inuyasha battle {made up characters allowed}

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A battle tournament is about to begin all fighters enter the battle field. this tournament will be for the greatest of all prizes the shikon jewl fully formed whoever wins gets the shikon jewl to grant their whishes and rule over all the land. the final battle will be against me bakuru the mole.

1) I didn't see this in the request thread located at the top of the list of threads. *points to it*

2) Your name, along with the tilte "Bakuru the Mole", seems like a definite rip-off of Bakuryu from Bloody Roar: Primal Fury. I'm not complaining, just thinking it seems a little fanboy-ish to be very similar to a video game character in name. If it offends you in any way, act as if I didn't say it.

you need permission to start up a RPG. it is a rule.

hahaha yep but if you post and leaf for a wile some one else will make it

miyuki kimishi
sooo..can we start one then?

miyuki kimishi
if we can, my character's name is miyuki(duh!) and here's mi profile:
age:around late teens
hair:long dark crimson,usually down
eyes:gold with crimson tint
personality:nice at times, usuallylike bankotsu,mostly misunderstood
race:black kitsune(with fox ears,claws+tail
boyfriend:bankotsu(yup you guessed it!...if you haven't i will bludge you over the head with a internet monkey of doom!)
outfit: (a darker red than her hair)shirt w/ the kanji for death written on the back,black armbands,back baggy pants with crimson ties,balck shoes,silver bracelets and a metal guard on her left armband,silver earrings going up both ears
weapons:two swords(hien+shoten),magic,claws,poisons
magic:death's awakening,storm of blades(a fast lightning powered attack),bolts of fury(lightning),purgatory void(sends u into void or lets out others)
history:is only 2/3 demon,1/3 human,her village burnt down during the ceromony of healing(done to help the fallen ones of war to go safely to heaven), everyone died except for her and her black fox koji(who can sprout black wings and obtain the ability to fly),helps out naraku get the jewl shards and helps kagura attept to destroy the main characters,when the new moon is out, she turns human like inuyasha except instead of reverting back to her 2/3 demon state,she turns full demon for up to a day and cannot be stopped by weak circumstances and alittle of the demon stays with her each time,she keeps only two shards with her: one in her right hand and one in koji's paw,and she's friends with most of the band of 7(mainly jakotsu+bankotsu), and can stop the backlash wave and windscar(and other demonic attacks)
ok i'm done, and bakuru, i think ur name is supposed to be bakurryu,right? i have the game..lying around...somewhere *can't find it*....>.<.....ok so tell me when we can start this roleplay because i spent alot of time writing that profile >.<

No permission. Closed.

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