Shadow of the Colossus

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Anybody play the game or the demo? It was very good. VERY original.

played the demo. the atmoshere makes you feel really there. its so wide and vast it takes for breath away for a sec. then you get to the boss battles and thats a whole new level of coolness cool

Looks cool. I'll check it out.

the demo is amazing, the graphics are beautiful but i got confused in the game. I didnt know where to go, and i didnt know how to beat that colossus

Red Superfly
This is one game I truly cannot wait to come out.

I loved Ico, and couldn't believe it actually did well enough to warrant a sequel. I guess it's a case of quality and charm surpassing marketing and all that crap.

Anyone that has played Ico (and I mean anyone that played it when it was quite new, unheard of) says it was a massive surprise. They were expecting this twee little game, and it many ways that's all it is, but the effect it has on you is an experience I can't wait to have again.

I must say, it looks pretty damn cool.
I saw the some footage on X-play, and i was pretty amazed.
I wonder if it will get repetivie or not.

But, It does look pretty impressive. Almost wants me to get a PS2.

This game was suppose to come out in September. I was really looking forward to it.

Finally a role playing game that I won't be ashamed of playing at college.

At first I didn't even bring my PS2 up here, I brought my GAmecube, but i didn't even hook that up. Being a black male, you are suppose to uphold a certain image or be ridiculed/rejected.
So I took it home and brought up my PS2 and thought I would play my role playing games but I found that I didnt' even want my roommate to see my play them cause I know he is thinking that I play sports games and shooters and that's it. But that's not the case.
Especially justt he past weekend when he went home and I played Kingdom Hearts and was in the Atlantica world with Ariel.
Like heck if I was going to let him see me playing a game where I am a boy mermaid swimming around with Ariel and Donald Duck with a octopus body.
So it's little things like that, but I took my PS2 home over the weekend to get in some play time and I am past that level and on to the Nightmare Before Christmas World, where of course there is nothing girly bright and colorful about that world. so we'll see if i can get past my precautions and play the game now. Even though it is still a Disney and Squaresoft Role Playing game.
And I just recently started playing Radiata Stories. Which the graphics are great and they way they kind of blur out the background like as if a painter took a brush and were making fog with the paint on the campus. But the graphics are still kind of cartoony, but not as much, they have big eyes and that's all you know. Just stuff like that but it still looks good and I like the game. And it's a role playing game that has comedy in it. So that's a nice break from all of these serious dramatic role playing games that I play. But I dont know if i would want him seeing me play that either.
But right now I am thinking with the way Colossus is, I would have no problem bringing that up here and playing it but then again I thought I would be able to bring Super Smash Brothers Melee up here and play it but I just couldn't.

So we'll see what gaming my future holds now that I am in college.
Hopefully I can get a single dorm next year or live off campus in an apartment.

I really do miss my games.

And as you can probably see. I am a big fan of Role Playing games.
I also have Prince of Persia:Warriors Within up here. I think I can play that without shame. Who knows.

As you can also see, I don't finish many of my games. Like Kingdom Hearts and Prince of Persia Warriors within.
I either get stuck and try and try and then just cant do it and stop or i buy a new game and forget about the other.
In the case of Kingdom Hearts, I got stuck at a part that I shoudn't have got stuck at because I was doing the right thing, I just was losing. So I thought I was doing the wrong thing so after try after try I stopped. And when I stopped I had just gotten the game and it had just came out. So I stopped a long time ago. And I just started back up. I loved the game then and I still do. I cant see how I stopped without a harder fight. I asked for help on this site and realized that I was right in my actions on the game and just wasn't persistent enough. So I am older now and I went back and now I am cruising the game.
I was afraid I would never finish the game and then never play Kingdom Hearts 2, b/c when I don't finish the first part of a game, I don't get the sequel. So that was a big motivator too b/c I really wantto play KH2.
That was also a motivator in me finishing the first Prince of Persia game which was one of the first Role playing games that I just went right through and finished without much difficulty.
So now I need to hurry up and finish Prince of Persia2 before the next installment, even though I haven't gotten back into it yet. Hopefully I will in time. And when I was thinking that Kingdom Hearts 2 was coming out this year like very soon, I knew I had to get on top of it, but now that I know it's coming out next year. I know i'll be done in time.
I stopped playing Prince of Persia b/c new games were coming out and I just got occupied with them and stopped playing it and when I stop playing a game for a while, it is hard for me to get back into it.
For example, I got stuck on a part in Final Fantasy X and stopped playing it for a year or more. And didn't finish it until the christmas morning when I got Final Fantasy X-2, b/c I just couldn't play it until I finished the first one.
So yeah. And I would like to finish these before PS3 comes out b/c I heard that the PS3 is backwards compatible and I would hate to have both the PS2 and PS3 hooked up at the same time or having to keep unhooking and hooking systems depending on what game I wanted to play.

So hopefully I can get past my image dilemma and just play what I want freely without thinking what my roommate will think of me. It's not like we are really friends and will have to deal with each other after this year is over.
So shadow colossus needs to hurry up and come out. If anything I would think the epic battles would impress him and make him want to watch me play it.
But yeah. For right now I am taking my PS2 back and forth with me from college to home on the weekends. Even though I don't play it at all through the week at college b/c he's always here. I like to have it up here with me so I know that If I do decide to play it, it is right here with me and I can. The main reason I decided to bring it up here is because I finally bought my first PS2 online compatible game(Marvel Nemesis:Rise of the Imperfects) so I brought it up here to play online since I don't have broadband at home. But in the end it didn't work up here, something about the ports that are closed probably. But anyway....
.........I can't really remember the beginning focus and main point I was aiming for, but I am sure it is in here somewhere.

