Your Top Ten Recommendations

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The whole point of this thread is to list your top ten game recommendations (Any Platform) to the rest of us, and maybe give a reason why you listed it.

My Top Ten happen to be:

1. Fallout 2 (PC/RPG) - Why? Because it's one of a kind. It's set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world, it's done extremely well and it has one of the best atmospheres in a game I've ever seen. The music, the buttons, the GUI, all of it matches to it's cyberpunk tone. Also, it isn't one of those DND rpg's, and if you dislike spellbooks and such, this is perfect. It's perk/skill system is totally unique and very, very excellent, and plus... no fairies wink

2. Quest for Glory V (PC/Adventure) - Why? Because it's just a personal favorite. It has the second best atmosphere I've ever seen in the game, and it's musical score is superior to ALL ELSE I'VE EVER HEARD. The story is fairly excellent (Though admittedly a little lacking near end-game), the skills and characters are all very outstanding, and overall it's a great game. It's also hard to find now sad

3. Deus Ex (PC/First Person RPG) - Why? Because it's a genre setter. This game SUCCESSFULLY mixed elemnts of first-person shooters and RPG's together without FUBARing it up. The storyline is on par with that of the Baldur's Gate Series, the graphics are nice, excellent voice-acting, great atmosphere, and probably one of the most original Main Characters in quite a few years.

4. Knights of the Old Republic (PC/X-Box/ Star Wars RPG) - Why? Because it's just plain excellent. It uses a star-wars-ified version of 3.5E DND Rules, implementing them onto your main character. Most people already have this, but if you don't, pick it up before it gets sent to the "Hard-to-find" list. If you need reasons, get it because got a storyline that is quite excellent, good graphics, good game balance and mechanics, and is probably one of the first Star Wars RPG's.

5. Baldur's Gate 2 w/Throne of Bhaal (PC/RPG) - Why? Because it's one of the most popular RPG's produced, offering a complex and unfolding storyline, open-ended gameplay, excellent voice acting to go along with excellent characters, a fair musical score, excellent battles and creatures to contend with, at least 200 seperate quests (And none are those Fed-Ex quests that were so common in BG1 or IWD), and an excellent Epic Character development progression. Not to mention, it has a bristling Modding community (Type "Pocket Plane Group" into Google) with hundreds of mods running about the 'net. You can find it on amazon, and it's best to purchase the "Ultimate Collection".

6. Halo (X-Box/First-Person Shooter) - Why? Because it's an extremely popular first person shooter that implements an excellent storyline, gameplay, and graphics (Though Better are around... such as Halo 2).

7. Rainbow Six Rogue Spear (PC/Tactical First-Person Shooter) - Why? Because it offers a different style of gameplay then most other run'n'gun FPS's. Tom Clancy created Rainbow Six then expanded on it with Rogue Spear, one of the best games I've ever played. Once you start on it, you can't stop playing until you've finished. It comes with fair (now) graphics, gameplay, fairly bugless, and with an excellent Multiplayer component (Though few use it anymore).

8. Homeworld (PC/Space-Based 3D Real-Time Strategy) - Why? Because it was the first of it's kind, and one of those games that will be remembered as a niche classic. It's storyline is excellent, following the tale of a race that builds a Mothership to reach their Homeworld. The graphics are good, the voice-acting and music are great, and it's gameplay is even better.

9. Planescape: Torment (PC/RPG) - Why? Because, it's the first Planescape RPG to be released, Torment offers one of the best storylines I've ever seen in a game, competing on a level that matches some of the best movies and books around. Though riddled with bugs, and hard to find now, the game is good enough to where you should go out of your way to buy it should you find a copy stashed somewhere.

10. Total Annihilation (PC/RTS) - Why? Because it was the first RTS to incorporate 3D Graphics and terrain into the Combat Mix. It has one of the longest playtimes I've ever had the privelage to experience, and it wasted thousands of my hours of free time. A personal favorite, it offered a sparse storyline, but compensated in nearly insurpassable Gameplay.

MC Mike
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MC Mike
10. Homeworld - Original, beautiful, and grasping. Very good replay value though a tiny bit lacking on the graphics.
9. Call of Duty - Interesting story with extensive multiplayer... becomes somewhat repetitive, however.
8. Doom 3 - The best lighting, ever. The scariest effects I have seen... although the game itself becomes incredibly predictable.
7. Unreal Tournament 2004 - Multiplayer value of this game is almost unmatched. A better version of Halo, even though I put it lower.
6. Counter-Strike: Source - If not for the recent corruption within the game, and the elitist structure, all would be well. Other than that, great game.
5. Aliens vs. Predator 2 - Never got boring - still isn't. In my opinion, the best LAN game.
4. Perfect Dark - Again, immense replay value. The graphics lack but its on an N64...
3. Halo - Fun, fun, fun. Very addictive. I don't know how else to explain it.
2. Goldeneye - The best FPS there was, the original game that caught everyone's attention.
1. Half-Life 2 - The absolute best game I have ever played. Brilliance on every level.

in no particular order of importance..

1. X-men legends 2 -- nice rpg elements great fun with four people
2. soul calibur (1,2 or 3 i'm guessin stick out tongue )-- nice fighter with good balance fun characters
3. Re-volt (dreamcast)- the soundtrack alone is worth the purchase, great racing also
4. Eternal darkness (gamecube)-- wow, a great story told through a very addictive game. puzzles and action mixed in with magik and insanity
5. skies of arcadia (dreamcast, gamecube)-- the best rpg i've played
6. mario kart double dash (gamecube) -- addicting with your freinds you'll be playing long after they should have went home
7. goldeneye (N64) the best shooter ever? duh.
8. DDR (max2, and extreme 2)-- great songs and the extreme sequel ups the difficulty. the best part? e-x-c-e-r-c-i-s-e
9. hmm i'll add more when i think of them cause i'm tired and its late xP

1. Civilization 2: Best gam ever, nice classic shitty graphics but tons of game play.
2. Age of Empires: Goes without saying.
3. Age of Kings/Empires 2: slightly worse than it's predecessor.
4. StarCraft: awesome game/wisht there would be a second one.
5. Metal gear Solid: good learning curve, great game.
6. Return to Castle Wolfenstein 3D: awesome Multiplayer.
7. Age of Wonders: Classic but a great game.
8. Unreal Tournament & Unreal Tournament 2003: Both great Multiplayer games.
9. Doom: again a classic beyond believe.
10. Stunts: very old game (486) but a great and fun game to play.

PS: Yes I'm a Strategy freak

It's ok, I'm an RPG nut stick out tongue

1. MGS Series
2. FFX
3. Kingdom Hearts
4. Virtua Fighter Series
5. Doom
6. Tony Hawk Games
7. Madden
8. Ratchet & Clank
9. Spider-Man 2
10. Burnout Revenge

no particular order

Half Life 2: One of the best games i have ever played. ever.

CS: Source: Just insane amounts of fun

Day of Defeat: Source: Imagine CS. but with WW2 weapons.

Warcraft 3: very good one, cant think of a good explanation.

Katamari Domacy: very fun and addictive game

MGS: great story, great gameplay etc.

Dynasty Warriors: although the "play any of them, you played all of them" thing, its still a very fun game and its always great playing multiplayer

Pokemon (Game Boy): i cant stand pokemon but these games are insanely fun.

thats all i can think of.

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