

I finally got it this weekend and I really like this game.
In the beginning I was mad because Storm wasn't a playable character right away. And then I got madder when I didn't get any new characters the first time I played it. I played it again the next day and still didn't get no new characters. So today, my third day having it and playing it, I played it and I finally got new characters, I was so excited about one of them, guess who. I got Daredevil, Faultzone, and STORM!

Yes! The fact that I got Storm makes the game 100% better. I am also glad that I am real good with Storm and I like playing with her and she's my favorite character. It would have sucked If I had ended up not like playing with her. But they did an okay job with her. Besides the out fit and the hair, but I'm getting use to it.
I understand the Story Mode and unlockable characters connection now. At first I thought if I would run into new characters and unlock them but when I did run into new characters, they wouldn't get unlocked.Then I thought after I finished a story with any character that a new character would unlock but I actually had to finish the story mode of the actual character to unlock them. Like when I finished Wolverine's story mode, I didn't get a new character because I already had him, but when I finished Storms Story mode, I got her because I didn't have her before.
So I am on Venom's story mode now and it is hard, I gave up for the day. I'll try another time.

I wish that you got to keep the ingame movies. The ones in Story mode with the characters and not just the fully CG animated movies. Because I like the little 3-D movie clips also, especially the one with Storm.
So I guess the next character i'll get is Venom. I don't really like him though. My favorite stages so far are "NYC Streets" & "Avenger's Mansion". It was just nyc streets but the mansion has grown on me.The daily bugel is good to. I have unlocked the daily bugel and the grand station. The grand station is okay, nothing special.

I don't think they should have made Johnny Ohm. Yes I like his moves and stuff but he is too close to Storm. We only need one Lightening wielding character. Yes Storm's powers cover a more broader spectrum but I still don't like the fact that another character has one of Storm's powers. Storm is still better though. She is the master of the elements.

Before I unlocked Storm, The Wink was my favorite character. But now that I have Storm, The Wink is just another character to me because I always play with Storm. And there are so many ways you can combine your powers and do different things with it. Like for example I chose to put Storm against Storm. And while I was fighting the other Storm, she picked up and item and then flew with it in her hands. I didn't know I could do that. And also, while were we both flying she grabbed me in the air and spun me around and threw me. It's things like that that take a while to figure out and see which combinations you can use with your powers. I wouldn't have figured it so fast if I hadn't chose to choose Storm as the Computer to fight against.

Anyway. This game is great and I can't wait to take it back with me to college after this weekend and play online with others. We don't have ethernet at my house but we have it up there so I will be taking my Playstation 2 up there also to play the game. I wasn't gonna bring my PS2 up there until I got this game. I also bought the Network Adaptor because before this game, there was a game out for the PS2 that I wanted to play online. All they have is war games and sport games. So I am glad they gave this game online play. I can't wait.
That's one thing I think the Xbox has over PS2, more variety of online games. Like Dead or Alive. How I would love to play that game online but I don't like the Xbox so I didn't get it. And I was sure they had Dead or Alive for PS2 but I haven't found one. But I plan on getting the Xbox 360 so I will be able to play the new Dead or Alive also with its online play if it has it.

Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects is a good game and I hope everybody else thinks so, regardless of certain reviews.

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Don't start. Leave it alone. It's open and that's all there is to it.

Wolverine has this brute force, He can hit hit hit, spit out his own blood, Hit again and Never get tired, he is just awsome, He is a Tank, not event to mention his Claws.

Are you just stating this or have you played the game and going by how you like him on there?

I really liked the artwork for Johnny Ohm, but he got beat pretty bad in the vids..

I'd probably choose one of the imperfects.. (if I played it).. since the marvels seem like a 'been there done that' kinda thing for me..
Although I would probably take ironman for a spin first smile

Gamespot :
Marvel Nemesis has been engineered in such a way that you must slog through the game's weakest parts to gain access to its best features--and you'll have to wrestle with some serious balance and gameplay issues along the way. - Steve Palley


Rise of the Imperfects is nothing more than a ho-hum experience that looks painfully ordinary when compared to the rest of this season's excellent comic games.
5.1 sad

Game Informer has only given it a 7.

I'm kind of frustrated now. Even though I like to think that I don't base the games I play strictly off reviews, it certainly puts a damper on the game. I was almost sure I was going to buy this game, but now that I've seen so many bad reviews... I guess not. sad

You should definitely not let the reviews affect your decision. Many people who have bought the game are furious with the reviews but still enjoy the game a lot, especially the online play.

At least give it a chance and rent it. Everybodies different, what they like and you like can be two different things, it doesn't make what you like any less good than what they like.

I would probably be encouraged by these reviews not to get the game, but luckily I have it already and I enjoy it.

It just depends on who you are and what kinds of games you like.

Go and research on the game and see if it has things you like.

and Satjusin or however you spell it. you won't be able to just start with Iron man, you have to unlock him first and I still haven't unlocked him.

I kind of agree with that review about having to get through some of the hard stuff to get to the enjoyable stuff.

It took me three days to start unlocking characters and I have only unlocked 3. So I have 9 playable characters right now.

Do you still play ?


Is it comprehensible.....

TwisterGameX don't like it anymore ?

It has just lost its appeal to me. And I had been really looking forward to finally playing my first console online game and then for certain reasons it messes up and I never played online so that really brought my spirits down concerning this game. And the fact that I could never get through Venom's story to win new characters really hurt this game for me.
And plus I am in college and not able to play games as much as I would like to and that also hurt this game for me b/c the longer I didn't play I just lost interest.
Just bad timing and bad events all in one.

Is it comprehensible.....

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