Fable Is One Amazing Game!!!

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I recently bought it cause I tried it a friends house and was blown away, So i got the PC version, great game, but I have a question, why does his hair go white. If anyone has played the game could you tell me please and Im interested in what you people think of the game.

hair goes white simply from age.. however it goes white even faster from using magic..

I honestly dont have 'that' much of a high regard for fable.. but I do like what they've done.. its one of the games that have helped raise the bar for the rpg genre

OK thanks. I was wondering why at a young age i had white hair, he looks ugly with white hair thats why even if he does have a good hair cut.

I've wanted to get the PC version for a while now, but I need to save up for Battlefront 2 instead... Maybe after that I can get Fable.

I loved Fable so much. Me and my ass-hole cousin made characters. I turned out to be better at melee then him (and he had the game for almost a year!) cause I button mash. But my magick was sloppy and archerey was just plain bad, which he excelled in those two areas sortof well. Not increddibly well, like a jack of trades.. We made the characters to look like us and they suprisingly came out like this..

SpellJammer was a pure-hearted boy who wanted to grow up and become a well renowned hero. However, with each success he grew bored of his life going nowhere. His strength and combat skills were increddible, it impressed the locales at the ale house, (Guys having hearts over thier head is not cool..) but he was never able to impress the ladies despite all his brawn, this lead him quickly down a road to apathy of human life. He began to grow tired of always being alone and became to lash-out in anger at anyone and everyone. He quested for items which would only make him stronger, as well as more evil, and after a while.. (This is no lie..) he took on a completely new form..
When the helment was on people cringed in absolute fear, when he took it off, men became disgusted with the sight of what use to be a man and walked away. Allowing him to loot thier houses, but oppurtunities, violance, power, and money never could fill the void inside him. So he ended up killing himself. (IE: stop playing.)

Unlike his cousin, Inarcanum knew exactly what buttons to push to get what he wanted. He went throughout life screwing people over, doing misdeeds, and being an overall A-hole. But the people still loved him. He married the evil daughter of the mayor (for power only really..) and soon found himself in control of practicaly the entire planet not so much raping and pillaging, but stradegizing, and knowing when and where to strike and how to obtain pricey gear.. Inarcanum never went on killing sprees, or seeked to slaughter goodguys just for fun, but through deceit and manipulation he probably became the most evil being of them all. Evil with success..

So as you can see, Adam's lawful evil where as I'm just chaotic evil.. messed

Not many games have drawn me into their world like Fable. I love it.
I think I was fortunate not to get drawn into the hype surrounding it's release and that helped me to be more objective.
It's certainly not the greatest RPG ever made but I'd rather play it than the long-winded Final Fantasy games. I just don't have the attention span

Fable is a cool game I think but I have not beatin it yet. I have not had the time because I like to get a the stuff done on it so I see the world of the game. I just have it for X-box.

I was amazed at how the game is, its like Zelda which i also happen to like. I was laughing my head off when a male character came up to me with a big ass heart on top of his head wanting a wedding wing, and i bang my wife ever chance i get in that game. eek!

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