General Kaliero
Seeing footage from Shadow of the Colossus is what finally told me I had to buy a PS2 this week or suffer. I NEED this game, it looks absolutely amazing.

While there's practically no storytelling, I think that is really what makes the game powerful in its objectives. It's one of those amazing RPGs that doesn't need a 90-page story written out in dozens of cutscenes to succeed, and that seems to be a particalarly storng point in favor for it.

Why do you need to buy a ps2 this week?

The game isn't out yet is it?

What is even the point of the game?

Lord Follen
its to kill the colosusues in the world...LOL


When you say you liked the game. Does that mean the actual game or the demo?

Lord Nauj
this game already came out Im gonna buy it looks very neat

I'll get the game Monday morning on my way back to college.

Ugh, college, at least i'll have the game to cheer me up hopefully.

Wolf Dog
Originally posted by Smasandian
I must say, it looks pretty damn cool.
I saw the some footage on X-play, and i was pretty amazed.
I wonder if it will get repetivie or not.

But, It does look pretty impressive. Almost wants me to get a PS2.

Man, G4 sucks dude. Sell outs to the max. They're running shows like Fastlane and The Man Show because the network believes that those shows appeal to gamers. WTF, I HATE those shows. They payed somwehere near the millions to pay for those two crap shows. Remeber TechTV? That was some real nerd television. This is just as shit as MTV. Don't get me started on Attack of the Show, ugh.

G4 is a great network and I'm glad I found it. It's one of my links to the gaming world. A very good one.

And x-play and attack of the show are some of my most favorite shows on that network.

Wolf Dog
Only show worth watching on G4 is Electronic Playground. I don't really watch G4 so it doesn't affect me as much anymore but regardless, it sucks because i can't randomly tune in and watch some qulity nerd television. TechTV was real nerd television but greedy corporate fat cats tried to cash in on us and ruined everything. Screen Savers pwns AoTS and X-Play is weak imo. Money kills.

They are not weak.

I don't really like Electric Playground either.

I finally got "Shadow of the Colossus".
And I like it a lot.
I've had it for 2 days and I've defeated 8 monsters.
Honestly, for some reason I thought there were only 8 monsters, so after i defeated the 8th monster, which was pretty hard and seemed like it could be the final one as difficult as it was to defeat, It's the only monster so far that I have gotten a "game over" on, so I thought I had completed the game, and that's big for me, because I rarely do,and especially all at one point in time instead of months or a year later like some.
So it was kind of a let down when I realized there were more, don't get me wrong, it's also good cause that means that there's more game to play, but I had thought I beat the game and was going to see how it ended, that was the let down, but I'm glad I still have more to play.
My favorite monster so far is the flying one.

Anyone else saving each part in individual game slots in case you want to go back and fight certain colossi?
I started doing this after i beat the 2nd one, so so every one is saved where I can go and fight them again except the 2nd but that's no big deal, all I have to do is start ove and fight the first again and then save it and then I have the second one to fight as many times as I want at my disposal.
And then to fight the first one all you have to do is start at the beginning.
When I first started is was pretty intimidating. They leave all the brain work you and only give you hints after long periods of getting no where and thrown around.
So you're really all on your own and have to figure out everything, which can be pretty intimidating and frustrating. Especially the way they look down at you. That's pretty creepy in itself. When I first saw the first colossus and I wasn't just looking at it without any idea where to begin and just moved a little closer like a step and all of a sudden I noticed it turn around but I thought it had walked into a corner and was turning around and they gradually it got closer and closer to me and I realized that it had sensed the little movement I did and wasn't moving toward me, I didn't know what to i hid behind a rock.. embarrasment
But it does feel satisfying after you beat a colossus, especially if it's taking forever and giving you a hard time.
I always get real nervous when I know I'm getting closer to where a colossus is and it gets dark. I feel more nervous then, then when i actually see the colossus and learn it's movements and attacks. The most irritating one for me so far was the water one with lightening b/c it took forever for me to get it to come up some times and then I didn't realized how far or short the lightening spread across the water so i never made it to the tail in time. And sometimes you could swim around and around and it would surface.
Another big thing for me is I get creeped out during many RPG's when I know I have to fight a boss and this game is nothing but boss type monsters so it's a huge step for me. And I am glad I can handle it. I'm handling it better than I thought.
I especially like the "head shots", the ones where you dangling and being swung around on it's head and you have to hit it there. Cause you feel like you've accomplished so much by getting that high on the colossus and have done the impossible.
So I can't wait until I go home for Thanksgiving break and can continue to play the game. Since I got halfway through in two days and could of gotten further if I didn't have to leave to go back to college, I should finish it next time I go home, unless incredible hard colossus comes up and prevents me from winning and stops me from playing the game anymore, which something like this usually happens with me and RPG's anyway.

Is it comrpehensible.....

Originally posted by powerfulone1987
G4 is a great network and I'm glad I found it. It's one of my links to the gaming world. A very good one.

And x-play and attack of the show are some of my most favorite shows on that network.

Took the words out of my mouth.

i read a review on game spot on it and it sounds pretty amazing. a little unorthodox but cool nontheless. here is a link to the review:

it sounds pretty epic and is definitly going on my chrismas list big grin


This thread has already been done by me.

You can find some thoughts in there.

is it comprehensible.....

Shadow of the Colossus

Have fun.

Use the search button near the bottom of the page. wink

My fault.

For some reason, I thought I had started the thread,lol.

is it comprehensible.....

Inspectah Deck
The game looks good

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