Anyone playing Beat Down: FoV?

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This game's crazy good. Never thought Id see someone apply old school beat'em up skills as effectively as this game. Most times someone makes a beat'em up, they get to complex with it, adding lock on buttons and all that, but this game has captured the feel of the old school punch and kick, while adding enough moves to make it in depth, while keeping the move simple enough to not draw away from the old school feel.

And then they threw in all the gang stuff that makes the game really pop out from the normal beat'em up genre and stand head and shoulders above it all. Awesome game.

Anyone agree or disagree with me?

Havent tried the full version but I played the OPM demo. Wasnt my favorite on the disc but I like the recuiting part of the game where you beat the crap out of them and force em to join you. Good stuff cool

Spikeout Battle Street left me somewhat disappointed so I thought I'd give Beat Down a miss and wait for the new Final Fight.

It got pretty horrible reviews. Why, exactly, do you think it's so good?

It got bad reviews? I havnt read them, which i guess was a good thing because if a game gets alot of bad reviews from alot of different sources I usually pass on it or rent it. In this case I actually love the game.

I guess I can run down and do a mini review to why I like it. Or, knowing my tendancy for longwindedness, it wont be so mini.

The fighting stuff. Like I said, I grew up on double dragon and final fights, back when it was pretty simple. But it seems that ever sense gaming went 3d, the fighting beat'em up genre has went south, with the player having to control camera angles, lock on buttons, as well as trying to do the new fancy moves that companies put in the games. This game has really caught the old school feel for me. There are two types of battles, group battles which are more like final fight types, with many enemies in the area, and 1 on 1, more like a true fighting game. The controls are simple, punch, kick, guard, grapple. All character have a good selection of moves as well, and the move are easy to pull off, they have stock combos of PPPP or KK or >PPP etc. Most of the moves can be pulled off by pressing forward or back, with the most complicated being those that press back forward, to do. Another good innovation is that most of those moves commands are reversable (So a <>P move can be done by pressing ><P as well) At first I was like "Why the heck they do that" but I figured out they did it because when your in the mist of a group battle and your next to multiple enemies, the game would get confused if you want to do your >P on one guy, but the game things your looking and someone else, so you end up doing your <P move. Also, the characters have some moves involving the up and down motions, those moves are removed from group battles, and are listed as such on the move list, saving you and the game the headache of figuring out which way is up when your facing away from the camera. Anyway, point being the moves are simple to perform, and there is a good selection of them. The vs battles are more akin to normal fighting games. Now, the fighting system isnt exactly virtue fighter or tekken, but Ill admit it has a bit more depth than I was expecting. It uses a high/med/low level attack/guard system, for attacks and defense, and the item system gives it a tiny bit of stratagy to the fight, (should you take two weapons, or two health items, or one of each, which weapon would be best for your play style) one gripe I have, is I heard that in the demo, you can tag out in vs battles. It was removed in the final game, I dunno why. But it makes the battles more KOF style, were if you get KOed your pal jumps in, and if everyone gets KOed its "You lose" This means that you wont really get to play with your gang members quite as much as Id like to, although they do come in handy in group battles (I always gotta laugh when Anna busts out her frying pan) And now that I turned the difficulty up to normal, I am using them alot more, since my main guy gets his ass whipped sometimes (there are only 3 difficulty levels, but it seems there is a remarkable spike in difficulty between them, easy that mostly just stand there, occasionally putting up a good fight, normal Im getting whipped hit constantly. Maybe I spent too much time on easy diff, lost my edge, anyway) Some people may gripe about its complete time, where you can beat the game quite quickly if you just run through it (I did this with Lola, I ended up not liking her fighting style so I just beat it quick to get an ending) It will take you a lot longer if you go slowly, doing all missions, getting all you can out of the other people (interrogating or robbing before recruiting or beating down) I also like how your choice to recruit lots of people, just rob them and buying lots of clothes (which is my gf's favorite past time) or beating them down and killing them so they will stay out of your way, affects the ending. The customization, (Lots of clothes, hairstyles, accseorries, tattos, and plastic surgery to change your face shape and style) actually is a part of the game, since everything you change puts you in "disguise" and cops and the mafia wont attack you constantly. Which you dont want because you dont get enough xp and cash from fighting the mafia when they see you, and fighting with cops is dangerous because they can grapple you and cuff you, then you gotta either bribe them, or badassing your way out of jail (kicking your cell door off with kung fu skills and fighting your way out the front door, or just juggernaught your way out by repeatly smashing a cracked wall in your cell)

Now, Im not gonna say its for everyone, no game really is, but I think if you like old school stuff like this, at least rent it, you'll have some fun.

Oh, camera take a bit getting used to. It helps if you just run forward, and use the camera to steer yourself. In the group battles the camera is Ok, if you dont see an enemy on your screen hold guard and the camera and your character will turn to them. In big battle against characters with guns, the fight gets a bit hairy because if your close to another enemy, youll look at them and lock on, which means youll move slower, so if your trying to run to the dude with the shotgun and grab it out of their hands, you may look at an enemy as you run by. But those battles are towards the end and by then your bad ass enough to be able to deal with it, its just a minor nuisance.

I read a few of those reviews. Its a mixed bag. Some of the reviews we're good ones, it just seemed like the reviewer didnt let some of the bad stuff fly as much as I did. Others, the reviewer obviously had only played the game once if that and probably just went straight through. And thats a bit upsetting. For example, it listed each character having "specialty moves and weapons" and made it seem like each character had one "best" move and one "best" weapon, when all he described was a bit of info they put under your characters name when you select him. He also described the AI being horrible, and that your punched always miss go the wrong way and miss your opponenent, when what it sounded like he was describing was your enemy sidestepping. Some enemies will sidestep your attacks constantly, making you have to wait on them. Dont get how the AI can be horrible, but it seemed enough to baffle the reviewer. He also mentioned the Beatdown option as being gory, and that it has no impact on the game, when Beatdowns are how you raise your charisma and it affects your criminal status, directly effecting the outcome of the game. One of the big themes of the game, as you can tell from cutscenes and the story, is killing people strong enough to challenge you, so taking people out in the game raises your charisma (which represent your ampition for power, dont know why they called it charisma) and is essential if you want to have a kinda "Criminal" type ending. I dont see how a reviewer could miss that. Its like he did 1 beatdown the whole time.

And one, I think it was gamer revolution or something, focused on the bad stuff so much just to make the review seem funny, and seemed to purposfully misrepresent some of the gameplay elements just for a joke.

But most the reviews hit on some drawbacks of the game, that I just can over look. I think its funny when Japanese programmers add curse words to strange places in the sentance. I think brutal depictions of smacking people with bats and slashing their throats is appropriate when you choose an option to beat them to death. Some reviews describe the load times to be often and long, when my Xbox loads areas in a matter of seconds, and fights even shorter than that. I hit the button to fast forward through canned victory animations (with 120 odd people, I dont expect them to make 100 of victory animations, and ass a fighting game fan, Im used to seeing the same victory animations) The music isnt that good, but Id describe it more as generic and forgettable than I would horrible.

I guess if you can look past some of the flaws and enjoy whats there you'll have alot of fun, but if you get hung up on a bunch of little things, or if what I think of as little things is big things for ya, you wont have so much fun.

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