Marvel Comics Roleplay 3

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Well the ones has given me permission to make another one of these awesome role plays rules will be same as last time.
1. you cannot kill other peoples characters the other must agree through Pm or on the thread. We must see their approval of killing.

2. You cannot keep killing off your character you must play him/her for a while and if you have been the same person for awhile, maybe you can change.

thats about it for the rules so let us begin!

From the clouds a space shuttle soared down it was headed straight for a bridge people screamed and yelled from every direction most were able to move their cars before it crashed. The shuttle landed on the bridge causing much damage but only a few civilians were hurt Spiderman rushed to the scene and in the shuttle he found a black substance the black ooze latched onto spiderman man though he did not notice at first but soon the ooze took over him making him more savage then ever Spiderman finally rid himself of the black suit
using sound waves from a bell.
Eddie Brock had gone to a church to pray only little did he know the symbiote had also gone into the church to hide out the symbiote could sense Brock's fierce emotion and was drawn to him the creature took over his body Making VENOM!!!

Thunder Fox
gambit was in the casino gambleing and the gaurds getting on his case about being amutant and was kicked out of the place

Next Venom_girl
(Okay, are we beginning with giving the character's history? )
Venom was always at odds with other New York heroes and villains. It was during a skirmish with the Fantastic Four that the Human Torch burned off a piece of Venom's tongue (though he would later regenerate it). The tongue was stolen away to a scientific research outpost in the arctic where a sinister corporation would clone it for sinister purposes. The "Venom" that was created while superficially looking like the original (it is also extremely durable due to genetic enhancements and it's brief contact with the mutant Wolverine) it did not have the former's regard for innocence and human life. This communications officer Patricia Robertson, U.S. Army, knew all too well. It killed everyone in the facility where it was created, everyone on her base. and most everyone it came into contact with in the wilds of Canada. When it finally claimed Robertson, and she became the new Venom... or rather She-Venom, she was able to control it, at least at first thanks to a control collar implanted in her by the Suit (a being Robertson has come to implicitly trust) her enemies remotely deactivated it so now she must contain the monster (even more of a monster then the average symbiote) by sheer force of will. Patricia has but one goal in mind-- Kill Venom, before these monsters destroy the world as the Suit has told her they will. She has no reason to doubt his word... The alien also has but one goal in mind-- return to papa. Strangely their purposes intersect... for now.
Patricia walked the streets and alleys relying on new senses to take her to her quarry- the irony that she had to rely on the very thing she so hated was totally lost on her.

((you dont have to but i just felt like doing it and if someone doesnt know who the charcter is ))

Next Venom_girl
*sees strange red-eyed man (Gambit) being booted out of the casino*
"Hey, you okay?"

Robert Bruce Banner walks along the cold city sidewalk face down with a sad frown on his face for he knows that he is cursed to live a lonely and tormented life for he is the "INCREDIBLE HULK!". Bruce turns his head as he sees a man thrown out of a casino.

storm was flying over the city

Spider-man looks down on every one from the top of the casino

Will-one Kenobi
Doctor Otto Octavius was working late at the laboratory trying to use his ingenious mechanical arms to harness some powerful nuclear materials. He was so engrossed in his work he did not notice the nuclear meter in the corner slowly rising to a critical level. The red alert buzzed and beeped loudly but Octavius was so arrogant he continued his work, pouring a blue liquid into a scarlet liquid making a bubbling Green solution. Soon the nuclear level got so high an explosion shook the laboratory sending things flying all over the room causing his Green solution to merge with the radioactivity and bathe Otto with the radiation. The laboratory collapsed around Octavius burying him in debris. Enter Doctor Octopus.

enter carnage. seiing spider man he leaped offf the skyscraper for him


After jumping for spider man carnage pulled out after hearing an explosion. web slinging through the city he quickly centered the explosion and found it was Doctor Otto Octavius's lab. Searching the wreckage he found Doctor Otto Octavius's body which he assumed dead.
Then trying to pull off the tentacles thinking they might be worth something he heard Doctor Otto Octavius shout 'Get the ~*@$ off them'. Then it all went black as he was thrown against the wall.

No permission. Closed.

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